Getting Ida Restaurant back on her feet

by Simonetta Wenkert in London, England, United Kingdom

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Let's get Ida back on her feet. Lockdown was spent cooking 1000s of meals for the community: now it's time to open our doors to the public!

by Simonetta Wenkert in London, England, United Kingdom

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On the 16th September 2020 we'd raised £25,635 with 229 supporters in 42 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

 New stretch target

We are now trying to raise a further £6000 which will enable us to keep supporting QPG Hub, even when Ida opens its doors to the public. Many of the volunteers told us stories of vulnerable residents being delivered their final meals last week, (some of whom are suffering from cancer and dementia) not knowing how they are going to be fed.

We would use the funds to set up a regular delivery service to residents who have fallen through the gaps of adult social care. We are also planning to run cookery classes for children at the Hub (some of whom are carers themselves) where they will be taught how to prepare simple and nutritious meals.

Finally, we will support "Friendship Dates" organised by Ryan and Riccardo at QPG Hub. During the last fourteen weeks, they have formed close ties with several elderly residents, many of whom have not set foot out of their houses since March. Once a week, we will set aside a table, and four of these residents (many of whom have not yet met, even though they are close neighbours!) will be able to enjoy a meal on us.

It will also be fun for us to finally meet them, as we really enjoyed hearing from the volunteers how they were getting on, and which of the meals we prepared were their favourites!

We opened Ida, our tiny, family-run restaurant in Queens Park over 13 years ago. We raised our children in the area and have long been a part of our ever changing and vibrant community. Ida was borne with the aim of serving locals with hand-rolled pasta and the kind of simple Italian food you might eat at the house of your favourite aunt.

In the years we have been open, we have been faced with a number of challenges, not least the global recession of 2008. As we clawed our way out of near-bankruptcy, we came pretty close to calling it a day,  but we knew that, even then, Ida was more than just a restaurant. 

Many of our customers have become close friends; they supported us during the lean years, and raised a glass with us when business began to pick up. There is not much those walls haven't witnessed: every kind of celebration from birthdays, engagements, weddings, book launches, family reunions, first dates, (last) dates, and those magical moments where friends gather and linger late into the evening for the pleasure of sitting together around a table. 

When COVID-19 hit London, we were one of the first restaurants to close our doors to the public as we felt we had a duty to protect customers and staff. Pre COVID-19, our tiny dining room was always bustling with noise. Total strangers would often end up  pulling their tables together and sharing a bottle of wine over candlelight. This way of dining however, does not lend itself to the new reality of social distancing. We have not been idle, however during lockdown; we spent four and a half months preparing thousands of hot meals for shielding residents, working closely with a local charity and Ida customers,  using donated food from the Felix Project.

Now, the reality for us is that we are going to have to operate at less than fifty percent capacity. Without compromising the safety of our customers and staff, we want to open our doors to the Ida friends and family who have kept in touch with us with so many encouraging messages of support. 

The idea of selling vouchers is to help our cashflow situation; we will use it to cover our basic running costs,  restock our fridges and storerooms, pay our suppliers, and enable us to keep on our small but dedicated staff whilst doing as much as we can as a family. We are also committed to serving all members of our community by offering discounts for key workers and vulnerable residents.  

To compensate for a general loss of revenue, as well as the months in which we have been closed,  we will:

- Build and stock a small deli area including off licence sales

- Buy a vacuum pack machine to package meal kits

- Buy a heavy duty meat slicer for the deli

- Invest in dry and chilled storage such as fridges, freezers and shelving

- COVID-proof the restaurant by installing sanitisers and PPE

- Apply for outdoor seating licence

- If outdoor seating is granted, invest in tables, chairs, screens and planters

We have always maintained that Ida has the ability to be so much more than a place to come and eat. We have always been deeply committed as a family to ensuring that Ida grows alongside our tight-knit and established community and to do our best to support it any way we can. Reopening our doors means providing a meeting point for locals and those who come from afar, selling locally sourced products and creating an affordable and familiar local space for people to interact with. 

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£15 or more

Framed, illustrated recipe card in an Ida tote bag

You know that Ida dish you craved for during lockdown? Tell us what it is, and we'll prepare you a hand-written and hand-drawn recipe card in a canvas, original Ida tote bag!

£20 or more

Plate of pasta and a glass of wine

Treat yourself or a loved one to a plate of our famous pasta and a glass of wine

£25 or more

Aperitivo, pasta and wine

Start your meal with one of our special Aperitifs (non-alcoholic also available), then enjoy a plate of our famous pasta accompanied by a glass of wine

£50 or more

Pasta, Pudding and wine for two

Do you miss our Nutella cheesecake? Or our homemade Tiramisu? Make an evening of it with a plate of Ida pasta and a pudding each, plus half a litre of wine to share

£50 or more

Ida Deli Hamper

Looking for an original gift to give to someone special? Put together an Ida hamper from a choice of our deli treats, including cured meats, cheese, wine, biscuits, chocolate and preserves, sourced from Italy and presented in a beautiful wicker basket. (Valued upwards of £60)

£100 or more

Dinner for two with wine

Enjoy a three course dinner for two including half a litre of wine per person

£250 or more

Dinner for 5 friends

Get together with five friends and enjoy a three course dinner with half a litre of wine

£500 or more

Dinner for 10 friends (or 5 cosy dinners for 2)

Choose your favourite ten people, and enjoy a three course dinner at your own table including half a litre of wine per person

£1,000 or more

Pranzo Domenicale (3 course Sunday lunch for 20)

A magical Sunday lunch the Italian way for twenty friends. Sit down to three courses and half a litre of wine per person.

£2,000 or more

Cinema Ida: private screening plus dinner

You know that special film you've always wanted to share with friends? We can screen a film of your choice for up to 25 guests including a three course dinner and half a litre of wine per person

£2,500 or more

Private Hire for up to 40 guests

Make up for that lockdown birthday/anniversary/graduation/ you "celebrated" on Zoom with a three-course dinner for up to 40 guests, including half a litre of wine per person

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