Help us get our beer back on the road!

by Team Nomadic in Leeds, England, United Kingdom

Help us get our beer back on the road!
We did it
On 5th September 2021 we successfully raised £13,353 with 218 supporters in 34 days

Help us fund a new brewery van so we can get our beer out to the good people of Yorkshire/ the UK/ the world! (ps. RIP GeeGee)

by Team Nomadic in Leeds, England, United Kingdom

 New stretch target

We'll put extra funds towards our very own canning line - aka THE DREAM!

We need a new van. Like, DESPERATELY.

Along with all the other challenges thrown at us over the last 15 months, our beloved brewery van, GeeGee, did a die. We are heartbroken. 


This has also left us in somewhat of a pickle. With very little cash left in reserve having pulled out all the stops to help the business survive through recent times, we are struggling to find enough to get ourselves a new one. However, if we are to keep trading and begin to stabilise the business again, we need a van so we can supply our beer to our wonderful customers far and wide. 

This, friends, is what’s known as a bone fide catch 22 situation. Sigh.

What do we do? Well, we are hoping you might be able to help, so we are crowdfunding! 

We’ve managed to put together a range of pretty sexy rewards that should help us to raise the money we need to replace GeeGee with another newer, safer, super-reliable GeeGee. Hurrah for beer on the move again!


We’re offering super-cheap crazy-fresh taproom beer, VIP tickets, limited edition merch, and exclusive access opportunities in return for your dosh.

We’ve set an initial target of £12,000 to get us reasonable second-hand van, have it branded, and ply-lined ready for work delivering our beer to the masses. We’d love to get more, and if we do we would get a newer van. If we get even more, we’ll start putting the funds towards a canning line of our very own - THE DREAM!

The bottom line is, we just don’t have the funds right now - but we’re not giving up! We’ve come so far and managed to tick over, but being honest the van thing couldn’t have come at a worse time for the business.


We are proud to be a part of the Leeds beer scene, and to work alongside so many other great Yorkshire breweries.

We remain committed to Nomadic and we are determined to keep going. With your support we know we can do this! 

Please have a browse of the rewards we’ve put together, and consider supporting our cause if you are able. If you can help us spread the word by sharing this plea with anyone who might want to help us, we would LOVE YOU for that too.


Katie, Ross, and Harriet x

Aka 'Team Nomadic'



This project offers rewards in return for your donation. Please select a reward below.

£10 or more

Buy Our Team a Round!

Chuck us a tenner and we'll stick the money in the GeeGee pot and get all the Nomadic crew a round. Swwweeeeet!

£25 or more

10 Tasty Nomadic Pints at the Taproom

Pre-pay for 10 delicious tasty Nomadic pints, making your pint just £2.50!

£35 or more

Bag an Exclusive Crowdfunders-only Branded Tee!

We're making a batch of VERY special Nomadic branded 'I'm a cool crowdfunder' style t-shirts and sending them to you with a personal THANK YOU. These tees will be the new hotness and you definitely want one.

£45 or more

Brewery Tour & Tasting for Four

Bag yourself and your family/ friends a great beery day out with a brewery tour and tasting of 4 beers. We'll talk to you about the brewing process, brewing techniques and beer styles. Ace, right?

£50 or more

21 Tasty Nomadic Pints at the Taproom

Pre-pay for 21 delicious, fresh Nomadic pints at the Leeds Taproom making your pint just £2.38!

£65 or more

Gee Gees Gang Membership+: A Crowdfunder Exclusive

Join GeeGees gang (with all the usual perks!) for a year, plus 6 pints of Nomadic beer at the taproom, and a ticket for two to a guided beer tasting at the brewery.

£100 or more

45 Tasty Nomadic Pints at the Taproom

Pre-buy 45 delicious, tasty Nomadic pints at the taproom, making your pint just £2.22! PLUS! All crowdfunders pledging £100 and above will get their name on the wall at the brewery and will be invited to an exclusive crowdfunder event.

£150 or more

A Nomadic VIP Ticket

It's what everyone's talking about! Grab a VIP ticket and get a private brewery tour, a guided beer tasting, quality nibbles and your first two (Nomadic) beers for up to 6 people - an exclusive package for crowdfunders. PLUS! All crowdfunders pledging £100 and above will get their name on the wall at the brewery and will be invited to an exclusive crowdfunder event.

£500 or more

A Private Party at the Brewery Tap (max. 30)

Are you lucky? For a donation of £500 you'll get a private party at the brewery for up to 30 people, with 2 Nomadic casks and quality nibbles included.

£1,000 or more

The Ultimate Ticket: A Very VIP Day (max. 8)

Bring your group/ team to come brew a beer with us, help us design the recipe and name the beer, get hands on with brewing, learn about brewing, ingredients and techniques, enjoy a lunch on us, a mini tour of the brewery, and as well as a tasty lunch all of your group will get two Nomadic beers and an exclusive t-shirt, plus you’ll get a pump clip for your beer as a keepsake of your day - we’ll even take you all for a beer after! For up to 8.

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