by The National Youth Film Academy in London, England, United Kingdom

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A surreal, black and white daylight horror. Exploring the survival of two young deer hunters. What happens when the hunter becomes hunted?

by The National Youth Film Academy in London, England, United Kingdom

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With the extra money, we will be able to put more into our film and make it a more enticing watch. We will be able to put more money into production, props, costume etc., to help Heirlooms reach it's potential.

Welcome to 'HEIRLOOMS'. An official National Youth Film Academy production in association with Humming Bird Productions. 


Heirlooms follows the story of two young boys, scouring the forest for food, and unexpectedly going deeper than usual. They encounter a group of young witches, who lay afloat in a riverbed. The hunters soon become hunted and must face a dark authority originating from a 1920's witch collective, that the boys' ancestors were part of. 

The film explores a very naturalistic and raw element of the human psyche, taking place in the height of the summer sun, the daylight becomes uncomfortable and inescapable for the characters. We have an experimental approach to the horror genre, allowing atmosphere and the unconventional to take reign over narrative.


Due to COVID-19, we have already faced difficulties in the film making process, as we have not been able to meet in person and have restrictions on filming. This has only made us more determined to produce a haunting film and expand the horror genre.

We hope with your support we can bring a fresh, new innovative horror tale to the big screen.

"In the woods, you either end up hunted or haunted."


1592571882_juniorheadshot22.jpeg DIRECTOR - Junior Day                               Junior Day is a writer/director working within the film and art industry. Having studied Moving Image at the University Of Brighton, Junior is the co-founder of his production company 13 Pictures. He has directed a number of short films that have received international acclaim and praise as well as writing a produced feature at the age of 17 that was screened in selected UK cinemas. Junior's films deal with peculiar subject matter with a challenging, surreal style. He joined the NYFA to further his network and produce a short during 2020. His career goals include writing and directing a series of original feature films, contributing to the art house genre.

1592842058_samheadshot22.jpegPRODUCER - Sam Dadd                                      Having produced several highly ambitious short films in the past few years, Sam, a 24 year old from Hampshire, brings a strong background in leadership, analytical decision making and production awareness to the team. His dedication and creativity over past years has proven Sam’s ability to work under pressure and produce films with intricacy and character. His short films: A Letter from Ellie and Cold Hands tested him in numerous genres, and now the chance to join the National Youth Film Academy will engage him in the craft that he loves and shine in another genre piece. With the chance to collaborate with other upcoming talent, in the pool of amazing filmmakers and actors will provide opportunity to carry out further work in the future as well as the chance to build his portfolio.                       

1592514512_headshot_db&w.jpg1ST AD - Lucy Turner                                             Lucy Turner is a BSc Biology graduate from West Yorkshire with a passion for film directing. She trained in film and TV acting at Scala Kids agency until university, and attended auditions for various shows such as BBC’s In The Club. Since then, she has directed and produced (and occasionally acted in) eight theatre productions and short trailers, from And Then There Were None to student written pieces, which ignited her passion for directing. Her heart is rooted in film and TV, and she wishes to expand her directing and 1st AD portfolio, to grow her career in the film industry. Currently a 1st AD on the Set Ready course with the National Youth Film Academy, she hopes to expand her network within the industry, and open up more opportunities for herself through connections made.

1592516890_decheadshot.jpg CINEMATOGRAPHER - Dec Mahoney                      Dec Mahoney is a 23 year old novice filmmaker from Greater Manchester currently specialising in cinematography with a background in photography. After briefly attending the University of Huddersfield to study Accountancy and Finance he left in order to dedicate his focus to pursuing his passion for filmmaking. Whilst working full time selling carpet, he has become self-taught in film and developed a keen eye for the key elements of composition, colour and light to create a strong sense of unique individual style as a new and innovative cinematographer. Dec chose to partake in the National Youth Film Academy course as it allowed him to utilise the knowledge he has accumulated from his extensive independent study of film, gaining practical experience of the filmmaking process resulting in a completed short film to demonstrate his abilities and style. In the future he hopes to further his knowledge by developing other short films, aiming to enter this work into film festivals in order to connect with like minded creatives with which to pursue feature length projects. He hopes to eventually establish his own production company in order to fund future passions and projects.            

1592761797_taliaheadshot33.jpeg PRODUCTION DESIGNER - Talia Kauffman           Talia is a 19-year-old production designer and actress based in North London. She graduated with a btec extended diploma in performing arts from Chickenshed Theatre, where she had the experience of studying in an operating professional theatre. Alongside performances, lessons and assisting the costume department for numerous shows performed at Chickenshed, Talia was also given the opportunity to put together and create a theatre piece. she ran multiple workshops and rehearsals for her piece called ‘Mind The Gap’ (which is an ongoing project) about the transition from adolescence into adult services within our current mental health care system. Currently working with the National Youth Film Academy on the Set Ready course where she hopes to expand her contact networks within the industry whilst also building up her portfolio. 

1592514567_marcoheadshot.jpg WRITER - Marco Chelotti                                           Marco Chelotti is a 24 year old writer based in Essex, After studying A Levels in Media, Art and Photography Marco decided he wanted to pursue a career in films after making a short 5 minute film in A level media, currently working for a catering company Marco has self-taught in script writing as he has an interest in telling stories, he loves nothing more than watching great films and TV series. Using some of his spare time to write scripts for his own films and TV series that he hopes to one day make. Marco Joined the National Youth Film academy to meet and work with other filmmakers who share their love of film but to also have a better understanding of the film industry, he also joined so that he could meet producers, directors, cinematographers and other writers. In the future Marco hopes to reach beyond writing and hopefully produce and even direct his own work with many other great filmmakers, so that he can enter them into film festivals and climb the ladder to reach his ultimate dream, feature length films! Sci-fi, action, thriller, drama, and maybe a little Horror are the ones that intrigue Marco because he believes there are great stories to be told in these genres.


1592515017_luke_saldana_headshot_(1).jpg JACOB - Luke Saldana                                               Luke is 24 years old and based in Birmingham. His hobbies include; football, boxing, running, playing video games (longer than he should be), having a few pints on the weekend with the lads and series binge watching on Netflix. He trained as an actor within the Birmingham Ormiston Academy and went on to further his education at East 15 Acting School. Previous Actor at Bell Beyond Theatre Company. Has acquired experience in Film, TV and Stage. Credits include ‘HTM’s Talk More Campaign,’ ‘University of Birmingham - Leave Mom at Home.’ His aspirations in the NYFA are to meet and work with like minded creatives who want to pursue a career in the industry.

JACOB - Jacob lives in the forest Heirlooms is set in. A hunter, he is accompanied by an older brother figure known as Andrew who he relies on for his skill and bravery within the woods. Jacob is a religious hybrid, his father brought him up a Christian but he also holds Pagan ancestry through his grandparents. He has an extensive knowledge on witchcraft through his fathers upbringing.

1592515191_davidheadshot.jpg ANDREW - David Ajayi                                              Born Oluwagbenga David Ajayi, David is an English actor from Croydon, London with Nigerian heritage. He attended primary and secondary school’s in the Sutton area, and went on to secure a First Class BA (Hons) in Accounting & Finance at Coventry University. During his university years, David would write, direct and act in short plays and online sketches. After his university study he went on to train at Identity School of Acting, whilst working as a media executive. David Ajayi has an affinity for comedic roles; particularly in the realm of sitcoms, romantic comedies and dramedies. Known for his work on Minister In Training, The Jade and Kesra Show and Jazzie’s Barbers, as well as the Romantic Comedy short film series Moments and upcoming feature film Safeguard. David joins the NYFA to have a better understanding of the film industry and his role as an actor within it. Knowing one of the keys to success in the industry is collaboration, he hopes to meet and create long standing relationships with like minded individuals.

ANDREW - Andrew is an experienced and disciplined hunter. Determined to look after himself and his brother Jacob, he has no time to be distracted by the mysteries of the woods. He is skeptical of pagan myths and evaluates every situation diplomatically.

1592516915_jodieheadshot.jpeg VELPECULA - Jodie Morgan                         Jodie Morgan is a young actress, originally from Hertfordshire but currently based in the East Midlands. Since growing up in a theatrical environment and joining ‘The Theatre Royal School of Performing Arts’ at the age of 6, she has always gravitated towards acting. After starring in a national tour of ‘Annie the Musical’ aged just 9, she knew this was a great passion that she would love to explore even further. Although film is something that Jodie has no history in, featuring as an extra in a few music videos was enough to inspire further exploration into the industry, hence joining the National Youth Film Academy. She hopes that taking part in the Set Ready Course could be her introduction to TV and film, professionally. Aside from acting, Jodie has a great love for all creative expression. These areas include crafting, altering and reworking clothes, painting and watching film after film, mostly in the thriller genre. As well as this Jodie releases music she has written, continuing her love for all performing arts. Until recently Jodie had taken dance lessons for most of her life and loved the teamwork and collaboration involved. She hopes that her work ethic and passion for creativity is shown during her time on the NYFA course and the potential future she may have in the industry. The opportunity to work alongside some incredibly smart, talented people in the course is something that she is incredibly grateful for and she can’t wait to see all of their careers develop.  

VELPECULA - Being one of the most bloodthirsty of the witches, Velpecula is the first to turn to violence if it means protecting the nature that surrounds her. Her name being a Latin translation to ‘fox’, she is fierce and always ready to guard and defend Mother Nature.

1592515389_tiaheadshot.jpg VIRGO - Tia Yasmin                                                     Tia Yasmin is a 22 year old actress, singer and dancer from Warrington. Since the age of 3 she has been dancing, primarily in ballet, but also in tap, jazz and commercial. Dancing became her first love. Fast forward to 2019, she graduated from The Urdang Academy and landed an acting job as “Sacha” in the touring play “Real Voices”. This opportunity allowed her to work closely with George Bukhari and expand her knowledge in acting. Her love for acting has grown over the past year. Every Wednesday she partakes in the Act4TV Manchester classes, exploring different techniques. She is hoping to gain from this short film an understanding of the different roles to make a project of this calibre come together and throw herself into a role she haven’t yet explored.

VIRGO - Virgo is the possibly the oldest of the group, she holds a lot of wiseness and even the old witch seeks her council. Similar to the star sign she can be blind in faith but her strength is that she makes informed decisions and is level headed. Her animal is a rooster and the motto of the rooster is “I overcome”.

1592517069_eloiseheadshot.jpg CORVUS - Eloise Johnson                                          Eloise Johnson is a 21-year-old actress from the Midlands. After being active in the arts during school she went on to study History and International Relations at university, so it is no surprise that her hopes are to one day lead in a period feature film. Her degree gave her a chance to explore the many different events and cultures that have shaped global history and the personalities behind this. In her free time, she speaks French and loves French cinema, is fairly good at guitar and art, and also runs a tiktok account that has nearly 19 thousand followers. Eloise’s tiktoks are mainly comedy focused, featuring short sketches and the occasional serious scene. She joined the NYFA to meet like-minded people who share a passion and want to create projects that stay in audiences minds. She wants to tell stories that show the complexity of human emotions and explore characters that the audience can connect with on some level.

CORVUS - Corvus is one of the more protective girls, she feels a strong affiliation to nature and is deeply connected to the woods. She looks up to Mother (Nature), seeking her appraisal, often greedy in the recognition she seeks. Corvus holds a cold streak for those outside of her sisterhood, showing no mercy. Yet she holds a great love for her fellow girls.

1592515424_nicoleheadshot.jpg ARA - Nicole Plinta                                                      Nicole (Nicoletta) Plinta is an actress from East London who has taken part in small theatre productions associated with her past drama schools where she played and adapted to various roles. Nicole has also attended Sylvia Young’s Theatre School part-time classes, where she continued to improve her acting skills and has since become a member of the National Youth Film Academy’s Set Ready Course 2020 in hopes to achieve her dreams by developing her acting career and to gain more credible experience to her name. Although Nicole hasn’t had much experience herself in film or on set apart from being an extra, she has had an insight to the industry and is inspired and driven to achieve more as an actress. The NYFA was the perfect opportunity as a way into this industry where she has been able to get directly involved and hands-on with the film her group will create, not only by just being an actor but by contributing ideas of her own and working directly with the whole crew. Additionally, the NYFA would help her benefit from meeting new alike people in the industry and build a wider network despite the restrictions everyone had been placed under due to the pandemic. Nonetheless, Nicole hopes to grow her career to become something bigger and more well-known as well as flourish alongside her cast members within this film industry.  

ARA - Ara is seen as the more delicate witch, she’s not so ready to pounce at the prey of the woods at first sight. Though she may have an angelic or even dare say a more holy presence about her in comparison to her fellow witches, this should not fool you as she is no different to them when it comes to protecting what they all rightfully think is theirs.

1592517087_calimaheadshot.jpg ANTILA - Calima Lunt                                                Calima is a young actress from East Yorkshire. As well performing she enjoys playing guitar and bass as well as learning languages. She grew up performing at school and in her local youth theatre group and has always had a passion for performance.  She applied for the Set Ready Course (2020) because of it's a great reputation for providing opportunities for young people looking to enter the film industry and is looking forward to acting in her first short film and dealing with the challenges and rewards of working on a film set. Calima hopes to go into a career in performance working in TV, Film, and Theatre and creating and performing as much as she can.   

ANTILA - Out of all of the girls, Antila is the most connected to nature. She feels an intense urge to protect it at all costs and sees nature both as her own child and a mother. She's quiet but fiercely protective of what's important to her.

1592517108_kelheadshot.jpg URSULA - Kel Nkondock                                                            Kel is a Spanish actress with passion for physical theatre and choreography. She started acting at the age of 8 and lived in France for two years before moving to the UK.  As an actor she’s trained with Innocentia Inviolata, The Lucid Body and Tmesis Theatre (Physical Fest and Creative Development course). This year she became a member of the National Youth Theatre. She is based in the North-West and is represented by Face Management. She has worked as a dancer, actress and production assistant as well as performed for many independent art projects in both France and England. Most recently she played the part of Lucifer in Dr Faustus, featured in the Pepsi Max Play Never Stops advert and was part of MT productions original play The Mourning Bride at the Hope Street Theatre. Her passion for storytelling is what led her to apply for the NYFA.  She understands filmmaking as a way of allowing the unheard voices the power to speak. 

URSULA - Ursula is the ultimate outcast, hungry for revenge. She is not necessarily evil, but she’s suffered lot in the past and that makes her shield herself from other people. The only witch that really knows her is Lyra. She is very intelligent and she easily build alliances but she carefully picks who’s worthy of her trust. Her element is water and she always feels more comfortable in or near it.  She’s slightly older than the rest of the witches.

1592515501_koyelheadshot.jpg LYRA - Koyel                                                                 Koyel is an 18 year old aspiring actor. As an actor, she enjoys sharing with an audience, whether that is her creativity or emotions, she is interested in film as a medium to connect with larger audiences. She wants to leave people with feelings that last, because she knows viewers often watch films for enjoyment but also to escape and make them feel good. Some things she really enjoys listening to music, dancing and watching the World of Dance videos and Step Up films, they really inspired her when she was younger and that led to her becoming a self taught street dancer. She loves watching movies, comedies are her favourite. A few of her role models are actors such as; Robin Williams, Matthew Gray Gubler and Neil Patrick Harris. She loves animals and travelling. She enjoys experiencing new culture and involving herself in it. The opportunity provided by the NYFA is something that she is finding to be incredibly beneficial to her growth as an actor. she is hoping that the SetReady Course will further her knowledge about the film industry, while allowing her to establish more connections with professionals, as well as friends.  

LYRA - Lyra is obedient, dedicated and loyal. Often represented as a vulture or an eagle, she is strong and has power within her. She is very close to and trusted by Ursula, and values this relationship with unwavering loyalty. Lyra has a creative mind, and channels this in her witchcraft, and her care for nature and Mother Nature.





We are currently seeking donations to bring the vision of 'Heirlooms' to life, with a basic goal of £3000, and a stretch goal of £5000. 

Your donations will make our film a reality, and be key to each department, as shown below in our budget pie chart. Most of the money raised will go into equipment and costume, so that production can run to a professional standard. We are aware that due to the current economic and social climate it may make it difficult to raise the funds we require, but we greatly appreciate every penny you are able to donate, and we have some amazing rewards on offer! 

If you fancy being a VIP or Executive Producer, hop on board and buy a ticket to the industry premiere, screening in London's Greenwich Odeon Cinema.


Marketing Strategy

To raise awareness of and funds for Heirlooms, in the light of COVID-19, we will focus on our online presence. During pre-production of the film, we will use teaser artwork, posters and trailers with our specific iconography (the woods, the riverbed), and spread them across social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Reddit. Spreading knowledge of our film will help to increase interest, and bring fear excitement to a difficult time. We will post on specific horror forums, reach out to horror podcasts and blogs and influencers, and media platforms like the tab, to reach horror fans and draw people to our film. 

For our kind donators, we will keep them updated with developments, and they will have the opportunity to subscribe to a weekly ‘newsletter’, updating them on the film’s progress and giving special content such as behind the scenes footage. We are offering rewards and horror themed merchandise to increase interest, and as an incentive to donate.

During production, we will release stills as teasers of the film – of location, props and action. We will incorporate new social media platforms such as TikTok, where we will post short Screamer trailers, to spread our film further and acquire interest from more groups. During post-production, we will release official trailers and use social media to spread them. We will send our film to festivals and review websites, and hopefully, with your support, Heirlooms will be successful and bring excitement into the lives of many. 

Thank you 

If you’ve read this far down, thank you very much! We truly believe that this project is going to bring something fresh to the horror genre and showcase the young talent in the film industry. We hope you would like to join us on the journey that is making this film and will support us in reaching our goal.  

To all our supporters, you guys are going to help make this possible!  

Thank you,  

The Cast & Crew of Heirlooms.  

(If you really like our project then you can find more pictures and videos on our Instagram page @heirloomsfilm as production continues!)


This project offers rewards in return for your donation

£25 or more

Virgo Package - Edited Film & Stills Package

Get your own copy of Heirlooms to keep, along with a set of stills from the film and on-set photos. You will get a digital version of the film to download and keep.

£5 or more

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For the FIRST 100 DONORS ONLY, get a shoutout on or social media accounts @heirloomsfilm, along with an exclusive Heirlooms wristband, to say thank you for your generosity. *If you are within the first 100 donors, you are not obligated to purchase this package*

£15 or more

Ursula Package - Stills Package

Receive a set of stills from Heirlooms, and on-set photographs.

£35 or more

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Corvus Package - Premier Ticket

With a £35 donation, you can get a ticket to the premier screening of Heirlooms and Greenwich Odeon on 23rd August 2020. This ticket allows access to the screening.

£75 or more

Antila Package - Film Credit

Have your name shown in the credits of Heirlooms. As a gesture from us as a thank you for your generosity, your name will appear under 'Donors' in the credits of our film. You will also receive a stills package.

£100 or more

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Lepus Package - EXCLUSIVE Signed Heirlooms Jumper

*EXCLUSIVE* signed Heirlooms jumper, LIMITED AVAILABILITY and custom designed. Various sizes available.

£150 or more

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Aquila Package - VIP Premier Ticket x2

With a £150 donation you can get a VIP ticket to a private screening or Heirlooms. These tickets are sold in sets of two (2), and there are a limited number. Get the VIP treatment at an exclusive private screening.

£200 or more

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Delphinus Package - EXCLUSIVE Signed Blowhorn Prop

*EXCLUSIVE* signed blowhorn prop used in Heirlooms. ONLY ONE available, and it's yours to keep. Still working.

£600 or more

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Ara Package - Custom Handmade Artwork by Director

For your generous donation, you will receive a custom commissioned artwork by our director. VERY LIMITED. Please contact us for more information on the artwork.

£1,000 or more

Velpecula Package - Executive Producer

As a thank you for your incredibly generous donation, you will receive an executive producer credit for Heirlooms, along with your own copy of the film and stills throughout the production process.

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