Help Enfield Green Party turn letterboxes.. Green!

by Enfield Green Party in Enfield, , United Kingdom

Help Enfield Green Party turn letterboxes.. Green!

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£800 target 11 days left
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Keep what you raise – this project will receive all pledges made by 7th July 2024 at 10:56am

We are crowdfunding to raise monies to ensure we can send 1 freepost leaflet through every door in Enfield during the General Election 2024

by Enfield Green Party in Enfield, , United Kingdom

1717277078_1080x360.jpegWe are the Enfield Green Party. We are a small group of volunteers who have all things Enfield & all things Green foremost in our heads and hearts.

We desire to deliver (pun intended!) a slither of democracy and democratic equality to Enfield residents, by letting them know we exist as an option in the upcoming election. We want to deliver a freepost circular to each and every household in Enfield.

The Green Party does not accept donations from large corporates, nor any partners who could stoke a conflict on our universally lauded and proudly member-made policy. We rely on regular donations from ordinary members.

With new rules governing election spending increasingly being aligned to those with money able to shout the loudest (the new spending "cap" of £34 million standing at almost double that of any previous election), we believe UK elections are in danger of becoming further pitted against smaller parties. 

We are not able to nor are we trying to compete with largest parties spending. We cannot. Instead we believe that we have a duty to electorate to at least remain visible in some small way, hence our noble desire for sending one freepost to every household in Enfield.

Courtesy of what we think is some awesome sourcing by the gurus at Green Party HQ, one constituency costs £525 for a freepost to be delivered to each letterbox. With one constituency shared with Haringey Green Party, this will cost Enfield Greens (£525 x 2) of which £250 is available from existing reserves. This leaves us with £800 still to raise. Unfortunately, we no longer have the luxury of relying on the redistributions from the London Federation that once boosted our reserves. 

Please help us achieve this noble aim and restore an iota of balance & fairness, nay democracy, back to the General Election 2024!

A HUGE (and Green!) "Thank you" in advance for any level of support, big or small.

Enfield Green Party

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