Help Ukrainians Buy Essentials 2

by Support Ukraine in Cwmbran, Torfaen Principal Area, United Kingdom

Help Ukrainians Buy Essentials 2
We did it
On 12th May 2022 we successfully raised £5,000 with 62 supporters in 42 days

Second time!!! Our aim is to raise money to help people in Ukraine with basic supplies whilst they remain and fight for their freedom

by Support Ukraine in Cwmbran, Torfaen Principal Area, United Kingdom

 New stretch target

Buy more aid!

Conflict always seems in a far away place!

Well not so much this time. This time it’s in Europe! It’s right next door. It’s friends and family fighting for their freedom, fighting for their right to choose their own path, to make their own future.

Make no mistake they are fighting for democracy, for truth, fairness and freedom for us all!

We have friends, who we met a number of years ago because they were running a trade stand at an international trade fair in London next to our trade stand.

We all know when we click with people, a smashing couple, living their lives, raising a family, just like many of us. Young kids, kids in school and kids at University. They turned out to be Scouters too!

It was clear they were patriotic and proud of their heritage, but they were utterly and genuinely interested in learning about other cultures and were intrigued by the history of Wales and England.

They’d been professionals too, Doctors, but had built a business based on love, culture and community. The similarities were astounding! They were good people, decent folk, spreading the joy of the products they had created!

Now five years after that first meeting, they are in a totally different place. Viktoria has had to leave the country that she loves with their youngest children, via Hungary and reception centres to Vienna to be with their eldest children at University there.

Yaroslav has stayed behind with their eldest sons to defend their country. Risking everything!! Prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice for what they believe in. What they believe in is the same as we do, freedom. Freedom to choose, freedom to speak, freedom to decide their own pathway. Free of oppression, fear and hatred.

So here am I, safe as I can be in South Wales wondering what I can do to help. So I asked and they gave me a shopping list of essential things Yaroslav and his boys and their brothers and sisters in arms need.

Simple stuff, torches, gloves, binoculars and 2 way radios. Easy for us to get even from Amazon, but not so much in a War Zone in Ukraine.

To support my friend we have gathered together an intimate list for him of kit and rations and it cost us around £1200.

It will last them a week or so. However they will need more and their friends and colleagues need more!

So it’s not a call to arms folks, it’s a call for support.

Give as little or as much as you can and we’ll see that the right stuff gets to them as quickly as we can. If we can raise enough we can even get vehicles they need to the boarder and fuel.

As Tesco would say ‘every little helps’!

Thank you ❤️

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