Happily Ever Afterlife - Short Comedy Film

by Susan Moffat in Preston, Lancashire, United Kingdom

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Wasp Video needs your help to make ‘Happily Ever Afterlife', a dark comedy short about the lasting effects of domestic abuse against men.

by Susan Moffat in Preston, Lancashire, United Kingdom

We're still collecting donations

On the 7th June 2023 we'd raised £1,640 with 57 supporters in 28 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

Hello! Welcome to the Crowdfunder page for Happily Ever Afterlife - a dark comedy short film about making it count. This is a 'Keep what we raise' project,  and every penny will be used to produce our film. 

Thanks to our generous supporters, who pledged £1640 during our 28 day campaign, we now have a shoestring budget of £1577 (once Crowdfunder subtract their fees) to produce our film. It'll take a lot of begging and borrowing (no stealing - that would be wrong), but the film will be made this summer.

We've decided to leave this Crowdfunder page open, because the total we raised will only cover our production days, and doesn't leave us any wiggle room for post-production or festivals. So please follow our progress, and if you'd like to help out a Lancashire made film, drop a donation our way. 

Production began on 26th August 2023.


We have a great script, a fantastic crew, and hopefully a little help from you to make the film a reality.


Reluctant kids’ entertainer Alice thinks her life’s hit the bottom - until she accidentally kills her elderly neighbour Thomas, and his ghost convinces her to hide his body. With the corpse decomposing, and the neighbours getting suspicious, they need a plan to keep Alice out of prison, and Thomas’ soul away from his abusive wife's.

  • What's it about?

When hapless Alice accidentally kills her elderly neighbour Thomas, she’s shocked when his ghost turns up to help. Not wanting to spend the afterlife with his abusive wife Doreen, Thomas persuades Alice to hide his body so his son can’t bury him in the same burial plot as her. Unfortunately, planning isn’t a strength either of them have. 

Focusing on themes of friendship, and making life count - Happily Ever Afterlife is a hero's quest with a jelly stained Princess costume, a rotting corpse, and a terrible escape plan.

  • But what's it really about?

One in three reported domestic abuse cases are towards men. For many men of the older generation, the shame they feel means this abuse is never spoken about, and many men only escape their abusers after their death. But what if death meant being reunited with their abusers in the afterlife? And if anything was possible, what lengths would someone go to to avoid this?

Happily Ever Afterlife aims to show how lives are affected by domestic abuse, even when the actual abuse has ended, and will use comedy as an accessible way to to start much needed conversations about domestic abuse towards men. 

The ‘henpecked husband’ and ‘nagging wife’ are comedy tropes that are generally, and rightly, avoided these days. While a theme of Happily Ever Afterlife is domestic abuse against men, the abuse is in no way the source of the humour. Instead, the humour lies in the situations Thomas and Alice find themselves in whilst trying to avoid Thomas’ return to the clutches of his wife Doreen. 


Alic1681927197_alice_heal_(1).pnge, 29, the kind of person who gags over meat production, but happily watches graphic horror films. Over-thinker Alice is definitely a follower, not a leader. Obsessed with true crime documentaries, Alice is convinced that a Disney happy ending won’t be a part of her story, but she really wants to be important to someone, hoping this will make a difference in her life.


Thomas, 71681927230_thomas_heal.png2, prides himself on his ability to find the bright side in any situation. He enjoys his own company, but craves friendship - which he missed out on when he was alive - and he deeply regrets not achieving more in his life. Thomas’ deep rooted fear of his wife continued even after her death, and prevented him from enjoying the time he had left.


Kar1681927316_karen_heal_(1).pngen, 43. The kind of person who reports the ice-cream man for noise violations, nosy neighbour Karen thinks everything on the street is her business. The unofficial head of the 'Neighbourhood Watch', Karen actually misses more than she sees.


1681927354_doreen_heal_(1).pngDoreen, 68. Bitter and manipulative Doreen is the kind of person who'd throw a Coronation party just to criticise the neighbour's sandwiches. She never got over the fact that her secret crush married her best friend - and she got 'stuck' with his ‘useless’ brother, Thomas.


  • How and where?

Principal photography will take place over four days and will feature stunning locations in and around Lancashire. If you have any control over the weather, please send sunshine!


Film making is a collaborative process. It takes a tight-knit crew to make an independent film, and with this Crowdfunder we’re asking you to join our crew and help us to bring this film to life, by donating – or even just sharing the link!  

We’re focused on delivering a short film of the highest possible standard, which means we’ll need to pay our cast and additional crew members according to their experience and skill sets (nobody can pay their electricity bill with credits and a digital download of a film - we know, we’ve tried). On top of that, we need to cover insurance, costumes, set design, and festival costs. Your donation will help us to pay for all of these things, and will solely be used to cover these costs. 

The average budget for a short film is somewhere between £15,000 - £50,000 so why are we only crowdfunding for £6200? As an established team, we already own cameras, lenses and lights, so that eliminates hefty equipment hire costs - plus we're all working for free because we believe in the project. Nobody at Wasp Video will be receiving payment from the raised funds, and the production won’t have a profit margin.


  • Our Cast


  • The role of 'Alice' will be played by India Barnett.
  • India is an actor from Bristol, based in Manchester. Since graduating Manchester School of Theatre in 2021, India has become highly skilled in motion capture and spends a lot of time performing immersive, interactive theatre at festivals and large scale events.

The r1690790691_cast_announcement_(1).pngole of 'Thomas' will be played by Geoff Baron. Geoff's acting experiences have taken in panto, stage plays, musical theatre and radio drama. One of his favourite 'gigs' was narratin 'The Snow Queen' for Three Left Feet. Geoff says, '"Happily Ever Afterlife" promises to be another project to file under the heading of 'fun' with a capital 'F'!

The 1690790979_cast_announcement_(3).pngrole of 'Karen' will be played by Frances Broudie Oldridge. Actor, producer and professional vocalist, Frances has acting credits in both film and stage, including the feature films 'Morris Men' and 'Blood Highway', the comedy series 'Bruxo Burvis' and numerous short films.

The role1690791202_cast_announcement_(2).png of 'Doreen' will be played by Anne Baron. Anne has worked on television, most recently in Emmerdale, just before the pandemic struck! Last year Anne featured in a Short Film (Out of Water), on Act Your Age You Tube channel performing a monologue, on stage in Lancashire Briefs with Lancashire People’s Theatre and has recently recorded an radio play.

  • Wasp Video

Wasp Video has been producing music videos and narrative films since 2008. Our short films ‘Rag Doll' and ‘The Best of Me’ achieved global recognition at film festivals, and we’ve worked as a team, and individually, with artists including Johnny Vegas, Craig Parkinson, Ted Robbins and Martin Freeman.

The team takes a collaborative approach to producing, and having spent almost ten years working together you can rest assured we know what we’re doing (and what the coffee order is.)

Wasp Video on YouTube

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  • Susan Moffat

Susan has credits in both independent film and theatre, and is currently studying for an MA in Comedy Writing (who knew Monty Python could be an educational reference?) She’s been working with Wasp Video since 2016 and is the only member of the team without a beard. Susan wrote the script, and will be directing the film.  

Find Susan on Socials 

  • John Corrin 

John founded Wasp Video in 2008, and has worked extensively both in the UK, the United States, and Europe. John has worked as the Director of Photography for a number of short films and a feature film. John will specifically be taking the role of Director of Photography on this film. If you look very closely, you can see mini John in the background of an episode of ‘League of Gentlemen’.

  • Laurie McSherry 

Laurie is a key Wasp Video crew member, working on everything from production and cinematography, to lighting and directing. Laurie has credits on both short and feature films and he's also our drone operator for those spectacular aerial shots.

  • Phil McMillan  

Phil regularly supports the Wasp Video crew on bigger shoots and short film projects. Phil has credits on short films and a feature film. We love Phil - especially as he ALWAYS has a new camera.


We can hear you now, ‘We get it - you want our cash!’ 

We understand that everyone’s struggling right now, and chucking the cost of a takeaway towards making a short film might not be your priority, but you can still help by following, liking, commenting and sharing our posts on social media, and sharing this page. 

Comedy is important, now more than ever, so that's ultimately why we want to make this film.


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