Get Kids Talking: Picture Book Box

by Carolyn McCarthy in Bath, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 18th May 2021 we successfully raised £4,330 with 39 supporters in 28 days

Help us to donate picture book boxes to schools, focussing on children's mental health, bereavement and children's wellbeing.

by Carolyn McCarthy in Bath, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

The more that we raise, the more children who we can help. With your support children and schools will receive these boxes for free!

No donation is too small. Everyone can make a difference. Together, we can help to get kids talking and support their mental health, wellbeing and through bereavement. 

What is the Hookable Book Box?

A book box, filled with beautiful picture books, primary teacher selected and designed to get kids talking. The first three themes are outlined below. 

Following this Crowdfunder, we will be setting up a monthly subscription service on our website. We will be expanding our range of themed book boxes to cover a wider range of children's books. Any questions please get in touch [email protected] or on our website. 

How will your donations help?

Your donations mean that we can send out our book box (boxes) to primary schools for free! 

You will be helping children who are going through difficult times in their lives and nurture a love of reading. 


The first three Hookable Book Boxes

(Post Crowdfunding we will be expanding our range)

Emotions Focus (children's mental health)

  • For example, books that open up conversations about anger and anxiety. 


  • Books about loss, bereavement and grief. What it is and how different people deal with it. 

Wellbeing Focus

  • Stories about resilience, self- esteem and self-acceptance.

Suitable for children 3-11 years old. 

What makes us different

  • Created and collated by an experienced primary school teacher, English specialist and graduate. 
  • In response to what I have seen in the classroom, in the last 12 months with Covid and what I have been asked by parents, over the last 9 years.
  • I have personal experience with loss and bereavement. I have also taught many children who would benefit from these book boxes.

Why do I want to send out these first 3 book boxes to schools? 

1 in 6 children (5 to 16 years)  were identified as having a probable mental disorder thousands have lost loved ones and many say that they feel worse since the start of the pandemic. (UK)

With the uncertainty and loss of life in the last 12 months, they need our support, now more than ever.

We want more children to have access to books. 1 in 11 disadvantaged children in the UK say that they don’t have a book of their own according to the National Literacy Trust.



The Rewards

Please take a look at the rewards. They will give you an idea of how your donations will help children and their families. If you are interested in purchasing a book box please get in touch on [email protected]

If you are unable to pledge, please share this project far and wide so we can support thousands of children and get them talking. 

Thanks for your support. 

Carrie (Carolyn)

[email protected]

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This project offers rewards in return for your donation

£35 or more

0 of 15 claimed

Early Bird Box-UK only

Limited availability! Choose one of our themed book boxes. Filled with beautiful picture books! Wrapped with a handwritten note to the recipient. Your donation will mean that a pre-selected school can receive this for free. Thank you mention on our website. Raffle entry to be in with the chance of winning 10% off our first 3 subscription boxes, post crowdfunding! If you would like to purchase a box for yourself please contact me via email.

£10 or more

Thank You

A personal mention on our website to thank you for your support. Entry into a raffle to win one of our book boxes worth £40, which you can either choose to keep and send to a loved one, or a pre-selected primary school in the UK.

£25 or more

1 of 20 claimed

Donation towards a book box for a school

Your donation will go towards a bigger book box (see below) for a child or school in need. Your name together with other pledgers will be included in a handwritten note inside the box. Thank you mention on our website.

£40 or more

Hookable Book Box: Theme of Your Choice - UK only

A stunning collection of hand wrapped picture books! Choose from one of the three themed book boxes. Together with a personalised note to the pre-selected school. Thank you mention on our website. If you would like to purchase a book box contact me on [email protected]

£50 or more

Themed Book Box of your choice- Worldwide

A stunning collection of hand wrapped picture books, choose from one of the three themed book boxes. A personal note will be included for the recipient. Thank you mention on our website. Available for delivery worldwide! Please note that all books are written in English.

£100 or more

Bigger Book Box -UK

Donate a big picture book box, to a pre-selected school. Thank you message on our website. Personal message of thanks from Hookable Books. Anonymous donation or personal note options available.

£150 or more

Combination Book Box - Worldwide

You choose which of the three themed book boxes you would like to have included, or a combination of the three. For example, children's wellbeing and children's mental health. Filled with beautiful high quality picture books, together with a personalised note to the primary school or organisation. Mention on our website and personal message of thanks from Hookable Books. Available for delivery worldwide! All books are written in English.

£250 or more

1 of 8 claimed

Personalised Book Recommendations

Looking for personalised book recommendations for one of your children? This is the reward for you. Suitable for children 3-11 years old. Personal Zoom call with the child and their parent/guardian. A list of recommended books will be emailed, following this discussion. Please note this will take place between 9am - 5pm GMT.

£500 or more

Bumper School Box Book Donation- UK

A bumper book box will be donated to a school or a chosen charity in the UK. Filled with high quality picture books, a personalised note indicating your donation. Mention on our website and a personal message from Hookable Books.

£1,000 or more

£1000 Worldwide Bumper Book Box

Donate a bumper book box to any school or organisation worldwide. This will include the three themed book boxes and a wide ranging selection suitable for 3-11 year olds. A thank you mention on our website. Personal thank you message from Hookable Books. Anonymous donation or personal note options available. Please note that all books are written in English.

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