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Head In The Game aims to reduce suicide in men aged 18-55 by running weekly football based mental health sessions across the U.K.

by Head In The Game CIC in Canterbury, Kent, United Kingdom

During the early months of the pandemic we decided to set up Head In The Game to address the escalating mental health crisis that the lockdown was creating for vulnerable men in our local communities. These weren't men who had a pre existing mental health condition, this was all of us... every man in the U.K.

We had our freedoms, our daily structures, our work patterns, our ways of connecting with friends and family ripped away overnight, at a time where the whole world was worried and concerned by a totally unprecedented and very worrying virus.  

Head In The Game was a beacon of light for many men who were looking for a way to escape the monotony of what life during lockdown and  COVID-19 had become. 


Our service started in April 2021, just as the world was adjusting to new freedoms. Since then we have supported 120 men through football related mental health sessions across Kent and East Sussex. 

We have created a safe and comfortable environment for men to open and talk whilst engaging in physical exercise. Head In The Game has now become a vital support arm for 100's of men in local communities who just want somewhere to talk. 


Each session consists of a talking therapy session, two mixed ability football drills and a short sided match. We give our participants all the tools needed to improve their mental wellbeing. 

We are looking for Crowdfunding support to start a new session and extension of our service in Sheffield, U.K. 

One of the most expensive outlay of mobilising our service is pitch fees. They have increased on average by around 15% as sports centres, football clubs and schools look to recoup lost revenue during the lockdowns from when sport was unable to take place.

A donation to our crowd funder, is more than just helping us pay for a pitch fee, its about giving a man a chance to improve his mental health and wellbeing whilst doing something that he truly loves. 

More information about what we do is available on our website below.

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