Elect Kirsten Oswald as MP for East Renfrewshire

by Kirsten Oswald SNP in Clarkston, Scotland, United Kingdom

Elect Kirsten Oswald as MP for East Renfrewshire
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Help elect Kirsten Oswald as SNP MP for East Renfrewshire.

by Kirsten Oswald SNP in Clarkston, Scotland, United Kingdom

Kirsten was the SNP MP for East Renfrewshire from 2015 to 2017. East Renfrewshire was considered by some people to be an un-winnable seat in 2015, but thanks to our fantastic team of SNP activists and the support of people like you, we did win. Kirsten defeated then Labour leader, Jim Murphy, and spent two years working hard for all the communities in East Renfrewshire, with an excellent record in both Westminster and the constituency.

In 2017, East Renfrewshire became a Tory seat. As Brexit looms, and with the Tories shamefully falling into line with Boris Johnson's plans to drag us out of the EU against our will, it is vital that we send a strong team of SNP MPs to Westminster to stand up for our right to choose our future. Scotland did not vote for Brexit, and in East Renfrewshire 74% of folk voted to stay in the EU. It is not reasonable that of all the nations of the UK, Scotland is alone in being told we must simply accept the opposite of the outcome we voted for. That makes a mockery of democracy and of the suggestion that we are in a partnership of equals. As the SNP candidate, Kirsten will stand up for our right to stay in the EU, and for our right to choose our future. 

Only the SNP can beat the Tories in East Renfrewshire. To do that, we need your help. Thanks you very much for your support.

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