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by natalieben in London

We did it
On 18th December 2014 we successfully raised £7,005 with 362 supporters in 28 days

Green Party leader Natalie Bennett is standing in Holborn and St Pancras, Camden. She needs your help so voters know her and Green policies

by natalieben in London

 New stretch target

Our stretch target is £7,000

This is a great chance to reach more voters, potential voters, and particularly to ensure students - who make up 21% of the voters in Holborn and St Pancras - hear the Green Party message and know they've got a chance to elect a Green MP here in Camden.

We'll also be able to do more work outside schools - reaching parents and carers, who are worried about the present, and their children's future.

And we'll be able to make sure even more households know the Greens are here, and this is the time to vote for real change in British politics.


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Holborn & St Pancras campaign fund

It is just six months until the general election. There’s a #greensurge around the country. Membership of the Green Party is up 90% this year, and we’re polling higher than ever before.

But to take advantage of this, to ensure more voters hear about the Green Party message of the need for real change, to build a society that works for the common good within the environmental limits of one planet, we need funds.

Natalie BennettHere in Camden, we’re working hard on Green Party leader Natalie Bennett’s campaign for the seat of Holborn and St Pancras.

The New Statesman spent a day with Natalie in the constituency, and reported “change is afoot for this area’s ‘old energies’.”

We have a huge opportunity for a great result in Holborn and St Pancras.

To make sure that people know that the Greens are here, and what we stand for, we need funds - for leaflets, for calling cards, for poster boards, for letters to voters and more.

We’ve got special single-issue leaflets on social and climate justice, inequality, the NHS, education and housing. And we hope to cover more issues. If you live in the constituency you might have already seen our teams out delivering the message at Tube and train stations

And we’ve got leaflets our volunteers can deliver door to door to let people know what’s happening in their local area – and let them know when we’ve called around to talk to them about the issues in the ward.

And as the election gets closer we need window posters and poster boards for gardens to make sure the strength of Green support is evident.

We’re appealing for £3,000 to fund those materials – to make sure we can reach across the constituency.

Every pound you can give will allow us to reach more than a score of voters – voters who could turn Holborn and St Pancras Green.

Vote Green!

The current MP, Labour's Frank Dobson, has a lot of personal popularity, but now he's leaving after more than 30 years.

The Liberal Democrats got 29% in 2010, after spending a huge amount of money in the final stages of the campaign. Most of those voters are now up for grabs.

Natalie Bennett, Sian Berry and Maya de SouzaWe came second to Labour in the council vote this year across the constituency and Green councillor Sian Berry (pictured right with Natalie and former Camden Green councillor Maya de Souza) is doing a great job in Highgate ward – we’re the only other party represented on the council in this constituency.

Holborn and St Pancras has been identified as a focus by the national Green Party.

You can help elect Natalie Bennett as London's first Green MP - to join Caroline Lucas in the Commons and build on the great work she's done.

**Please ensure you are on the electoral register - this is a requirement of donating to a political party. And you'll need to be on it to vote next year - register here if you're not.**

*If you pledge £500 or over, you must be willing to provide your contact details and address.*


This project offers rewards in return for your donation. Please select a reward below.

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Our thanks and your name listed on the Camden Green Party website

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A special edition “I’m for Natalie” badge to show you’ve contributed to our campaign, and your name listed on the Camden Green Party website

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Invitation to a special supporters party with Natalie Bennett and your name listed on the Camden Green Party website

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Opportunity if you live in Camden to host a coffee morning/afternoon with Natalie to which you’re welcome to invite your friends and neighbours. And your name listed on the Camden Green Party website

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