Getting Better Slowly - UK Theatre Tour

by Adam Pownall in England

We did it
On 10th June 2016 we successfully raised £4,625 with 103 supporters in 35 days

A creative collision of movement, sound and new writing telling a story of positive recovery from trauma & illness

by Adam Pownall in England

New stretch target

Wow!We have hit our target and we can't thank you enough!

The extra funds will now support making the project the best it can be. We will 'Get Better' set, lighting, costume and theatrical magic.

We are stretching our target further as any extra we can raise will now also go towards an all singing, all dancing, touring art installation which will tour to venues to promote the show and raise awareness of the illness Guillain Barre Syndrome and GAIN Charity


About the project...

Adam Pownall is an artist & theatre maker based in the East Midlands. As well as being a producer and performer he also works in venues: currently as Artistic Programme Manager for Lincoln Drill Hall, and previously working for Derby Theatre and Create Theatre, Mansfield.

In 2009 Adam contracted the rare illness Guillain Barre Syndrome and was paralysed within 3 weeks.  He made a great recovery, you'll be pleased to know, though it was an emotional and physical struggle. Seven years on he is using his experience in the arts to produce a piece of theatre to tell a story of positive recovery.

In November 2015 'Getting Better Slowly' was first conceived under the working title 'GBS Project'. The research and development phase was funded by the Arts Council England with support from GAIN Charity, ARC Stockton, Deda, Derby Theatre and In Good Company.

We have now also secured commissioning support from Core Lincolnshire One Venues and Lincoln Drill Hall.

We are now applying for funding and aim to use crowdfunding to match what trusts and foundations offer us in order to produce the best art we can with the resources available.

We are aiming for £4,000 - £7,000 from our crowdfund campaign, this will be 15% of our total fundraising target. If we don't hit the total target the funds will still be used towards the production in order for us to make the performance and raise awareness of such a rare condition and its supporting charity: GAIN. 

Our budget to make the work is almost £50,000

Through commissions we have already raised £5,000

Through performance fees we have raised £7,000

We have 'in kind' support to the tune of £1,000

We are applying for arts funding up to £26,000

Those with a keen eye for numbers will notice that we fall short of our £50k target and thats why we need you, our crowd, to help.

As you can see a lot of hard work has already been done to make this piece a reality and now we need you to help us get over that final hurdle.

What We Need & What You Get

We have exciting offers and rewards for our backers and will be putting our artists through a series of challenges when the project goes live! You can keep up to date with these on our Facebook page 'Getting Better Slowly'

New rewards will be offered as the project continues so keep checking back for updates!

The Impact

What exactly will your money be spent on?

  • With the current climate around funding in the arts it is crucial to pay artists for their craft and pay them what they deserve, a portion of the funding will go towards artists fees, in accordance with ITC recommended rates.
  • The project is currently funded by GAIN Charity, any extra income raised could cover further costs to allow them to continue their great work with GBS sufferers and their families.
  • Your money may go towards vital components required to make the show. The difference between donating £5 and £50 could directly effect the sparklyness and shinyness of the performance.
  • £10 per person could cover the cost of the printed copy of the script.
  • £300 could cover flyer print & distribution
  • £180 is the average cost of providing accommodation for our tour team per night.
  • £250 is the average weekly hire cost for a van to tour the production, we aim to be on tour for 8 weeks approx (cost £2000!)
  • Without your support unicorns may die.



This project offers rewards in return for your donation

£5 or more

£5 Reward

Getting Better Recognition. A thank you for believing in my project! We will produce a graphic with all backers names or companies who select this option.

£10 or more

£10 Reward

Getting Better Tweets. We will tweet you to say thank you for your donation, be sure to leave your twitter handle!

£20 or more

£20 Reward

Getting Better Seats. Advance notification of seats going on sale in venues (where possible) in order to get the best seats in the house!

£35 or more

12 of 20 claimed

£35 Reward

Getting Better Scripts. Receive a copy of the play-script written by playwright and hound dog Nick Wood. We will even sign it for you! includes the social media thank you!

£50 or more

£50 Reward

Getting Better at Youtube. A personalised thank you video from us, to you, to express our gratitude and to tell you what your money is going towards!

£100 or more

3 of 10 claimed

£100 Reward

Getting Better Yoghurt. A chance to enjoy a live yogurt experience with clowns Kitty and Adam, this could be performed live or linked through skype. WARNING may get messy (is not as rude as it sounds but hilariously funny) includes the social media thank you!

£200 or more

2 of 10 claimed

£200 Reward

Getting Better VIPs. A chance to watch our artists in action in the rehearsal room. On Friday 2nd September 3-5pm we will invite our VIPS to watch us hard at work creating the performance, there will be a meet & greet afterwards where food and drink will be served. includes the social media thank you!

£400 or more

0 of 5 claimed

£400 Reward

Getting Producer Credit. Your name will appear in the big bright lights of our tour trailer, scripts and programmes, free hugs included (they may have to be digital). includes the social media thank you!

£500 or more

0 of 3 claimed

£500 Reward

Getting Well Fed. Dinner with Adam cooked by him (he ain't that bad) in his home, or yours, after February 2017 includes the social media thank you!

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