Get the Green Party on Preston Ballot Papers

by Preston Green Party in Preston, Lancashire, United Kingdom

Get the Green Party on Preston Ballot Papers

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Get the Green Party on Preston ballot papers in 2024!

by Preston Green Party in Preston, Lancashire, United Kingdom

 New stretch target

Extra money raised above the initial £500 will go towards general campaigning costs for the Green Party. 

Local voters could be denied the chance to vote Green!

If you haven't heard already, we will all be heading to polls to elect our newest MP's in the 2024 general election taking place on Thursday 4th July! At a general election, it costs £500 for each candidate to get on the ballot paper. We need to raise this in just 5 days to make sure everyone has the chance to vote Green in Preston. This is the deadline for official paperwork to election managers - it can’t be moved. 

Unlike Labour and the Tories, we don’t accept dodgy donations from millionaires. Everything we do is paid for by donations from people like you. If we don’t raise the deposit quickly, we risk losing the Green voice for change.

That’s where you come in. Your donation will help Isabella get on the ballot.

Why give Isabella your support? In her own words:

 "I want to begin by expressing that despite not living in Preston, it is an area I have a strong personal connection to. This city holds a special place in my heart, rooted in my family's history. My grandpa, along with several generations before him, was born and raised in Preston. The proximity of Lancaster to Preston played a significant role in my decision to move to Lancaster, further strengthening my ties to this region.

I have an academic background in Geography and Spanish, and am currently pursuing a master's degree in Environment, Culture, and Society at Lancaster University – I understand the interconnectedness of environmental and social issues. I have also volunteered with the Women’s Environmental Network, working on campaigns such as Environmenstrual and the Feminist Green New Deal, which ensures that gender and racial equality are at the heart of tackling the climate crisis.

I contribute to the running of different groups within the Green Party, both at the local and national level. I am an integral part of committees such as the Lancaster Young Greens Society, the North Lancashire Green Party Executive Committee and the national Young Greens Executive Committee.

I was also recently elected to Lancaster City Council representing Castle ward and can’t wait to get stuck in and make a difference to my local community as City councillor. I have seen firsthand in Lancaster that having a Green presence on the Council is a huge driver of positive change. However, it is clearer than ever that we need meaningful change at all levels of government.

As a young woman, I am acutely aware of the urgent need for better representation in politics. We are far from achieving gender parity in politics and the average age of MPs nationally is 51. In a city like Preston, where over half of the population (55.9%) is under 35, above the national average, it is crucial that everyone’s voices are not just heard but actively represented in the political arena.

I have been a Green Party supporter all my life, even beginning delivering leaflets as a young child. I am wholeheartedly committed to the core values of the Green Party, including environmental and social justice, an end to all discrimination, grassroots democracy, human rights, and non-violence. When it comes to policy, there are several key areas that I am particularly passionate about.

💚Universal Basic Income (UBI)
💚Affordable and accessible public transport
💚Proportional representation
💚Increasing NHS funding
💚Raising the minimum wage to £15 and standing in solidarity with workers
💚Implementing a wealth tax
💚And taking real action on the climate and ecological emergency through a Green New Deal 

all of which are integral to building fairer, greener communities.

We must prioritise people and planet over profit."

P.S. Because we're a political party

We're required to run electoral register checks from people making donations above £500, and if you donate over £1,500 during a year, we are required to let the Electoral Commission know, who will make this available on their website. All donations will go to election deposits, with any extra funding going towards general campaigning costs for the Green Party. 

Promoted on behalf of Isabella Metcalf-Riener (Green Party), by Callum Taylor, c/o 3 Kenmure Place, Preston, PR1 6DD


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