Help Earthsong Music CIC replace elderly van!

by Storme Watson in Hampton, , United Kingdom

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Help Earthsong Music CIC replace their elderly van so they can continue bringing their well-loved multicultural music workshops to schools.

by Storme Watson in Hampton, , United Kingdom

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On the 4th December 2023 we'd raised £2,755 with 79 supporters in 28 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

We are Earthsong Music CIC, a not-for-profit, Community Interest Company.

We need to replace our elderly van - essential for transporting our huge instrument collection to the many schools that we visit.

This is so we can continue to deliver  our our well-loved multicultural music workshops to schools and the wider community - bringing back creativity, global citizenship, social, cultural and community experience as well as emotional expression and hands-on memorable educational experiences to children.


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Where we are...

We have enjoyed 30 amazing years doing work that we passionately love and believe in!

We were especially hard hit during the COVID lockdowns, losing most of our work, but we wouldn’t give up! and presently as work recovers, the strain on our aging van is starting to show.

Van Funding...

The sum needed for a ‘newer’ van is an impossible one for us to raise without lots of help, and we cannot provide our workshops without a trusty vehicle!

We are looking to purchase a 4 to 5 year old sprinter van at £20k plus £5k for an internal refit (bulkhead, racking and lining for instruments, cases, trolleys etc.) all-round serious security locks, and signage, etc.

Before selling the old van to help the funding, we’ll use as much of its internals as possible, for the refit of the newer one.


Why do we think our work is important?

Musical experience is so important for everyone, holistically, in terms of healthy mind, emotional expression, stress relief, creativity, social, cultural and community experience as well as benefiting academia and giving a more clear, functioning mind. Engaging in music making also gives the opportunity to practice ‘feeling’, sensitivity and listening, rather than just thinking! - skills that growing children in the changing world may need more than ever before!

Children especially deserve and need this as it is the precious ‘developing’ stage of their lives.


We see magic moments happen all the time in our workshops, it’s not us. It’s the music working it’s heart-magic through the children – and the staff!

We only provide the environment for this magic to happen. And we have been deepening our skills in how to do this for a long time!


We are into ‘hands-on’, experiential and FUN workshops. Us human beings can’t help but learn when we are in enjoyment!


Music in schools today...

Today, there is a music crisis in UK state schools. Already limited in scope by it’s being based on a curriculum with a particular view of music as a ‘subject’ and with the attainment of ‘grades’ by pressured exams and performance as a method, it has been disappearing further over the years, leaving very few impactful musical experience or opportunities at all for the children - and hardly any musical specialists left in schools.


What can we do?

We look to counter this by creating and offering memorable musical experiences through our music workshops and projects, that go way beyond standard curriculum-based music lessons. We aim to offer the real heart based magic that music can bring, and truly is!


Please have a look at our website and our Facebook page (Earthsong Music) - our references, photos and feedback tell the story!


We are privileged to be part of a great ‘journey’ that is full of magic - but we need help to continue! - THANK YOU!



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£150 or more

Ticket to 5 Rhythms dance night with LIVE MUSIC

free entry to a 5 Rhythms (uncoreographed, no rules, nothing to get right, free movement, conscious clean space) dance night with LIVE MUSIC and led by an experienced teacher (me and my amazing musical friends will be providing the music) - these are very uncommon events to find! venue - Kew - last Fri eve of each month

£200 or more

one-to-one Djembe (West African Drum) lesson

a 1 hour one-to-one lesson on the Djembe (West African Drum) Instrument provided - local to BN18 or TW12 (date to be arranged)

£200 or more

one-to-one Classical Indian singing lesson

a 1 hour one-to-one Classical Indian singing lesson local to TW12 or BN18 (date to be arranged)

£250 or more

one-to-one Kora (West African Harp) lesson

a 1 hour one-to-one lesson on the Kora (West African Harp) Instrument provided - local to BN18 or TW12 (date to be arranged)

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