From the 48% to Theresa May

by Brexit Resistance in London, England, United Kingdom

From the 48% to Theresa May
We did it
On 15th February 2017 we successfully raised £67,713 with 3496 supporters in 28 days

We are crowdfunding to pay for a series of billboards and ads to get our voices heard.

by Brexit Resistance in London, England, United Kingdom

 New stretch target

CROWDFUNDER UPDATE (13 February 2017)

We are now entering the final stages of the billboard campaign. We have a launch date which is very soon – we would love to tell you but need to keep it under wraps for maximum impact!
The important thing is that launch date falls within a critical window of parliamentary influence for the House of Lords – meaning we will get our message straight to the heart of government.
A huge thank you to all our supporters – none of this would have been possible without each one of you!

A quick look at the weeks ahead
As our countdown for launch begins, we will be:
•    Sending final billboard artwork to press
•    Developing adaptation artwork for local groups across the UK
•    Confirming planning discussions with remain groups
•    Finalising the launch plan with PR stunts and activity
•    Developing press materials
•    Editing our launch video
•    Planning our digital strategy

We will keep you posted and let you know how you to get involved closer to launch date.

Campaign info : Concerned about Brexit? Think the Government isn't listening to legitimate concerns? Angry that your voice is being silenced? This crowdfund is for a targeted nationwide advertising and poster campaign to send a clear message to Theresa May – we did not vote to lose our rights and our prosperity. We did not vote to destroy our economy with tariffs and WTO rules. We did not vote to use the NHS as a bargaining chip in trade negotiations with the US!

We've got over £60K pledges in just over a week. It's impressive, but it also shows the level of anger, even despair, felt by ordinary people at the Government's harshest of harsh Brexits.

Our concerns about the future of the country are being silenced – our billboard crowdfunder will taking your anger out of the closed spaces of homes, pubs and internet groups and into the spotlight on the streets of the United Kingdom.

May's red white and blue Brexit is turning to  brutal Brexit.


SECOND STRETCH TARGET - can you help us get there? 

Since we launched this Crowdfunder five days ago, we've smashed two funding targets and pledges are still coming in fast.

As it’s not slowing down, we’ve gone for a new stretch target of £75K. This week we will look at how much more that extra money will buy us… more billboards, maybe bus advertising, ads in the press?

From the many messages of support we’ve received, this campaign has given hope to the silenced – the millions of us that have been cut out of the national debate. It is starting to give us back our voice.

And if so many of you believe in the campaign, then how many more people will those billboards speak to when they go up?

We are working hard to promote this fundraise via social media, but we need the help of the ‘48’ to reach £75K. If you have pledged then we thank you – can you spread the word?


It's clear that many of us want the UK to hear our voice.

We’ve smashed our £25K target in under 12 hours - thanks to every single one of you.

We have hit a real nerve with this idea (looks like a lot of us are tired of not being heard!) and we’ve decided to set our stretch target at £75,000. With your help, we can get there.

The more funds we have, the more loudly we can shout – and the more people won’t be able to ignore us. 

If you haven’t pledged yet, then please do and encourage your friends to pledge and share."

At the moment, the Government is railroading its 'Brexit' bill through Parliament. If they get their way, then no one, not parliament, not the people, will be able to have a say – what if they have negotiated a disastrous deal, one that plunges us into recession for years by bringing us out of the world's richest and most stable single market? We need a get-out clause. Our voices will help support MPs working hard to build that safety net into the bill, and will put pressure on those who are wavering – they own't be able to ignore us if our words are staring them in the face.

The image we have used is what inspired this campaign, but this is not what the final ads and billboards will look like. We will be developing the final versions with creative agencies, and all pledgers will be given the chance to comment/vote on ideas.

The Government and politicians are not hearing the voice of the people who voted remain. This is your chance to have your say. With the funds we raise we will buy advertising space in newspapers and billboards. We will back this up with full digital campaigns to maximise impact.

This first part of the campaign is to announce to the UK that we exist, that we resist Brexit, and that we are not going to go away. Then we want to talk about deep issues we face in our country as a result of the referendum result, to ensure politicians are held to account during the current process of invoking A50, negotiating the exit and the vote on a final deal.

We will be communicating with you regularly via email so that you know how the campaign is progressing and how the money will be spent. We are working hand in hand with the team at Crowdfunder to make sure this campaign is run professionally and with full accountability.


We are a group of like-minded people with a range of relevant professional skills who met through the 48% Facebook groups, frustrated like so many by the silencing of those who would oppose our current trajectory, and feeling we had the opportunity to do something about it.

We assembled ourselves into a team ready to dedicate our time and skills to challenge the status quo. When one of us got 1,500 likes for a post suggesting a billboard campaign - using the words of yet another 48er - to make our suppressed voices heard, we knew we had hit a nerve and it was time to act. That same night, we launched a project to pay for billboards and ads. In under 24 hours we had smashed our target and the fund is still growing.

We have been increasingly concerned that the voice of the 48% is not being heard anywhere since the Referendum vote. In effect, we - roughly half of those who voted - have been cut out of the debate about the future of our country. Citizens of nowhere, our voices and our rights have become invisible.

Indeed, many of us that voted leave did not vote for the brutal Brexit that the government is railroading us into, all the while chanting the false mantra that they are legitimised by a clear mandate representing the will of the people. In reality, the government almost certainly no longer holds majority support as they lock autopilot into the centre of the political sun and alienate remainers and leavers alike. Brexit is already putting our economy under strain, with price hikes hitting the poorest in our society.

There is a growing level of despair in large sections of the population that media and politicians are choosing to ignore. Down at the grass roots, we see it first hand in social media, where voices are increasingly loud and increasingly action focused, as well as worrying signs that our economy is suffering more than people realise. Small and medium businesses – the backbone of our economy – starting to struggle, losing contracts, laying off staff, but because these are small businesses, their stories don't get told, and the media remain silent.

We want parliament and the world to know we don’t support the brutal Brexit that our Prime Minister is taking us towards at breakneck speed. We want the public to know that we are organising ourselves, we are not disappearing, the resistance of the people is alive and real. The virtual roar of support for our campaign shows that this action represents a large cross section of the community. 

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