Help End Animal Cruelty At Hunt Kennels

by Dale Vince in United Kingdom

We did it
On 1st March 2022 we successfully raised £21,930 with 916 supporters in 27 days

We are raising funds to expose animal cruelty at hunt kennels that includes puppies, hounds and other farm animals. This all needs to stop!

by Dale Vince in United Kingdom

I’m an environmentalist - animal activist and vegan.  Two years ago I broke the story animals being used to make electricity and gas - how people who otherwise choose to avoid animal products were unwittingly powering their homes - with animals. This was farm animals.

We’ve just concluded a 6 month undercover investigation into the use of a different kind of animal being used to make electricity and gas.  Dogs. 

Following a tip off we took a closer look at hunt kennels in several locations. We found dogs and wild animals being used in this way and also regulation breaking and shocking animal abuse. 

Even without the abuse, it’s a surprise to learn that perfectly healthy hunt puppies are killed for not being good enough to join the hunt pack. And when one puppy does make the grade and joins the pack - it means the death of an older dog. Instead of being re-homed, they get shot in the head.  It’s estimated that 6,000 dogs are killed every year in England, for not being good enough to hunt - and their bodies used to make electricity. Hunting is of course meant to be illegal…..

We want to do more of this kind of work - animal abuse is normal in so many places (not just farms) and animals are increasingly in our mains gas and electricity supplies - we need to raise awareness of both.  You can join us in this, help us do more, by donating whatever you can.  

I’ll match fund every single pound that gets donated to this project and together we can do more to raise awareness and help bring some justice to animals, even within the existing not good enough boundaries of the law. That’s a start.


PS - we were hoping to raise £15k and have been overwhelmed with the response for our campaign, thank you. We will keep fundraising open so that we can do even more investigations, so please keep spreading the word. 

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