Getting us and our young children away from harm

by Lilly May AG in Reading, England, United Kingdom

Getting us and our young children away from harm

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We are fundraising to cover the Court fees and pay for a Lawyer to represent us in Court.

by Lilly May AG in Reading, England, United Kingdom

4 and a half years ago we moved into our new homes (bought off-plan). Whilst purchasing these flats we were never told about the fact that there was a condition imposed on these properties which means we would have to keep our windows closed at all times to mitigate against the enormous amount of pollution we are experiencing whilst living here! We’ve recently uncovered that within the planning agreement there was supposed to be special acoustic glazing and mechanical ventilation installed in these properties but IT NEVER WAS - and still isn’t! We have suffered massively for over 4 years, complaining to the Local Authority, being disbelieved, becoming more sick as time passes. We are trying to raise enough money to instruct a solicitor that can help us take the housing association to court and make them take these diabolical properties back from us! We are parents. We’re having to watch our children being made more ill each day, we are forced to live in these flats. The way we are being treated is inhumane. 

We have been MIS-SOLD by the housing association and as a result of that, our health and well-being has been significantly damaged. Please help us to get justice, move away and move on with our lives.

A very sincere thank you to anyone who can help.

*Image courtesy of Wokingham Today news article*

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