Green Party General Election Fighting Fund

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We did it
On 8th June 2017 we successfully raised £236,426 with 5192 supporters in 51 days

Donate today and help us elect more Green Party MPs.

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 New stretch target

Thank you so much for helping us raise the most we’ve ever raised through crowd funding, all in less than a month from the election being announced!

Now we’re stretching our fundraising goal to an ambitious £250,000 so we can get our positive message out directly to people without having to rely on the big broadcasters. We’ve got lots of great creative ideas about how to do this so watch this space.

The Lib Dems have just been given a million pounds from donors that they hope to double with match funding. The Conservatives are aiming to raise at least £19million to spend during the election.

We are thinking big and bold. This is a truly grassroots movement and we can only do this with your help so please continue to donate and share this Crowdfunder far and wide. We haven’t got a lot of time to #ChangeTheGame.

Together we can stand up for what matters with our boldest, most targeted campaign yet!

Please continue to donate on our website:
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Stand Up for What Matters

DONATE TODAY for a greater Green voice in Parliament standing up for social, economic and environmental justice.

Let’s join together and stand up for a just, tolerant society that demands we lead with hope, courage and conviction. Please help us make history and deliver more Green MPs to parliament.

With this snap General Election Theresa May is attempting to force through an extreme Brexit, gloss over her party’s election expenses scandal and avoid having to defend the abysmal record of her Government.

96% of our funding comes from membership and individual donations like yours. We refuse to accept big money from unethical sources so please donate to our campaign so that we can be an even stronger progressive voice in Parliament.

By making a donation you confirm that you are eligible to make political donations in the UK, and that this donation is not made for or on behalf of any other person.  All donations received are subject to the regulations of the Political Parties, Elections and Referendums Act 2000.

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This project offers rewards in return for your donation. Please select a reward below.

£20 or more

£20 Reward

Boosts social media posts to get our key messages spreading online.

£50 or more

£50 Reward

Gets 500 hard-hitting climate change focused leaflets printed.

£100 or more

£100 Reward

Covers travel for our leadership team to one of our hardworking local parties.

£250 or more

£250 Reward

Pays the salary of an experienced campaigns organiser for half a week.

£500 or more

£500 Reward

Delivers a full, targeted social media campaign.

£1,000 or more

£1,000 Reward

Gets our campaign materials translated into multiple languages.

£2,500 or more

£2,500 Reward

Gets us a dedicated election room at the central party office.

Got an idea like this?

Over £200 million has been raised from our crowd to support the projects they love! Plus tens of millions more unlocked by our partners.