Generation COVID - The voices of young people

by Grace Spicer in London, England, United Kingdom

Generation COVID - The voices of young people

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To publish a book containing the voices of young people & their experiences of the Pandemic to raise money for three organisations.

by Grace Spicer in London, England, United Kingdom

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On the 17th March 2021 we'd raised £250 with 13 supporters in 56 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

Everyone's story is different. This non-fiction book features the voices of young people, as they reflect on what brought us together and kept us strong, but what also challenged us to change our perspectives and learn for the future during the Coronavirus Pandemic. Profits will be donated to three youth and mental health organisations – UK YOUTH, Aspects Trust & I Have a Voice. 

Young people have been blamed for rises in cases of Coronavirus. Yet transmission amongst us is largely attributable to our access to education, which has been compromised. During this time, we have also used our voices to fight for what we see is right in the face of adversity - such as protesting that Black Lives Matter and to secure free-school dinners for those most in need. This is a time worth documenting, not just for the history books, but to capture what we can learn from young people’s response to these unprecedented times.

It is likely that the impact of the Pandemic will continue for many years to come. Our generation’s education has been disrupted and we are entering the workplace during a recession caused by a Pandemic, Our futures will be shaped by the Pandemic - we are Generation COVID.

This book will feature the voices of young people, each of them with a unique set of circumstances that has shaped their experience of the Pandemic and their perspectives on the impact it has had on their lives and their hopes for the future.

Whilst this book will not shy away from the desperation and dark times experienced by our contributors, the ultimate aim is that this book is comforting and hopeful. There were little things that helped us get through - some more obscure than others - and numerous lessons and fresh perspectives are being taken away from our time in ‘lockdown’.

The instigator and narrator, Grace Spicer age 19, volunteers with a number of organisations, included those in the mental health sector and herself is trying to find work is working and stay positive despite being away from her friends and family. 

Grace is compiling contributions with support from I have a voice CIC, an organisation set up to raise young people’s voices, particularly those in under-represented groups, in politics.

75% of the profits from this book will go to 3 wonderful youth organisations. And books will hopefully sell on Kindle Publishing after sufficient funds are raised. Books are aimed to be priced at around £5 but you can help support us and receive a free one with a £15 or above donation.

This book is planned to be in an electronic format, but if appropriate engagement and funds are secured then there is potential to publish physical copies.  

Fundraising goal: £1200


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