GE24: Frank & friends fund!

by Frank Adlington-Stringer in Chesterfield, Derbyshire, United Kingdom

We did it
On 13th June 2024 we successfully raised £2,251 with 65 supporters in 14 days

Raising the deposits needed to get our names on the ballot paper, and delivering a leaflet to every home in Bolsover, Chesterfield and NED.

by Frank Adlington-Stringer in Chesterfield, Derbyshire, United Kingdom

 New stretch target

Your donations have secured three Green names on the ballot papers of Bolsover, Chesterfield and NE Derbyshire. 

We now need to follow this up with our strongest ever General Election campaign. Helping us to hit our stretch target will secure a leaflet for every home here. This will grow our campaigns and ensure that we can go head-to-head with the Tories! 

Thank you for making our shared dream of a positive future, a reality ✨

We have just run a mammoth Mayoral campaign, which saw Frank Adlington-Stringer make history in our region and establish the Green Party as the only real alternative to business as usual. Nobody saw the General Election coming - not even Michael Gove - but, having been quietly preparing for this moment, we are ready to go again!

Whilst the two-party voting system makes the General Election traditionally difficult for growing political movements, we have momentum on our side. Just one month ago, Derbyshire Green Party was at the heart of a momentous achievement. 

The Tories and Labour may tell you that voting Green is a waste, but we have proven (this month, in fact) that we can, and will, challenge the established Parties. In Chesterfield, the Green Party were just over 600 votes short of snatching 2nd place from the Conservatives. 

This is an opportunity not to be wasted.

Frank has been building a strong base in North East Derbyshire for a number of years now and has the support to take on the plummeting Tory MP. 

In Chesterfield, Dave Wadsworth is hoping to capitalise on what was a tight contest last time out between ourselves and the Tories. Whilst David Kesteven, a heroic local anti-fracking campaigner, is taking the challenge to a constituency desperate for change, Bolsover.

Again, we have to raise undemocratic deposits in order to be able to stand up for our communities. This time, you'll be relieved to hear, the barrier is a much smaller £500 each. 

In addition to this, we are raising our ambition by arranging the delivery of a leaflet to every single home in Bolsover, Chesterfield and NE Derbyshire. This is itself is an enormous achievement and will be the first time we have accomplished such a feat locally. This is set to cost around £1,000 in each area, but is fantastic value for the 120,000 leaflets this would see landing on doorsteps.

In the Mayoral campaign just a few months ago, we raised a whopping £12,000. There is no reason that we cannot secure our target of under £5,000 this time. You have shown your commitment to our cause before, and this time we are even stronger 💪🏼 

General elections are not won easily but unfortunately the interconnected crises of social and environmental injustice demand a response now. That is why we are refusing to be silenced, and are giving each and every election, no matter how big or small, our best efforts. 

This election has a very high likelihood of quadrupling the current number of Green Party MPs. That representation cannot come soon enough. By investing in our campaigns today and growing our vote share, which we almost certainly will after the success of May's Mayoral Election, we can speed up the election of a Green MP here in the future.

The Tories are toast, and Labour need no help in replacing their MPs across the country. This is the perfect election. Your vote is safe to cast wherever your heart lies. There is no concern that voting for the UKs most well-liked Party, the Greens, will lead to a Tory government. You can rest assured that you voted for who you actually wanted to whilst those that have disgraced our nation pay the price at the polls.

Donate today and ensure a brighter tomorrow. We cannot do this without you 💚 

Promoted by Darren Yates on behalf of Frank Adlington-Stringer (Green Party), c/o 73 Storforth Lane, Chesterfield, S41 0PP. 

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