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by Tinx Barnfather in Langport, Somerset, United Kingdom

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Heal the Mother is a New Earth Community Benefit Society set up to raise funds to build community spaces for healing and education.

by Tinx Barnfather in Langport, Somerset, United Kingdom

We're still collecting donations

On the 16th March 2022 we'd raised £8,708 with 60 supporters in 28 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

We need your help to co-create the New Earth... 

At Heal the Mother, we’re transforming the ways in which people learn and heal. We aim to revolutionise the current approach towards mental health, well-being, education and how we deal with death in the UK. 


We are the medicine for a society that’s sick, in a world that’s simply crying out for change. 

We believe that our services offer the change that’s needed, not just for the survival of humanity and the planet, but so we can truly thrive!


As individuals, we’ve been healing and teaching people for years. 

In the past, we’ve rented spaces and moved around alot. In 2022 we have the chance to build our own sacred spaces at The Soul Sanctuary, near Glastonbury and at Earthlight Community School & Gardens, near Axbridge. 


Above: Earthlight herb garden looking lovely at the end of its first growing season.

If you're seeking a more spiritual way of life and being, then join us, as we guide people on their own journeys of self-discovery.

Your donations will help us to support others to live in alignment with their unique purpose, for the benefit of the planet and all beings.


Heal the Mother (Gaia Community Ltd), is a Community Benefit Society (CBS), set up by its three founder members, Gibby, Shamir & Leyth. 


We’re passionate about co-creating the New Earth and a better society. Our intention is to raise funds to build community spaces for holistic education and natural healing. 

We use nature and the realm of spirit to transform and positively change people's lives, increasing health, wellbeing and happiness. 

We're co-creating a more loving reality in which we HEAL THE MOTHER, to conserve the Earth that sustains us for future generations.   

We’re asking for your help to build a healing centre at The Soul Sanctuary and an education centre for children and adults at Earthlight.


Above: Education days for kids at Earthlight.

Our Live Projects:

We're working on many ideas but the first two New Earth projects we're manifesting are:

Earthlight Fundraiser:

1) Earthlight is a pioneering spiritual social enterprise that shares knowledge and facilitates practical learning experiences through its multidimensional herbal healing packages, online classes, in-person day retreats and volunteering opportunities. 

Set up in 2021, Earthlight is run by a cooperative of grid-keepers, healers, mentors and guides working together to co-create a New Earth reality. 


They nurture an intuitive connection to the land and use regenerative systems that promote natural biodiversity, working with the intelligence of nature, rather than against it.

Their community hub on the edge of the Somerset Levels is a space for connection to nature and one another and is where they’re working to anchor high vibrational energies into Mother Earth so that humanity and our planet can heal and thrive.

Find more info about Earthlight at: www.earthlight.uk 



Above: Community gatherings at Earthlight.

We need your support to build structures to create education spaces and an apothecary. 

Above: Tiff & Sammy from Earthlight explaining about the project.

What we need at Earthlight:

The initial crowdfund raised money for our first classroom and a compost toilet but we still need money for the Apothecary and a storage unit and resources for the classroom.

  • Apothecary workshop: £5k
  • Storage Unit: £5k
  • Resources: £2k


 Above: Birdseye view of Earthlight gardens 2021


Soul Sanctuary Fundraiser:

2) The Soul Sanctuary is a pioneering retreat company that provides Reiki treatments and courses as well as transformational shamanic healing workshops and events. 

Formed in 2017 to provide alternative therapy and healing, they offer ceremonies for people to expand their awareness and strengthen their connection with themselves, each other and the planet.

The Soul Sanctuary retreats also help people to process trauma and release anxiety, depression, stagnation and low self-esteem while supporting them to make more conscious decisions for the future. 

They're truly changing and transforming people’s lives for the better!


The Soul Sanctuary are inspiring change on an individual level and out into the wider collective by shifting perception and changing our reality...


We need your support to prospect for water from the natural springs under the land, as well as build new gates, a storage shed, a compost toilet and an Earth Lodge. 

Above: Gibby from The Soul Sanctuary explaining about the work they do.

What we need at The Soul Sanctuary:

The initial crowdfund raised money to buy our 30ft ceremonial Yurt and a 12ft Yurt for kitchen and treatments... But we still need money for:

  • Compost toilet - Shepherds hut: £4k
  • Earthlodge: £4k
  • Storage Shed: £2k
  • Gates: £1k
  • Prospect for water from underground spring & pump: £7k1644338074_20210923_193121_resized.jpg1644336947_20210924_112937_resized.jpg1644336993_20210925_073812_resized.jpg1644338378_20210925_164820_resized.jpg1644338347_-5949692851279476821_121.jpg

Above: A healing retreat on the land near Glastonbury.


Total funds needed for these two projects is £30k.


*Please state if you wish your donation to go into a specific project or not when donating.

**100% of the money you donate goes directly to help these organisations, we do not get paid for the work we do at Heal the Mother to raise funds.1644326987_img-20210927-wa0033.jpg

Our mission:

To co-create the New Earth!

We have lots of other exciting projects lined up after these - please see our website for more info - https://www.subscribepage.com/healthemother

The spaces are to be used for many forms of community connection, places for ALL people to gather as ONE tribe.  

All are welcome within our spaces to heal and learn. 

By expanding our awareness both on an individual and collective level, we help to raise the consciousness of the planet, heal the (mother) planet and co-create a better world to live as ONE. 


Above: Community gatherings with Earthlight & The Soul Sanctuary.

The events held within our spaces encourage people to take back their power and embody their sovereignty.

They also support people in finding their truth and purpose, by following their highest excitement and connecting to Source in love and joy.

Our future plans also include creating spaces to host New Earth funerals to honour the dead in a more conscious and connected way. 

These will be places to celebrate the lives of our loved ones, helping both our own grief process as well as helping our loved ones to smoothly transition and journey safely on to the spirit world. 


Who are we?

We’re a collective of people united towards a common goal: to find projects that benefit individuals in their personal development and spiritual growth, while also benefiting the planet. 

We plan to build a network of like-minded individuals and companies who are ready to join forces and step into their roles as the revolutionary New Earth pioneers that are so desperately needed NOW.


We must make changes: Same choices = same results! 

We must all choose to do things differently if we want to live in a better world and everyone of us must take responsibility for this change.

As a collective, Heal the Mother pulls together the resources needed to manage the projects. Using our organisation's template we then support others to raise funds and build their own spaces using our networks and knowledge. 

1644323805_20210807_064050_resized.jpgAbove: Sacred spaces for healing.

What is the purpose of our society?  

Heal the Mother is a non-profit organisation.

We raise funds for projects and build spaces for community healing and education. 

We’re a container for New Earth ideas and projects - we provide the structure and skills needed to manifest physical places for communities to gather.

We’re fundraisers, communication and marketing experts, project managers and builders. We also organise and facilitate healing and education events. 

The organisation is an organic and living breathing entity, powered by its members and the communities we serve - people who are coming together to co-create the New Earth and assist in the planetary awakening.


What are the benefits to the community the society aims to deliver?  

We create community by providing sacred spaces for support, therapy, healing and holistic and nature-based learning. 

These communities foster a sense of unity and support and promote the interconnectedness of all things - resulting in happy, conscious people who look after each other and the planet. 


Who do we work with and which communities?  

While our initial projects are based in Somerset, UK, we aim to eventually work with New Earth projects around the planet. After all, our community is made up of the entire village of Gaia - the human race! :)


How do we raise funds?  

We predominantly raise funds from private individuals, supporting benefactors or other like-minded people or organisations. 

Where appropriate or necessary we also look for funding opportunities from government, lottery funding or other sources.


What does the society do with any surplus or profits?  

As a non-profit organisation all funds are spent on creating spaces for education and healing. We’re not trading anything, we simply raise the funds we need to build each project. 

Any excess monies are always invested back into the community and other New Earth projects that can benefit.


Sending so much love, gratitude and many blessings to you all!

We welcome your support in any way, with finance, connections, materials, knowledge or (hu)man power!

We must unite as one, to heal and learn together, to co-create the New Earth!

New Earth ground crew is GO! :)

Thank you for your support, with love Gibby, Shamir & Leyth. x

1644318271_-5918117969706202843_120.jpgAbove: Gibby, Shamir & Leyth - Founding Directors at Heal the Mother.


This project offered rewards

£50 or more

Chakra Healing Class

Choose one of Earthlight’s online classes, held throughout the year, from their brand new chakra healing series. You’ll learn how to incorporate multidimensional healing and embodiment practices into your daily life so you can step into your true power as a sovereign creator being.

£100 or more

Multi-dimensional Healing Classes x 2

Choose two of Earthlight’s online classes, held throughout the year, from their brand new chakra healing series. You’ll learn how to incorporate multidimensional healing and embodiment practices into your daily life so you can step into your true power as a sovereign creator being.

£250 or more

Sound Healing Day Retreat

A day retreat including sound healing in a yurt on sacred land in Glastonbury, Somerset. You’ll journey with sound and vibration, the very fabric of the Universe. This special retreat will provide medicine and nourishment for your Soul as you connect with yourself and Mother Earth.

£500 or more

Akashic Record Reading

A Reiki Angelic Alchemy Healing (RAAH) session & Akashic Records reading focusing on your chakra system with Multidimensional Healer Tiffany from Earthlight. This powerful session can help to remove blocks including cords, implants, hooks and entities. You’ll discover how any chakra imbalances or blocks may be manifesting in your life & come up with a plan to rebalance your system at both the physical, emotional, psychological & spiritual level.

£500 or more

Breathwork & Yoga

Private and bespoke online breathwork and yoga coaching session with Holistic Wellness Mentor and Yoga Teacher Sammy from Earthlight. Whether you’re just starting your practice or are an experienced practitioner, Sammy can help you delve deeper to bring unity to your mind, body and spirit, and ground into your true nature.

£1,000 or more

Multi-dimensional Embodiment - Healing treatment

Work with your higher and multidimensional timelines with Shamir. You’ll gain an understanding of how you’re woven into this unified field of creation in your current incarnation. The main themes that come through are ancestral lineages, links to other cultures, civilisations and timelines. This treatment has intense depth and the potential to clear, activate and accelerate your journey.

£2,500 or more

Shamanic Healing Retreat

A two day Shamanic retreat - a chance to release the past and create a vision for the future. These retreats are truly transformational and life changing, they will empower you to heal yourself and find your truth and alignment to become the best and highest version of yourself. They have the potential to improve your mental health and wellbeing, increase your happiness and expand your consciousness.

£5,000 or more

Join forces with us...

Become a founding member of Heal the Mother, Gaia Community Ltd and / or a supporter member of Earthlight Herbs Co-operative Limited. You’ll join the ground crew and help co-create the New Earth with us.

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