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by Finding Your Feet in Paisley, Scotland, United Kingdom


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The FYF Charity Hub is a project in the heart of Paisley to give local charities a home from which they can support the community.

by Finding Your Feet in Paisley, Scotland, United Kingdom

We're still collecting donations

On the 10th August 2021 we'd raised £4,652 with 106 supporters in 34 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.


Anyone who donates to The FYF Charity Hub Campaign will be entered into a prize draw for a fabulous two-night stay in 'The Dome' at MidAuchengowan. The luxury glamping dome sleeps 4 people in a king-size bed and two singles (bunk beds). It's equipped with cooking facilities, a wood-burning stove, lounge area, smart TV, WiFi and a lovely garden with BBQ area. To be in with a chance, all you have to do is make a donation.

We finally have a 'forever home'! We’ve been looking to settle somewhere for a while and we’re so proud to call St James House in Paisley our HQ for the future. After years of moving from office to office, we now have a permanent base where we can provide vital support to amputees in Scotland.

The building is a bit big though, so we’ve decided to give a helping hand to other charities like ours who have been looking for a place to hang their hats and help the community… Introducing The FYF Charity Hub!

The FYF Charity Hub is an innovative and community-driven project that will provide a home for many local charities and a safe space for the people they support. At Finding Your Feet, Scotland's leading amputee charity, we've gained enough grant funding to lease the building that we've been calling home since late 2019. With four floors of free space, the plan is to raise money to kit them out good and proper so that other charities who are doing incredible work can move in and share the place. It's hard to prove, but we think this is probably going to be, by definition, the most lovely and caring building in Renfrewshire.


This will truly be a building for the community, by the community - that's why we've set up some 'rewards' to show you what your donation will pay for. How great is it that when the project is up and running later this year that you'll be able to visit and stand on a square of carpet that you've paid for? Or lean against a wall you painted? Or, you know... do your business in the toilet you provided...?

Not only will this project provide a home for other local charities, it will give Finding Your Feet a permanent base where we can continue to provide vital support to Scotland's amputee community, and an income that will contribute to our running costs and services.

If we were to make a rough guess at how many people this project will benefit, we'd be confident to say hundreds. There are charities like ours doing such vital work for people at an extremely difficult time in all of our lives. The FYF Charity Hub will not only make it a bit easier for them to do it, but it will also be living proof of all of the reasons we should be proud of our community under one roof. You can be a part of it by donating, and we'll be forever grateful.


This project offered rewards

£5 or more

Open the door

Your donation will buy a handle or something essential to the doors in the hub - the more doors the more opportunities! The door you help build will always be open for a visit.

£10 or more

Foot the bill

Your donation will buy a square foot of lovely flooring, which we’ll use to step in the right direction. And for dancing.

£25 or more

A seat at the table

You’ve just bought us a comfy chair! The more of these, the more friendships can be made over daft conversations and fancy (instant) coffee.

£50 or more

Wall of duty

The hub will be split into areas dedicated to different activities and services. Thanks to you, there will be wall-to-wall support.

£100 or more

Wall saints

More wall? Okay Donald Trump – you’ve now built 8 feet! We promise not to paint it magnolia.

£250 or more

Relieve yourself

You’ve helped us buy a lavvy – you can even come down and use it yourself!

£500 or more

Office goals

We promise we won’t build a boring office with your money. It’ll be like Google but for charities.

£1,000 or more

Zoom… but in person

We’ve had it with virtual meetings, and you’ve just bought us a space to have them face-to-face!

£2,500 or more

Cre8ive Sp4ce

See how creative that title is? Numbers instead of letters? Your donation will build a studio where people can be almost as creative as that.

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