Giving the Gift of Connection

by The Edinburgh Remakery in Edinburgh, United Kingdom

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We want to gift laptops to 40 families and individuals in need across Edinburgh to alleviate social isolation and reduce digital poverty

by The Edinburgh Remakery in Edinburgh, United Kingdom

We're still collecting donations

On the 14th October 2022 we'd raised £3,234 with 42 supporters in 31 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

We’re raising money to help tackle chronic loneliness and social isolation for those living in digital poverty, by giving them a free laptop and the gift of connection.

Our Vision

Our vision is that equal digital access be the right of every person, whoever they are and whatever their circumstances. Devices that allow for access to online services are no longer a luxury – in today’s world, they are a necessity.

Our Tech Gifting Project – where we give free laptops, phones, computers and tablets to those who otherwise would not be able to afford them - ensures that no-one is left behind in today’s digital world.

Through this campaign we hope to raise £8,000 so that we can gift laptops and data packs, provided by our friends at People Know How, to 40 families and individuals in need across Edinburgh, giving them the gift of connection.


Who are we?

The Edinburgh Remakery is an award-winning environmental social enterprise committed to protecting our environment and helping people in our communities. Our mission is:

  • to support vulnerable and disadvantaged members of our community with free digital devices in order to tackle social isolation, digital poverty, and promote mental wellbeing;
  • to create ways for people and businesses to pass on their second-hand electronic devices, keeping these out of landfill and preventing pollution;
  • to provide valuable training and employment opportunities to marginalised individuals to reduce social inequalities; and
  • to train people in reuse and repair skills, promoting a circular economy where valuable items and materials are kept in use for as long as possible and nothing goes to waste.

Since opening our doors in 2016, the Edinburgh Remakery has evolved to meet the changing needs of the Edinburgh community and the world around us. What began as a modest repair and reuse social enterprise serving the Leith community has become an Edinburgh staple, a one-stop shop for affordable and quality, refurbished electronics; an avenue for businesses and individuals across the UK to pass on their end-of-life electronics and reduce their negative environmental impact; a voice of sustainable change and environmental protection; and a helping hand for many suffering from digital poverty and social isolation throughout Edinburgh and beyond.


Meeting the needs of our community

Throughout the pandemic many families and individuals were thrown into digital poverty. Many were left socially isolated without the means to purchase devices and access essential online support services or connect with others around them. This combined with the current cost of living crisis continues to hurt our communities.

Young people without digital access are at risk of falling behind in education and skills development, and are missing out on employment opportunities and vital social connection.

Older generations are being left behind, some without the finances to purchase devices and without the knowledge of how to use them. Many have no way to contact friends and family, access online support, or carry out basic necessary tasks such as online food shopping.

Refugees and asylum seekers looking to start a new life in Edinburgh need help to access the job market, education, finance and property services, and to connect with the new communities around them.

The pandemic has left so many already vulnerable people even worse off and, alongside huge increases in the cost of living, those on the margins of our societies are more at risk than ever.


Helping People and Planet

One of our specialities at the Edinburgh Remakery is electronics repair. We create ways for members of the public and businesses alike to pass on their unwanted electronics instead of throwing them away. These we then repair and refurbish, breathing new life into second-hand items so that they can be used again. We believe that, just because something is second-hand, that doesn’t mean it is second-best.

We have a thriving electronics refurbishment department and, through this, we’re able to prevent items from going to landfill which not only helps the planet, but also helps people as we gift a portion of all the laptops we refurbish to people in need, helping to reduce digital equalities and tackle social isolation across the city.

Who we have helped through previous campaigns

Last year we ran a crowdfunding campaign to raise £5,000 so that we could repair and refurbish laptops to gift to 30 families or individuals who were living without digital connection. With the amazing support from our community we managed to raise over £7,000 and help over 35 people out of digital poverty.

18 of these went to beneficiaries of The Welcoming Edinburgh, a charity with a mission to support refugees, asylum seekers and migrants (New Scots) in Edinburgh. 


Two refurbished laptops were given to Edinburgh Young Carers, a charity that supports and improves the lives of carers aged 5-25 across the city. One of the laptops was given to Muhammed and his Mum. 


10 of these refurbished laptops were given to ACE IT Scotland, an Edinburgh charity helping older people learn digital skills and lowering their risk of being excluded from our increasingly digital society. 


Who we want to help this year

This year we’re increasing our crowdfunding target to £8,000 so we can help 40 families and individuals in need of our help. These funds would allow us to repair and refurbish 40 high quality laptops to help tackle social isolation and digital poverty for those experiencing financial hardship. This will also allow us to provide 6-month data packs with each laptop, provided by our friends at People Know How, to allow the beneficiaries to get online and get connected easily.

Working with Edinburgh Young Carers, The Welcoming, and ACE IT Scotland, we can ensure that these devices are going straight into the hands of those who need it the most.

Donate now and help us give the gift of connection to 40 people living in social isolation and digital poverty this winter.


This project offered rewards

£175 or more

A donation of £175

This would pay for the full refurbishment of one high spec laptop and a 6-month data pack, ready to be gifted to someone in need

£20 or more

A donation of £20

This would pay for a replacement battery for a laptop

£50 or more

A donation of £50

This would pay for all the replacement parts needed to repair one of our laptops to be gifted

£60 or more

A donation of £60

This would provide 6 months of data for one gifted laptop

£350 or more

A donation of £350

This would pay for the full refurbishment of TWO high spec laptops and a TWO 6-month data packs, ready to be gifted to two families or individuals in need

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