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Fredericks Foundation offers flexible financing and expert advice, helping social enterprises realise their full potential and scale to have the greatest social impact possible.

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Fredericks Foundation

Fredericks has provided investment to the financially excluded for over 20 years and helped over 2000 organisations achieve their goals.

We’re an Impact First Investor. We don’t choose organisations on the profits they earn, but on their financial sustainability and the good they do in the wider world.

We offer tailored investments in the range of £10,000 - £50,000 through a revenue share model, sharing both risks and rewards. We have a particular focus on organisations that are led by or support excluded groups and have a long held commitment to supporting female entrepreneurs.

Donating to Fredericks ensures that we can continue fighting inequality and scale the impact of our social enterprises.

We are run by volunteers so more of your donations can go towards the long-term success of our clients and the impact they make on their communities. Their success means we can reinvest funds in new enterprises, meaning the impact of your donation goes on and on. 

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Neil Mehta commented

20+ years and still making an impact on worthy causes and social businesses throughout the UK. Neil

22nd February 2022 at 2:14pm
Anonymous pledged £4

22nd February 2022 at 2:12pm

Tamsin Jordan commented

Can't think of a better use for my Nectar Points!

22nd February 2022 at 11:00am

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