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On 15th April 2017 we successfully raised £800 with 26 supporters in 56 days

Help Hangleton and Knoll Project maintain vital support services for young people as it has done for more than 30 years.

by golfelf0 in Brighton, England, United Kingdom


Support Hangleton and Knoll Project in supporting our young people, through the life-changing youth services it provides

 Who are we?

Hangleton and Knoll is a registered charity (1139971) which runs a youth project to meet the needs of young people 8-19 years old

Through HKP youth work's doors will walk young people with all sorts of issues, concerns and problems, some are lonely, often without family support and not usually engaging that well with school. These issues are complex and range from:

  • a young person experiencing difficulties within the care system,
  • a teenage mum wanting support and to know her options about housing and education,
  • a young man in the criminal justice system who has a lot of anger and hurt creating some of his destructive behaviour,
  • a transgender teenager on the journey of transitioning and coming out to friends and family,
  • a young woman with a black eye from a violent relationship,
  • to a young man who has been bullied at school and is experiencing depression.

Often dealing with young people who face extreme poverty, feel adversity and despair, we offer positive healthy relationships, support and creative options to all young people whatever their gender, sexuality, social or mental health status.

These young people are all in need of support, guidance and help. At the Hangleton and Knoll Youth Project, we offer activities, workshops and opportunities in a relaxed and friendly informal environment. This supports young people to feel safe, address some of their issues and have fun, which goes a long way in helping restore their mental health and deal with the many challenges they face.

The real work of the project starts when we listen to their problems and accept young people for who they are and what they are experiencing. 

We offer advice and support and endeavor to instill optimism, promote self-awareness and self-worth in young people who often see themselves in a negative light. We go out into the community at night talking and working with young people where they congregate. We run training and workshops in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere in local venues. Young people can gain qualifications and progress to more advanced options. We support and enable young people to take control of their lives, celebrate their achievements and feel they can achieve their goals and dreams.

Young people can gain leadership skills, gain peer support and they voluntarily participate in the planning and direction of the programmes as decision makers as well as participants. We encourages the young people’s development of critical life skills and promotes their confidence and sense of ability to achieve. We support and enable young people to take control of their lives and by encouraging volunteering they feel part of their community and gain skills and confidence

What do we provide?

On Mondays we run a Young Womens Group.

On Tuesday we deliver a Youth Leaders and Youth Health Champions group.

On Wednesday we run a youth drop in- with over 30 young people who attend. This drop in consists of food, games, activities, workshops and a 1:1 space to talk to youth workers.

Thursday is participation night where young people plan their own activities, and intergenerational community events

And Friday is the night for Detached youth work, where we meet young people on the treets, in the parks and provide support, guidance and various other interventions around sexual health, substance misue, family and school related issues. The Project aims to listen to young people's problems and help solve them together. 

How young people contribute

Recently a group of young people were supported to raise awareness about bullying and they have developed the following film;


The young people are now actively working with schools to raise awareness of bullying in local schools by using this leaflet they all produced together. 

The youth project is not just about keeping kids off the streets, but engaging them in worthwhile activity, making them resilient and giving them a meaningful role to play in society.

The Hangleton and Knoll Youth Project has been instrumental in supporting young people in achieving success.  


"HKP has shaped me into the man I am today, through them I have found positivity and the importance of ones man words and their effect on others. Because of HKP  I enter the world everyday with the attitude to help people as much as I can.

"The project has helped me a lot as I have gained lifelong friends, the project and the support of the team has helped me stay out of trouble in the sense of drug and alcohol related crimes, as we can go to groups called the young men/ young women’s group these are separate groups for boys and girls and these help us get along and be able to open up and talk about whatever we are feeling inside, this could mean talking about anxiety and depression because most girls feel like they have a lot of standards to live up to with this generation and it’s not fair. "  YW 17yrs.

“People can talk to people without their being any judging on anything being said in the group and people can be themselves.” YW 15yrs

Why are we asking for your help?

Due to a recent review of funding within Brighton and Hove Council, the project is unsure at present how it will maintain its current services to those in society that often have no other place to go. 

We are currently working with up to 70 young people a week often in crisis and in grave need of support and this number is increasing daily. We are in danger of losing two of our key staff and worried about further staff reductions. This will severely affect our ability to offer advice, support and guidance, along with our range of activities to young people.

While we are looking into every other avenue of obtaining alternative funding, please help us to continue to provide this vital service to the young people of Hangleton and Knoll and surrounding areas. 

The money we raise will be used to maintain our staff team at its current level in order that we can continue to provide a service for young people alongside spending time focusing on more long term funding sources such as Comic Relief, The Big Lottery and other local trusts for the long term future of our Project.

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