Getgo Culture: The Theatre Subscription Service

by Joshua Beecham in London, England, United Kingdom

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Our is aim is to get more people out to London’s thriving theatre scene, using our unique app and subscription service.

by Joshua Beecham in London, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

  • A Getgo Culture launch event, inviting our partnered venues, our arts experts and arts charities we are connected, to come together and celerbrate the launch of Getgo Culture.
  • An additional developer to assist the development of the Getgo Culture app
  • The further development of our branding and marketing campaigns.

At Getgo Culture, we know there's nothing like a trip to the theatre and seeing a live performance. It's something that dates back thousands of years, and in London we are lucky to have one of the most exciting theatre scenes in the world. At Getgo Culture, we're also a big believer in the benefits of attending arts events: after all research shows it can makes you happier and healthier. We also understand how refreshing it is to have an evening away from the screens of Netflix and social media.

But there's a problem: organising trips to the arts is time consuming. Deciding what to go and see, where to sit and even how to get there can result in hours of hair pulling. Going to the arts is also expensive - London theatre shows frequently cost £100 per seat, and with over 200 theatres in London alone, choosing a show can be a nightmare. It's no wonder why people don't go to the arts more often.  That's where Getgo Culture comes in.

(previous events attended by Getgo Culture subscribers)

Getgo Culture is the first arts subscription of its kind. Simply sign up online, then download our app and tell us your preferences, how adventurous you are, and when you want to go.  

Our team handpicks and organises a trip to the arts just for you, based on this information, once per month. We’ll share tips on how to get there, where to eat, and throw in a whole load of extra goodies, which you can read about below. You can log in, write reviews, change your dates or preferences, explore our unique content, or just sit back and leave us to it us.

Our clever tech, and a team of "Arts Experts" work in harmony to make sure we'll send you to something you'll love. And for an extra dollop of anticipation and excitement... you won't know what you're going to until it's booked. 

Did we mention your subscription includes the cost of all tickets? Yep. These will be provided by our many partnered venues and collaborators. Everything you need to attend your event will come through on the app, so no more waiting for tickets to arrive in the post, or printing out emails.

1. Sign up with your preferences and how adventurous you are.

2. Tell us when you want to go to your arts events.

3. Sit back and let us curate your monthly trip to the theatre.

(previous events attended by Getgo Culture subscribers)

  • Extra arts events. Yep. We'll alert you to extra events you can attend at our partnered venues, which are aligned with your preferences. Unlike your monthly trip, you don't need to tell us when you're available for these. We'll alert you to them, turn up or not, it's your choice.
  • Discounts on food and drinks at our partnered venues - from time to time we'll pop you over cheeky codes or deals, to grab a bite to eat or something to drink before your event.
  • Exclusive Q and A's at the venues.
  • Programmes, play-texts, and anything else we can get you, it'll be included in your subscription.

Not to mention the Getgo Culture Golden Ticket Scheme...


Joshua Beecham 

My name is Josh. I learnt my trade as an actor, training at the National Youth Theatre and the Guildhall School of Music and Drama. From there I entered the profession and worked as actor in numerous stage and screen roles. 

Whilst in the industry it struck me how much great work was out there, but how so much of it went by unnoticed, unless by those who are already in the arts, like me. I would often tell my friends who weren’t in the arts about projects I was involved with, or some theatre I’d seen that week, and they would always say “how did you even find that?” or “take me one day”.

So I decided to run an experiment. I would chat to friends and get an idea of their availability and tastes, and would then scour London for my favourite arts events that I thought they would like. I didn’t “make suggestions”, I arranged everything and dragged them along . “That was amazing, but I wouldn’t have known about it if you hadn’t of taken me” or “I loved that you just chose for me, I’m so indecisive and don’t have a clue if what I’m picking will be good or not” was what I got a lot. And with the hundreds of theatres, galleries, dance and music venues in London, it’s easy to see why so many potential arts attendees suffer from the paradox of choice, particularly, if, like lots of us, they are short on time. 

With nearly 4.5million tickets going unsold in London last year, I knew there were some big barriers stopping more people from going to the arts, so I began conducting market research as to why people weren’t going more often. Lack of time, the cost, and as suspected, the difficulty in deciding what to go, were the three most common barriers that popped up when I asked people why they weren’t going to the arts more. I knew I had to break down these barriers. And that's how Getgo Culture was born.

Chris Bond

Chris is an experienced software engineer and technology leader with a passion for building world-class digital products and software engineering teams. Previous roles include: managing software engineering at Monzo Bank and leading software development at the Parliamentary Digital Service. He has previously held CTO positions at both start-ups and established organisations and has led software engineering teams varying in size from 6 to 60. Chris has significant experience building and releasing web and mobile apps, and remains hands-on and able to prototype, build and scale platforms for businesses of all sizes.

Our clever app incorporates algorithms and API functionality to allow you to seamlessly sign up with your availability and tastes. This info will get sent to our Arts Experts - these will be the people who will hand pick your monthly trip to the arts.

The app will let you log in, change your preferences, manage your subscription, and even review and discuss the events you went to among the Getgo Culture community. Did we mention everything you need to attend the event will come through on here? No more frantic printing of tickets, or praying the post isn't delayed.

(Steptoe and Son - Kneehigh Theatre, Credit: Steve Tanner)

These are our professional artists from all disciplines, who will use their industry knowledge to blog, review, and match users to arts events at partnered venues, based on our subscribers’ unique preferences. In return, Getgo Culture will provide a flexible place for artists to earn money, in a sector they are passionate about. At present we have several arts experts, from a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences, ready to go for launch.

In 2018 we trialled Getgo Culture - as you'll see from our video we got some great feedback!

We need your help to get the funds necessary to finish the app, execute a successful marketing campaign, and hire more Arts Experts, ready to curate your trips to the arts.

At Getgo Culture we're passionate about doing what we can to help others. Below is our 5/5/50 pledge:

5% of all profits will go to arts charities

5% of customers will be given comp tickets. These will be allocated to those that can’t afford trips to the arts.

50% of staff hired will be working artists, in need of a flexible place to work with a steady income.

(The Wedding - Gecko) 

How do you know I'll like what you pick?

During the signup process you’ll be able to let us know all about your likes/dislikes, what art forms you're interested in, how adventurous you are, and specify any events you’ve already seen so we don’t send you to the same thing twice. Also, your event will be picked by a working artist who knows exactly what’s going on in the arts, so rest easy, you’re in safe hands.

I’ve got accessibility needs, how will you make sure I can attend the events?

When you sign up you’ll be able to let us know about any accessibility needs you have. This will be flagged up to the Arts Experts, who will make sure the venues can accommodate you, before booking you onto an event.

Is this service good value? What am I actually saving?

Yes! The average price paid for a ticket in London is a staggering £49.25. Our standard membership (which includes the cost of the ticket and all booking fees) is considerably lower than this and that’s not including the cost of the added goodies we throw in for subscribers, like extra events. Each month you could be saving an easy £20 pp.

Will you just send me to cheap events?

We pledge to only partner with venues that are industry leading, and that host events of the highest quality, no distressed stock here. Ever.

Where will the arts events take place?

Getgo Culture is only operating for events that will take place in London - We hope to expand soon, so keep both eyes open!

What if I have to change the date of my event?

Until you enter your locked in period (usually a week before your event) you can change the date of your events, or any of your preferences, anytime. Our full terms and conditions/cancellation policy will be available upon signup.

(The Park Theatre)


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3 months of Getgo Culture

Be the first to get the Getgo Culture app and subscription. Three months includes three handpicked trips to the arts, tailored to your tastes and availability (all tickets included). Your membership also includes full access to the Getgo Culture platform, entrance into the Golden Ticket scheme, and lots of added goodies like extra arts events, and more! To learn what else you’ll get, have a read on our project page.

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Getgo Culture for Two People: One Month

The same as above, but for two people. As always, all tickets are included. Want to know what else you'll get? Have a read on our project page.

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Getgo Culture for Two People: 3 Months

The same as above, but for two people. As always, all tickets are included. Want to know what else you'll get? Have a read on our project page

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Getgo Concierge Night for Two People

Leave everything to us - transport, dinner, drinks all arranged by the Getgo Culture team. We'll even set you up with a one to one consultation with one of our Arts Experts to get the exact idea of what we should send you to - not to mention the best seats in the house...

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Culture Crawl with the Getgo Team

We'll take you on a non stop day of Culture - Pick a date, and the Getgo Culture team will cram in a full day of music, galleries, theatre, dance and more! All tickets included.

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Edinburgh Fringe Binge

We may be London based, but we can't ignore the legendary theatre festival that is Edinburgh Fringe. Let us book and pay for your hotel (2 nights stay) and 3 days worth of Edinburgh Fringe. We'll arrange all your trips to productions and include a mix of theatre and comedy.

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Your very own theatre production.

Your very own theatre production. Yes, you heard that right. We'll produce and stage a production, based on any topic of your choosing, at a theatre in London, for one night. We'll supply everything you need: a writer, director, actors, costume/props - you name it - working together to make something you care about. Always thought you'd make a great producer? Here's your chance...

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