Give Russians real news about Ukraine using ads

by rob.blackie in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

Give Russians real news about Ukraine using ads


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Show independent news about the war in Ukraine to Russians using digital ads to get around Putin's censorship.

by rob.blackie in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

Our ads have been seen 84,000,000 times!

A month ago we launched a campaign to get real news to Russians about the war in Ukraine.

Now we are showing more ads to Russians than ever before. Despite Putin's censorship, our ads get through. And we're finding more and more ways to get real news into Russia.

1. Our ads have been shown 84,000,000 times so far. 

2. People have clicked on our ads 178,000 times. Not all our ads encourage people to click - so this is pretty good.

We're keeping most of our details secret so make it harder for censors to find and stop us. However you can find what we have made public in a variety of media outlets here:

Thanks very much to our huge team of volunteers who are helping make this campaign happen. Around 60 people have helped the campaign with everything from placing ads to making videos and graphics. 

Thanks also to everybody who has generously donated to our campaign. We could spend a lot more money if we had it.

Our analytics show that sharing on Twitter & Facebook were responsible for a lot of our donations. As well as our friends forwarding emails like this.

So if you'd like to help spread the campaign then forward this email.

Or share this campaign on social media saying something like:

The war in Ukraine will quickly end if Russians get real news about what’s going on.

So I'm supporting this campaign to show Russians independent news about Ukraine, using digital ads.

Thanks again,


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