Heading to Karting British Championship

by Freddie Ingram in Coulsdon, England, United Kingdom

Heading to Karting British Championship
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I aim to win the Karting British Championship but this will cost in the region of £20,000 to participate.

by Freddie Ingram in Coulsdon, England, United Kingdom

I began racing at the age of 13 after having enjoyed numerous birthday parties and practising at local go kart tracks. I realised early on that I was a pretty competent racer and had a fierce competitive streak.

After receiving my first very own second hand go kart my first competition race was at Bayford Meadows track in Sittingbourne. Things didn't go so well for the first half of the year, often crashing and sometimes not even finishing the race, although disappointing I persevered and then joined the Roalf Racing team. The team gave me lots of advice, maintained and tuned my kart and coached me through 2021 to reach position 14 on the Bayford Championship.

2022 we began not only racing at Bayford but also Whilton Mill in Northampton against some of the best drivers in Europe. The extra time in the driving seat paid off resulting in my first ever win at Bayford Meadows on my 14th birthday. The win most certainly increased my confidence and I was hungry for more. With hard work, consistency and sheer determination I became Bayford Meadows champion of 2022 and finished a respectable 14th place at Whilton Mill.

Forward to 2023 having joined a new team KR Sport and with my confidence at an all time high our first race of the year was the British Open Championship. A closely fought battle saw me gain a fantastic 3rd place. The first round of the championship went equally well at Whilton Mill grabbing my first ever Whilton win.

These brilliant results prompted me to enter the UKC (Ultimate Karting Championship) televised live on You Tube and later broadcast on TV around the world. The first round held at Whilton Mill, my favoured track, proved to be an exciting weekend. Having battled with some of the best drivers in Europe over the course of the weekend I was to start the grand final in 7th position. After the longest 12 minutes I had even known I dug deep, battled hard and finished in 1st position. Probably the best moment of my life so far.

Now we head to the British Championships - the 1st round May 13-14th. Current standings for 2023 after 2 rounds

Whilton Mill Championship - 1st place 

UKC                                          4th place

British Championship                 TBC

Karting is not just about racing, you have to be clever, aggressive, determined and fearless. I aim to be the best driver I can be, whether that be kart, car or online sim racing. By listening and learning from the experts and older experienced drivers and putting in the hard work and practice I hope to achieve this.

Lewis Hamilton and Lando Norris have both travelled down a similar path to that of mine both having raced at the same tracks as I have - so who knows where this could lead to! But for now I am really living the dream.

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