Friends of Sunbeach – Chaminda needs you!

by Marco Rivolta in Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

Friends of Sunbeach – Chaminda needs you!
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Raise medical funds for our beloved Chaminda and family. Our dear friend needs our financial help to recover from a serious stroke.

by Marco Rivolta in Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

What happened:

Earlier this month Chaminda suffered from a sever stroke which caused bleeding in his brain. Thanks to immediate action from his family and friends, he was immediately taken to hospital and treated by specialists. Luckily his body started healing naturally without the need of a major surgical intervention. Chaminda is making slow progress thanks to the private medical care he is receiving and the dedicated love of his family and friends. So, we can all be extremely thankful that he has been given this chance.

The Present:

Chaminda is unlikely to be able to work for the foreseeable future as recovery from such a serious stroke is going to take a very long time. Unfortunately, there are very high chances of long-term disabilities, but ALL these can be minimised with continuous rehabilitation. Chaminda needs regular medicine and as much physiotherapy as he can get. At this critical moment of recovery, he is getting alternated daily visits from a Doctor and a Physiotherapist. The only way to get this kind of support is to pay for the visits privately as the support from a local government hospital will not be able to fulfil his current recovery needs. So, the bottom line is that the level of medical support Chaminda needs is not sustainable without raising some funds from his extended friends and family from Sunbeach.


Sunbeach family with Chaminda,his wife Dilani, daughters Muini and Amaya and son Thehan.

Going Forward:

The specialist doctor has mapped an initial six-month programme of recovery for Chaminda. The costs for this recovery programme are estimated to be 2,200,000 LKR, approximately £5,000 (£6,000 inclusive of uncertainty of fluctuations in currency, medical costs, duration and additional crowdfunding fees - The aim of this fundraiser is to make sure that Chaminda and his family are guaranteed financial peace of mind during this difficult period of recovery. Sunbeach is committed to continue paying Chaminda's salary and help as much as they possibly can. But this will not be enough. This is why we are reaching out to all of the SUNBEACH community!



Contact info:

If you feel you need any further information please don’t hesitate to contact:

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