The Gryphon Bristol #SaveOurVenues

by John Ashby in Bristol, England, United Kingdom

The Gryphon Bristol #SaveOurVenues

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The Gryphon needs your support to ensure reopening when it is safe to do so. After nearly four months of being closed, we need your help!

by John Ashby in Bristol, England, United Kingdom

We're still collecting donations

On the 26th August 2020 we'd raised £14,920 with 408 supporters in 56 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

I am part of a national initiative launched by the Music Venue Trust to prevent the closure of 100s of independent music venues. Live Music will not be permitted as part of the lockdown easing. When this will be allowed to resume is of great concern to grassroot music venues. 

For me though, safety comes first.
Despite government easing on 4th July, I firmly believe it would be irresponsible to open our doors again so soon. The safety of my household, the wellbeing of my staff, and making sure you folks aren’t put at unnecessary risk is paramount.

Realistically, we are looking at September/October to reopen. Even then, it won’t be full capacity business as normal. We’ve a lot to learn, and adapt to.

With reasonable landlords, and government grants, I have been able to make it through the past three months unaided, whilst keeping on top of ongoing overheads.

Unfortunately, given the longevity of the lockdown, my own savings could only prepare me for so long.
My insurers refused to pay-out despite being covered for “Business Interruption Insurance” under these current circumstances. (There is a class action lawsuit being made against insurers for their behaviour during this pandemic).
My landlords can only offer so much help too, as they have at least 8 other pubs that are dormant.

The government grant was useful in the short-term, but that too has been spent on clearing creditors going into lockdown, and ongoing overheads.
From 1st July, the government will be altering furlough payments, with the view to phase them out by the end of October.

The nature of this pandemic is ever changing, and we don’t know what’s going to happen week to week.

The money raised from the Crowdfund will ensure The Gryphon’s return when things are safer to do so. 

Finalising repairs, and maintenance that has been ongoing during lockdown.
Keeping up with furlough payments to ensure my staff are looked after.

Installation of any necessary measures to assist with social distancing, and sanitation.

I will also hope to invest in a better infrastructure for our live music events when we are eventually allowed to host them. Making them safer, and more accessible (live streaming).

It will also help to rebuffer my finances for any unexpected expenditures as trade resumes, and ultimately towards future rent when we reopen.

Any support you can offer is greatly appreciated, but PLEASE only donate within your means.

The only reward we can directly offer at this time for your donations, is that we are able to continue to trade. 

(AVAILABLE SOON: Technical Error)...
The Music Venue Trust have produced a run of “Save Our Venues” tshirts available as a reward.We will receive 100% of the donated price for these.
(Price includes postage. Delivery can take up to 21 days)

I thank you in advance, and appreciate your continued support.

Stay Safe. Stay Metal.

Mr. Ashby.

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