Hale Community Centre Ltd

RCN 1132822, Farnham

The Hale Community Centre is a community resource that provides a range of services, activities and meeting spaces for people of all ages in its neighbourhood. Our aim is to provide recreational, learning, business and social activities, which are accessible and affordable.

Hale Community Centre Ltd

We are at the heart of the community providing a sustainable, secure and welcoming space that is valued and supported by the people of Upper Hale and North Farnham. We do this by providing a safe space where the whole community are encouraged and supported to thrive.

In June 2023, we celebrated ten years of working with residents of North Farnham by unveiling a mosaic commemorative plaque. The new plaque in the shape of the Centre’s logo was designed by award winning artist and long-term supporter of Hale Community Centre, Denise Jacques and members of the community.

Since its beginnings in 1998 the Hale Community Centre has been a crucial component of, and hub for, many activities and improvements which have been developed by the involvement of residents and partners, including establishing a Community Fridge and Cupboard during the pandemic, a facility which is now thriving and fully supported within the community; renovated a disused nursery building behind the Centre for use as an open access youth facility for 10–19-year-olds, now run by the Community Centre; continued enhancing our award winning Community Garden to provide a wonderful refuge for the whole community and continued to arrange and facilitate family activities for all the community.

Our wish now, is to remain at the forefront of providing opportunities for all within Upper Hale and North Farnham!

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