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by FY1 Buddy Network in Bath, Bath and North East Somerset, United Kingdom

FY1 Buddy Network


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A support network linking an individual buddy mentor to FY1s for their first year as a doctor. Available free to all FY1 doctors in the UK.

by FY1 Buddy Network in Bath, Bath and North East Somerset, United Kingdom

The FY1 Buddy Network was born in 2017 after a discussion in the Facebook group Tea & Empathy NHS (a group providing peer support to NHS staff) suggesting that brand new doctors were looking for informal, pastoral, mentoring-type support. Many qualified doctors in hospitals all around the UK replied to offer their support, and a few doctors (Ro and Samantha) realised this support would be more effective if it was co-ordinated, and so created the FY1 Buddy Network. Since then, the network has been open to new FY1s to sign up to be allocated a buddy, and to doctors FY2 and above to volunteer as a buddy. Over 1000 FY1s have been supported through the scheme.

Why do we need donations?
We are a project entirely driven by the efforts of volunteers. In the first few years there were no running costs and we reached people on word of mouth alone, but in order to expand and reach more FY1s, some spending was necessary to get our website and some level of automation to our matching process.

Our running costs are low, but our website does cost money. We currently run at a deficit, funding the website ourselves, which isn't a long-term option, so without some funding support, we may not be able to continue to link FY1s to buddies in 2023.

To cover our running costs and our deficit from previous years, we are looking to raise £500.

We previously used gofundme, but have changed to Crowdfunder so that the minimum donation is £1. 

We are looking into other sources of funding such as grants and bursaries. If you have any information about any financial support options that might be available to us, please contact us.

For more information, or to sign up to get a buddy or to be a buddy, please see our website www.fy1buddynetwork.co.uk

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