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On 28th October 2020 we successfully raised £15,095 with 108 supporters in 30 days

Street harassment is a huge problem. We're crowdfunding to end harassment in even more cities. Help us make that happen!

 New stretch target

With a stretch target for just £5,000 more, we would be able to open this dashboard up to whole communities - making it possible for students on campus and other neighbourhood groups, to take action on harassment in their areas.

Our Mission

We want to go one step further and help end harassment in more cities worldwide by providing charities with a dashboard, rich in data and insights, which will enable them to create real impact and influence culture, behaviour and policy.

Why are we doing this? 

Because 85% of women have experienced sexual harassment in public and 67% of girls have an incident before they reached the age of 14.* But 90% of sexual harassment and assault goes unreported.** This is partly because it’s not always easy to report. Partly because we think it won’t make a difference. But also because that society has conditioned us to minimise these experiences. So if someone calls us a sl*t, or a b*tch, or a wh*re, we tell ourselves (and our friends and family) it was ‘just’ a comment.

As part of our new campaign – ’The most dangerous word is ‘just’’, we’re raising £15,000 to help charities take action in their local areas. Because we believe no experience of street harassment should be minimised – and everyone has a right to feel safe in their city

With the £15,000, we will develop a tool to help charities act on our data. This will include a dashboard where they can view reported harassment in their area and get analytics on incidents (e.g. biggest local hotspots). The tool will also host education and insights from experts and information on the positive changes other local NGOs have made with our data. Ultimately, this tool will help charities develop targeted solutions, stop incidents, and lobby for wider policy change to protect the most vulnerable.

To make changes we need to paint a picture of what street harassment looks like in our local areas. That’s where information from Safe & the City would be a gamechanger. To understand what people are experiencing, how often, where, which would allow us to make targeted interventions.” 

- Emily Reddon, Women’s Equality Party Lambeth

Safe & The City was created in 2018, when our Founder, Jillian Kowalchuk, had a frightening experience while walking home following a Google Maps route. She didn’t know how or where to report the incident but was determined not to let it happen to other people. So she created an app that helps users navigate cities using the safest route, not just the fastest. Two years later, we’ve helped thousands of people get home safe, and our data and insights are helping charities, businesses and The Met Police tackle harassment on the streets, in pubs, in workplaces, everywhere. 

Want to hear more about the Founding Story? Listen to Jillian's TEDx talk ‘Equality By Design’ to learn about her background traveling to over 50 countries, escaping war and seeing the inequalities of safety which need to accelerate as fast as well as other information technologies for us to truly live in a free and equal world.

Every pound you pledge will help us create new solutions, starting with our i3 Dashboard that will protect more people and prevent future incidents. By supporting Safe & The City, you’re taking steps to make London a safer place to walk, work and live. 

Thank you so much for your contributions!

Want to learn more? Keep reading or get in touch with us directly.

 Our Team

We are so proud of the team we’ve built over the years. We are an award-winning team of passionate individuals who believe in collective action through technology, data and social-driven business that we can leave a massive impact on the world. 

Say hello to us on Linkedin, we'd love to connect!

1600959351_jill_(1).pngJillian Kowalchuk, Founder & CEO, is public health and behavioural expert, world-traveller and also coined the-Jill-of-all-trades. She is determined to utilise technology and data for good but to change the industry to create social impact along the way.

1600959381_gary_(1).pngGary Devenay, CTO, fell in love with computers at 12 and started as a software engineer by 16! Gary loves talking code, helping others learn and making products that help others.

1600959492_paul.pngPaul Manning, was nearly born an entrepreneur. At 16 he started his first business and has never stopped. He is the master of all things design, marketing and innovation on a mission to do good.

1600959542_mariam_(1).pngMariam Crichton, geospatial, UX expert and successful business leader, determined to bring more inclusion and equality into the technology products we use.

1600959561_francine_(1).pngFrancine Stevens a Kiwi who's fully experienced the world through opera, photography and working with corporates around her passion, innovating to solve meaningful problems.

1600959574_rockman_law.pngRockman Law lives up to his rockstar name, especially when it comes to cybersecurity, data governance and entrepreneurship.

1600959585_christina_2.pngChristina Richter gives visibilities to entrepreneurs around the world from China to the UK to Germany where she is based. She is an author, communications expert and creates exposure for those who have a story to tell.

1600959604_ty.pngTy Cochrane, a multi-talented designer, illustrator and animator who cares about his art-form making a tangible difference in the world.

A Few of Our Achievements

Don't take our word for it - Testimonials

"We are pleased to see the efforts of Safe & The City to assist in protecting residents and visitors of London. Preventing people from becoming victims of crime in the first place must be a part of any sustainable strategy." Head of Safeguarding, Metropolitan Police (2018)

“In over 30 years of police experience, I constantly argued for more intelligent use of the data we hold. Safe & The City are now combining the data supplied by police, together with crowdsourced feedback to improve the safety of its users.” - Peter Barron, retired Safe & the City

"This was the first place to alert me to the London Bridge stabbings… it certainly does work!"  - Safe & the City user

Thank you so much for your contributions. And for fighting the good fight with us.

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Have a start up idea of your own you want to explore? In this 60-minute 1-2-1 session with Jillian, you will learn techniques, strategies, tailored she's coached to over 50 early-stage Founders to your next level of success. Only 10 spots are available.

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1-on-1 interview with Jillian on IGTV Want to get your brand out there and share the conversation with thousands of others about what your organisation is doing to make London safer? Jillian will host an exclusive YouTube & Facebook live stream interview for 1-hour to broadcast your story.

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Safe Site Training Safety doesn't come by accident, it comes by preparedness. Is your workplace, school or organisation prepared for issues of sexual harassment and other crimes? In this 120-minute virtual session, we will run through our Safe Site training workshop to be prepared and keep the people in your place safe.

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