Fundraising for the BHPS School Library

by Rachel Hack in Stechford, England, United Kingdom

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Following several COVID lockdowns, we are in desperate need of books that are exciting and match the children’s interests.

by Rachel Hack in Stechford, England, United Kingdom

 New stretch target

Any money raised beyond our target will be used to buy new books for the libraries in each classroom.  

At Blakesley Hall Primary School, we believe that our school library is really important and that our children must have access to good quality, up-to-date books.  It is also important that our children have a safe space where they are free to make their own choices about what they read (rather than what their teacher wants them to!).  This helps them to continue to read for pleasure as they become independent readers.  

Reading is at the heart of what we do at BHPS.  But we need your help….

Helping children to love reading is crucial to developing literacy skills, wellbeing and life chances.  Reading is the foundation for success and employment.  It enables children to succeed at school, helps them develop broader skills, and leads to healthier, happier lives.

For some of our families, accessing books is more difficult due to language barriers and financial reasons.  We don't want any pupil to be disadvantaged when it comes to accessing books and believe that the library has a vital part to play in making sure that every child has access to books.  

Following several lockdowns, we are now in desperate need of books that are exciting and match the children’s interests.  We have also been unable to fundraise in the way that we normally would due to COVID restrictions.  We are spending a considerable amount of money on purchasing new reading scheme books but we are asking the school community if it can support us by donating to our library fundraising appeal.  Any amount that you are able to donate will make a difference and all the children in school will benefit as every child has access to the library.  

Please note: the amounts shown (£10, £20, £30, £50) are set by Crowdfunder - you can pledge any amount over £2. 

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