Free School Meals Funded by the Many

by Helen Brown in London, England, United Kingdom

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We are fundraising to provide eligible school children with a free meal during school holidays. A pledge of just £3 will gift a child a meal

by Helen Brown in London, England, United Kingdom


'Free School Meals funded by the many’ is a Crowdfunder campaign by the people for the people.

One million children who are eligible during term time for free school meals will go hungry over the school holidays.

Our Tory led government has imposed 10 years of austerity, miss-handled and mis-spent trying to manage the COVID pandemic and now will not; guarantee our vulnerable children to have one decent meal a day over the school holidays

In some areas councils are able to help provide their children with a meal, but not everywhere. Together we can raise enough money to help those families in desperate need to have a meal for their children.

So, donate today to give a hungry child a meal during the school holidays.

One in 10 carers are on zero hours contracts. In practice, it will be the children of our essential key workers who will lose out.

Conservative MPs say there’s not enough money for #FreeSchoolMeals, yet the government is spending billions on contracts handing over vital services to for-profit private firms.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the government is wasting:

• £108m on Serco’s failing test and trace (contract

• £81m contract awarded to a company with no obvious qualification to supply PPE beyond an association with big Tory donors (

• £3500 pay rise for MPs (

To provide school meals to children over the summer holidays cost just £126 million. It is the government's responsibility to fund school meals. The government won’t do what’s right, so, just this once, let’s raise the money ourselves. Funded by the Many!

Donate today to stop our children going hungry this winter. 1 meal = £3.00

2 meals = £6.00

Thank you for donating. We will publish feed back on the campaign on our web site

All of the funds raised will be distributed to primary and secondary schools in deprived areas, across the UK, especially those affected by Tier 3 Covid-19 restrictions.

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