Creating a community of strong confident women

by Chloe Blair in Cheadle, England, United Kingdom

Creating a community of strong confident women

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Raising funds to launch the first Women-only Strength and Wellbeing Studio in Cheadle, Stockport, to support women mentally and physically.

by Chloe Blair in Cheadle, England, United Kingdom

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  • 1607795610_94cf761b-eb0d-490f-a2e2-33ad14484adb.jpgAbout us!

My mission is to create a comfortable space to allow women to become the strongest and most confident version of themselves!

Winners Strength and Wellbeing, launched in 2019 by Chloe Blair, a passionate Personal Trainer, is the latest women-only strength and wellbeing company whose aim is to create a community of strong confident women. 

Through my own past experience of years of depression and physical weakness such as sciatica, my belief is that no matter what your age, background or experience, all women deserve to become strong and confident. I focus on strength training to encourage mental and physical wellbeing with key messages focussed around positivity, strength, dedication, and never giving up. Although in the fitness industry myself I feel the industry ostracizes many women making them more insecure, so I also cut the crap! You won’t see a filtered selfie, you won’t hear me talk about rubbish detox plans, you won’t see me promoting the latest fitness fashion trends aimed at those who are already ‘skinny’, and the word diet isn’t even in my vocab. What you will hear me talk about is the fact that reaching your goals isn’t easy! It requires dedication, strength, never giving up, and a belief that you can do it, no matter how fast or slow. We at Winners never give up!, with this in mind, my main goal is to launch South Manchesters' first Strength and Wellbeing Studio to help make women realize that fitness is not about what you look like, but it is about how it makes you feel from the inside. 

Life has hit us hard and for many of us, we are suffering from a lack of confidence, low self-esteem, and no guidance. I want to be able to help women realise their true potential and they can find the strength from within to realise they are more capable than they think!


After much research, I recognize that there are simply not enough affordable spaces for women to strength train comfortably with the support and equipment they require. The same goes for their mental wellbeing. Classes, advice, and workshops are often too expensive or too few and far between for many women to be able to access. Winners Strength and Wellbeing is determined to change this. Now more than ever we need more accessible spaces to feel empowered, supported, valued and motivated.


  • The median age of depression onset is 32.5 years old
  • Major depressive episodes are highest among individuals between 18 and 25
  • 11.3% of adults have experienced a major depressive episode in the past year
  • 8.7% of women have depression
  • Strength training improves mental health by reducing anxiety, depression, and negative mood and by improving self-esteem and cognitive function

I asked hundreds of women in the local area: What stops you from going to a gym or exercising? Here are the results:

Fear: Fear of looking silly or being watched by strangers
Intimidation: Often gyms are intimidating with some areas (heavy weight areas) heavily dominated by men
Lack of affordable support: Private personal training perceived to be too expensive
Suitability: They haven’t found a class they enjoy and/or which pushes them
Religion: Very few women-only classes where some can feel comfortable training
Lack of confidence: Many don’t feel confident or safe in a gym environment
Lack of fitness: Many think they won’t be good enough or struggle to get started
Age: Women may perceive themselves too old to join an exercise group
Lack of knowledge: Many don’t understand the significant health benefits
Value for money: Gym memberships seen to be an unnecessary expense as they do not know what they are doing in a gym

My mission is to create a comfortable affordable space to allow women to become the strongest and most confident version of themselves!

Over the past year, I have trained over 300 women in my women-only strength training classes in various schools and church halls in and around Stockport, however, this comes with many limitations! The dream is to launch a studio that will become the local hub to grow in confidence and strength, and I am delighted to have found a studio right in the heart of Cheadle!


For many, my women-only classes have now become an integral part of their weekly calendar and as such, I have started to create an incredible community of women of all different ages, sizes, nationalities, and fitness levels. Women who never thought it possible to enjoy training have been learning how to train properly using weights and are seeing incredible results both mentally and physically. The past year has made me realize that there is a huge demand to create a permanent safe space for women to feel comfortable, push their boundaries, and become the strongest versions of themselves.


Throughout this year I have continued to push through to keep as many local women as fit as possible. I have been training six days a week throughout lockdown, whether online, in local parks, or back in a venue when we could. I have fought to keep the business alive throughout these unprecedented times and now we are looking to grow the business with the launch of a new venue!




The launch of South Manchesters first Strength and Wellbeing Studio right in the heart of Cheadle!

In order to grow and help as many women as I can, I have been searching for the perfect venue to launch South Manchesters' first Strength and Wellbeing studio. I am delighted to have finally found a venue in the heart of Cheadle.  The studio is set to be the local go-to hub for women of all ages, sizes, and fitness levels to learn how to train properly and become educated on positive wellbeing. The studios will offer both strength and wellbeing classes including strength and functional resistance training, Yoga classes, Pre and Postnatal courses as well as launching mental health and wellbeing workshops. I aim to launch our studio in Jan 2021 with a view to launching our classes in phases.

Launching with the ultimate body, shaping, strength training classes

Launching Yoga, stretch, pre, and postnatal classes

Launching a series of mental wellbeing classes and workshops

The Renovation Project and your support

Financially the impact of COVID 19 has had a huge impact on the revenue stream which is why I am reaching out to raise funds so that we can make the dream a reality by renovating this incredibly safe space right in the heart of Cheadle. The funds will go towards renovating and creating two brand new fitness and wellbeing studios. Although the building has previously been a gym, it is very industrial and requires a significant makeover so that we can create the perfect welcoming space for women in the community.

There will be no egos, no pretentious personalities, and no judgment. Women of all ages, sizes, and abilities will be welcome. We aim to be much more than just a studio – we are creating a community of strong confident women.

The current state of the two floors inside the building1606743566_screenshot_2020-11-30_at_13.38.34.png

The style and vision for the studios1606745636_screenshot_2020-11-30_at_14.13.23.png

Here is what some of our current members have to say!


"I have tried many classes and gyms within my local area. I always dropped out after a few weeks after being left feeling completely out of my depth and too old. I desperately wanted to get fit and feel confident as day by day I felt less sure of myself. I was recommended to try Chloe's class, as I was assured these were completely different. To be honest I was not convinced and one look at Chloe I wondered how she could possibly understand how I feel being so young, slim and stunning. I am not a quitter so I went along and thought I would try once; I had been told the class really pushes you! and then stack it up with my other attempts. 

Boy was I wrong, from the moment I walked into the room Chloe made me feel welcome and comfortable. The class pushed me to the limits and my body was screaming out in protest, but each step was fully supported by Chloe. She encouraged you to keep going, made sure you were correctly using the equipment and praised every step. By the time the cooldown arrived, despite being truly exhausted, I was floating on air. I felt confident and empowered and couldn't wait for the next session. I can't begin to describe how Winners Strength and Wellbeing has restored my mental wellbeing, the trainers are supportive and tough in equal measures and have created a group of women that actively support each other. I cannot recommend these classes enough."



"The classes are amazing! As well as losing inches they help with my mental well-being.  I always leave a class feeling so much better than when I went in.  The feeling of accomplishment is immense and knowing you’re also getting fitter, stronger, and healthier is a bonus!!! 

I was a member of a local gym which I paid a lot of money for but never really attended, if I did I just felt embarrassed and so self-conscious that I left pretty quickly.  I had no idea which equipment to use for what I wanted to do and always left deflated!!

Going to Winners Strength and Wellbeing sessions is so so different.  Women of all ages, all shapes n sizes doing it together it’s become a fantastic little community to be a part of.  Everyone is so welcoming and helpful.  Chloe is so motivational, approachable, and positive that it’s inspiring.  I love going to class.  It’s really changed how I feel about myself and I like the new me!!"


"I have been a member of the Winners Fitness group since January 2020. I have a very negative view of my body and struggle with confidence when joining gyms and fitness classes. I have always tried to maintain a good level of fitness throughout my life but was continually disappointed by the many gyms I have joined. All classes I have attended in the local area have been cardio focussed, which does not suit me and I have left them very quickly. I have never felt comfortable in a mixed gym, especially as my interest is in resistant work and weights, and all the mixed-sex gyms are mainly men in these areas, and no matter what anyone tells you, men look, and for me, this is a very uncomfortable experience that I always wish to avoid. The woman's only area in gyms are always stocked with less equipment and less space, and therefore I could never complete the workout I really wanted. Joining Winners Fitness has provided me with an extensive resistance focussed workout, and, has provided me with a safe and secure environment where I feel much less anxious and space where I don't have to hide. Chloe is an extremely passionate person and this transfers onto me and pushes me to work harder and lift heavier. What is also exceptional about this class and teacher is that it promotes a positive image of myself without striving to be like the models in the pictures. This empowers me as a woman and builds a more positive self-image. I had searched for this mental wellbeing within fitness for years. I have also accomplished a high level of strength of which I am very happy with.  I will be a member of Winners Fitness for a very long time. I love it."

A final note

I hope with your support this can be the successful launch of South Manchesters' first Strength and Wellbeing Studio for women. The success of this first studio will hopefully be the first in a number I would like to roll out across the region to help make more women in different communities strong, confident, and ready to take on the world!

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