Give Russians real news about Ukraine using ads

by rob.blackie in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

Give Russians real news about Ukraine using ads


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Show independent news about the war in Ukraine to Russians using digital ads to get around Putin's censorship.

by rob.blackie in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

Banned in Russia. But still running!

Our campaign to help Russians get real news about the war in Ukraine continues to be effective, despite many bans.

Every day we face challenges, such as banned websites (e.g. BBC), banned words ('war') and blocked accounts. And every day we're managing to get around them.

Our campaign ads have now been shown 57,000,000 times, and people have clicked on them over 108,000 times.

We're doing a lot of work now to improve the effectiveness of our campaign.

This week I'll focus on the places we can advertise, and in future weeks I'll explain a bit more about the types of ads we are running.

As Putin's censors try and control all information about the war, we have to find new ways to advertise.

So this last week we've been:

1. Finding new ways to advertise.

2. Testing new ways to get around censorship.

3. Creating new ads accounts so that as we get shut down, we can restart quickly.

Because of continual brilliant work by our volunteers, we're continuing to get our ads through, and we're confident that we can keep slipping past Putin's censorship.

Thanks again for your support,


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