Eco Hub and Refill Station in Pitlochry

by Kaja Ekiert in Pitlochry, Scotland, United Kingdom

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We want to recreate our Refill Station in Pitlochry and open Eco Hub along with it for all your sustainable lifestyle needs.

by Kaja Ekiert in Pitlochry, Scotland, United Kingdom

We're still collecting donations

On the 22nd December 2020 we'd raised £6,326 with 122 supporters in 21 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

 New stretch target

We would love to get a professional nut butter machine so you could refill your container with freshly made nut butter in any quantity you want  - they are quite costly, unfortunately. So if we reach our stretch target of £8000 we will use that extra money and get one of them :)

Handam - Refill Station CIC and Climate Cafe Pitlochry are proud to inform you that we will be opening an Eco Hub with refill station in Pitlochry! A one-stop-shop for all of your refills, upcycling workshops, eco presentations and many more!

It’s been two years since Climate Cafe Pitlochry & District and Handam Refill Station CIC were formed, and what an amazing and exciting two years they have been! For both, our volunteers and community the journey has been challenging and inspiring, filled with lots of enthusiasm and hard work as we have all pulled together to create something truly special. We hope you think so too.

You may have attended one of our meetings or participated in our talks and presentations. Perhaps you came to our Zero Waste Festival in October 2019 to gain more understanding of what it is to be Eco-conscious in the current age or noticed the recycling and composting bins made available in Pitlochry during the New Year Street Party 2020. All these projects are part of our initiative, with lots more ideas for future projects already in place and growing. But we need your help.1606175135_crowdfunder_2.jpg

And not forgetting our dedicated community Refill Station which now has a permanent and prominent shop location in Aberfeldy town square from which to serve our customers, providing plastic-free shopping in Aberfeldy and local home deliveries up to the Pitlochry area. A shop where you can bring your own containers (and if you forget, we’ll give you a nice recycled glass jar for free or an old fashioned brown paper bag!) and buy dry foods, herbs and spices, pasta, dry fruits, baking ingredients, delicious healthy snacks, eco-friendly cleaning products and much more, all by weight. No waste, no extra unnecessary cost, just what you need in the quantity that you need it, big or small. All to help you reduce waste, refuse single-use packaging, help the environment and save you money!


But our dreams are much bigger!

We would like to open an Eco Hub with a Refill Station in Pitlochry!!! Of course, we are dreaming even bigger than that, but one step at a time for now!

Our vision and mission are to reduce waste on a local level to help our planet on a global level, contributing to this change via a platform of learning and development. Simply put, the new Pitlochry based Eco Hub will be a place where you will collectively be able to find all the information that you need on how to refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle and repurpose whilst also being able to do your plastic-free grocery shopping in the same location. 

It will also be the new home to the NeighbourFood Market in Pitlochry

We are planning on organising free workshops, meetings, presentations, holding more Zero Waste Festivals and lots of other projects! And of course, if you have any ideas, we would love for you to share them with us, please get in touch and let us know. But we can’t do this alone, and so we would like to ask for your support to make this dream come true.

Why do we need your help?

A new location starting with an empty building requires a big investment upfront, for not only the premises rent but to furnish the interior and purchase all the equipment from shelves and flooring to weighing scales and glass jars (lots and lots of jars!), all needed to get us started. We have already secured part of the necessary finances and we now need your help with the rest of it.

The Eco Hub and Refill Station will be under the umbrella of our existing Community Interest Company (CIC) of which Handam Refill Station in Aberfeldy is already a part. This means that ALL the profits from its operation are reinvested back into the business or go to support other local projects and organisations so that all the money will stay local and help our Community!

The purpose of this Crowdfunder

Specifically to help with the following estimated costs:

  •  to create a small kitchen area (required by food and hygiene standards) which will include installation of plumbing and a dishwasher: £1500
  •  initial stock: £3000
  • weighing scales, epos system, and small items such as jars, scoops, spoons and paper bags: £950

Of course, whenever and wherever possible we will try and source all these items second hand to both reduce costs and reuse/ recycle unwanted items from other places and people. 

How can YOU help or be involved?

  • Donate some pennies or pounds. Purchase one of our great rewards. 
  • Spread the word by sharing our crowdfunding, video, and liking and sharing our social media pages - see the links below. 
  • Get in touch if you have any ideas on how to help us achieve our goal - we would love to hear from you! 
  • Volunteer! Do you have a passion to try and help others move to a more sustainable lifestyle and have a few spare hours a week? Then you will be warmly welcomed and embraced as part of our team who are working hard to promote this. 
  • Our Crowdfunding campaign is all or nothing, meaning we ONLY get the funding if we reach our target. We can’t achieve our goal of creating an Eco Hub and Refill Station in Pitlochry without your support. Thank You for being a part of it!

If you can help in ANY way, however big or small, it will be hugely appreciated by our whole team... dedicated to serving you and our community.




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£30 or more

Annual Loyalty discount card

This card gives you 10% off your shopping in our refill stations and it is valid for a year. Exclusive to our crowdfunding campaign at the price of £30.

£10 or more

Thank you card

For your support, you will receive a personalised plantable Thank you Card full of wildflower seeds.

£10 or more

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Everyones favourite Raw Chocolate Vanoffee Cashews! You will get 100g of raw chocolate vanoffee cashews in a hand-decorated glass jar! Available for collection from the shop or delivery locally

£30 or more

Plastic free set for your body

Handmade wooden soap dish, soap sample and body loofah.

£30 or more

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You will get 300g of chocolate-covered sweets packed in 3 hand-decorated jars. You will have a choice of -Raw choc vanoffee cashews -Raw choc salted hazelnuts -Mixed Spiced choc almonds -Milk choc brazils -Raw choc cherries

£45 or more

Low waste dishwashing kitchen set

Handmade jute dish scrubber that is washable, compostable and long-lasting, dish soap sample and washable/compostable cleaning sponges - great set to get those dishes clean with no plastic.

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Sponsor our future workshop!

Sponsor one of our future eco workshops - they will be free for the public to attend! And receive our 10% Annual Loyalty card for our refill station.

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Massive thanks! We will include your name (if you want) on our sponsor's board and you will receive 5x 10% off vouchers to be used in the refill stations and eco starter pack full of goodies.

£45 or more

Pamper Hamper

Our Pamper Hamper is a set perfect for self-care: body butter, soap, body loofah, massage bar and 100g of everyone's favourite raw chocolate vanoffee cashews!

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