Harmony Fields Covid Response Revamp

by Cath in Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom

Harmony Fields Covid Response Revamp


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To be able to open again safely and comply with the ever changing rules, we need to update areas of our site before we can welcome you back

by Cath in Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom

Here at Harmony Fields, we offer a peaceful, therapeutic space to connect with nature and rescued animals. We are a place of peace, tranquility and healing for all, a space with no judgement or expectation, where everyone is welcome, where you can get away from the stresses of life,  connect, breathe and JUST BE!!  


Like everywhere in the world I guess, this last year has been a tough one! We had only recently opened to the public when the pandemic hit and we were forced to close. This meant no income of course, but unfortunately the animal care bills and expenses kept on coming! However, we rolled with it and managed to alter our sessions to comply with restrictions, and had a wonderful couple of months of Family Bubble Sessions over the summer! 


And then again!! Closed! The winter has been extra tough but we're coming out the other side at long last and are so desperate to have you all back with us!! Sadly, before we are able to open again, we need to upgrade areas of our site to accommodate the ever changing regulations and procedures...unfortunately our money pot is close to empty due to the hefty winter running costs, and we just can't complete these updates without your help, and we can't open till we do them!! A very frustrating catch 22! 


So, we're trying this crowdfunder in the hope that together we can do it! Our sanctuary is even more important than ever in these times, the peace and healing to be found with our animals on site is so vital and we hate that we are STILL not able to offer it. Although outdoor spaces etc can open, and could do a while ago, our sessions are more than just a zoo or a look, they are personal, guided and hands on, they are tailored to each little group and they are close contact for the connection experience, and for safety reasons, so its tricky. 


We need to drain and hardcore our field gate area to allow a one way system and safe encounter areas throughout the site (we used the gateway in the summer for the one way system but the winter hoss feet have turned it to 2ft deep mud!), and we have to replace our electric fenced paddocks and pathways used during activities with proper fencing for safety and to allow secure social distanced visits. The hardcore and drainage alone is £1600.  We have contractors in place to undertake the works but until we raise the money we can't go ahead! 

We know things have been so tough for everyone for so long now, and we hate to ask, we've tried so hard to avoid asking for money through this whole nightmare coz we know everybody is struggling but we are now in the position of being almost able to open and provide what people so desperately need, except we can't coz we need to do these works first! So we're asking! Please, if you can spare anything to help us reach our goal we would be so grateful, and we just can't wait to welcome you all back as soon as we possibly can! Thank you! Xxx

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