Help trans people access lifesaving medical care


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Help trans people access lifesaving medical care
We did it
On 4th August 2023 we successfully raised £57,879 with 201 supporters in 177 days

Work with GenderGP to help fund essential and life-saving healthcare for trans youth and their families.

 New stretch target

What will we do if we raise more money?

Help more young people to access lifesaving gender affirming treatment.

That's it. The more we raise, the more families and young people we can support.

With 100k we can cover full costs for 40 young people. With 200k thats 80. If some can access shared care with their GP, with our support, it would be even more.

UPDATE! We are delighted to tell you all about the incredible donation we have received from YouTuber and Twitch Streamer Jude @F1NN5TER of $50k towards The Fund! 

Jude's donation is specifically for those who are 18 and over, however we all know that access to healthcare is a problem for trans people of all ages so this is a huge boost. This is the link to the tweet Jude posted just before Christmas where he talks about the current problems and his wish to help. Following on from this, the community reached out to Jude and told them that GenderGP is where this money needs to go.

We are so grateful as we know all too well the difference this is going to make to so many people who need access to gender affirming care.

Check out YouTube for Jude’s video! GenderGP wants to be there for everyone who needs us, and this donation is so important to the community.

Our FAQs about this donation and whether it affects the purpose of The Fund (which is for trans youth as indicated) can be found here. Jude’s donation was a separate gift to those received through the Crowdfunder, and as stated in the FAQs:

Are you going to change The Fund to cover all trans people, not just trans youth?

This is a consideration but we need to evaluate need first. HOWEVER – if you have donated to The Youth Fund, or make a donation in future, your money will go to fund a young person’s healthcare. If we change the focus of The Fund in future to cover all trans people, we will give people plenty of notice and make it very clear that donations from that point of change forward will not be age limited.

Public services are failing transgender people, yet for many, going private remains unaffordable. Donate to GenderGP’s new Fund and help provide counselling, support, medication and subscription costs for families who can’t afford private healthcare.

In many places globally, transgender people are under attack, with public services being withdrawn and laws being passed that criminalise supportive clinicians. It is distressing to see the hate; bigots are trying to eradicate trans people, targeting trans women and trans youth in particular, and they need our support more than ever.

While going private is an option, the choices are very limited and can prove unaffordable for many families.

GenderGP is launching a Fund to help transgender young people access the lifesaving medical care they need.

GenderGP provides a global health and wellbeing service that for many is the only alternative to failing public services. Help us to help trans youth access the care they desperately need.

This Fund to support trans youth is unique and will be the only Fund available in the world.

The Fund is led by the passionate team at GenderGP who are working to develop the necessary framework to ensure that the Fund is fit for purpose, and supports those who need it most. 

The Fund will be ready to accept applications for providing trans young people financial support to access GenderGP’s services as soon as possible. Keep an eye on the website page and social media channels for updates and information, including the application process and when we can start processing applications.

All money raised will go to cover psychological and emotional support, blood tests as needed, medication costs as appropriate and the subscription costs that pay for the GenderGP Team to look after people.

GenderGP knows from speaking to families whose children were in pain, stuck on a 3 year long waiting list simply to be seen for the first time, that opting for private care saved their child’s life. 

Some people would prefer we don’t talk about the abject misery of watching your child suffer because medical intervention is simply not available. They would like us to be silent about the consequences of denying care. Those parents and GenderGP refuse to be silent. 

GenderGP is the world’s leading private provider of Gender Affirming Healthcare services to the transgender community

Founded in 2016 by Drs. Helen and Mike Webberley, the Singapore based company boasts an international team of doctors, prescribers, counsellors and support staff based in over two dozen countries and five continents, serving a global community of patients across 44 countries.

Thank you for your support. The more we raise, the more young people we can help.

As one parent said:

“Without GenderGP, my child would not be here. It’s as simple as that. And we have had to make sacrifices to afford it, it’s been really tough, but I feel blessed that we could manage to do that. I wish we could rely on public services, but we simply can’t, so we had to do what was right for our child. After we went private, we were abandoned by public services. They are failing our children. I am so grateful that GenderGP were there when we needed them”

From all of us at GenderGP, you have our wholehearted thanks for your support with our Fund.

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