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by Fiona Lali RCP in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

We did it
On 7th July 2024 we successfully raised £7,032 with 259 supporters in 42 days

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by Fiona Lali RCP in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

Rayzen rahman
4th July 2024

Well done , thank you

Sebastien de Menthon
3rd July 2024

Massive thanks for what you are doing!

Tuhin Ahmed
3rd July 2024

Best wishes for election day

Elena Lupa
3rd July 2024

I really hope you are successful in this campaign! Don’t give up

Louise Fernley
2nd July 2024

A clear, inspiring voice for so many to get behind - keep doing what you're doing, Fiona

Rob Groves
1st July 2024

Well done for standing for what is right!

Mia Matthews
29th June 2024

VOTE FIONA LALI!!! She is the only capable candidate to lead our country

Igors Kostenko
29th June 2024

delegating our Comrade into the centre of global attention is a historical chance for all communists and socialists of the world to be widely seen, heard and followed 🚩✊️

27th June 2024

Wherever there is a fight for a better world, it will be supported by people from all the countries.

Simon Houghton
26th June 2024

Love your ideas for a better and fairer world Fiona! I’ll be voting for you :)

Wesly Urena
26th June 2024

Go get em!

Patrick Waly
26th June 2024

Long live the Revolutionary Communist Party of Britain ! For Marxism, for a socialist society , vote Fiona Lali ! ✊✊✊

M de Silva
26th June 2024

Well done Fiona. We are with you. Best wishes Moses

Max Lewandowski
26th June 2024

Thank you muchly for your efforts Fiona. Love you immensely 🫂🫶🏼

Tommaso Verga
24th June 2024

We have a world to win, and the fight starts with this campaign. Fight on!

Tim Matthews
22nd June 2024

Fiona is an inspiring young revolutionary who deserves our full support.

Mika Perzyna
21st June 2024

Down with austerity and support for Israel! Forward to the socialist revolution!

Anne Hayfield
20th June 2024

Im voting for you

Paul Taylor
19th June 2024

Bring it home Fiona!

Ray Hardman
19th June 2024

Another small donation to election fighting fund Re Fiona Lali. Important to put down a marker & gain experience of running a candidate & the attention it gathers. Solidarity with the open mass work beginnings. Ray Hardman

David Conceicao
19th June 2024

Solidarity Fiona!!

Aswin Manoj
17th June 2024

It's always Marxism 💪. Looking forward to a wonderful world run by workers.

Brooke Lyne
14th June 2024

one solution: revolution!

Muhammad Hasan
12th June 2024

If you wish to have your voice heard, please consider this to support her.

Ashley Reed
12th June 2024

Give them hell Fiona!! A lot of people have been waiting for this for a long time. When you get in there, and when you address all those war criminals, you should bring photographs and make them look. I want them to have to take a good long look at the real results of their actions. They should be made to look at images of every baby with it's head blown off, every father mourning his kid. Don't even censor it. The whole world deserves to see them get sick from the consequences of their actions. Many of them will be cowards and will try their best to keep their "dignity" by not looking. When that happens, they should be called out as the cowards that they are. Show no fear comrade. Even if it doesn't show yet, you have the fighting spirit of the millions at your back.


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