Foxglove | Short Film

by Dina Fagerbakke in Edinburgh, United Kingdom

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A short film where one girl’s quest for belonging takes an unexpected turn during a sleepover with her childhood friends.

by Dina Fagerbakke in Edinburgh, United Kingdom


Foxglove follows three childhood friends, Tess, Sydney, and Mira, who are having a sleepover. Since their early years, the trio of teenage girls have shared a bond that seemed unbreakable. However, as they navigate the complexities of adolescence, Tess finds herself increasingly disconnected and left out, a feeling that eats at her with each passing day. 

Their attempt to summon a mythical creature during the sleepover produces no results, but the following day, Tess is haunted by mysterious whispers in the garden. Soon, she encounters a magical fairy who claims to be her ally, offering to help Tess regain her sense of belonging by getting back at her friends. Initially swayed by the fairy's promises, Tess soon realizes the true nature of her intentions as the fairy's guidance takes a dark turn. Manipulated into believing she must sever ties with her friends entirely, Tess faces a pivotal realisation. With Sydney by her side, they must unite to save not just Mira, but their entire friendship from the clutches of darkness.


Foxglove is a graduate film created by students in the MA Film course at Screen Academy Scotland, part of Edinburgh Napier University. While the entire crew will consist of of around 20 people, here are the heads of the different departments!


Nicole Helms


Nicole is a filmmaker from the United States, and has a passion for capturing coming-of-age stories in a fun and unique way, often with an element of fantasy in it. With Foxglove, she aims to showcase the challenges of growing up and navigating complicated friendships. Drawing from her own teenage years, she remembers struggling to assert herself and express her emotions, turning to the fantasy genre to escape from everyday life. With this film, she seeks to create a similar experience for others, offering them a chance to escape into a fantastical world while exploring the realities of adolescence.


Dina Fagerbakke


Dina is from the west coast of Norway, and has always been captivated by various forms of visual communication and storytelling. However, it's the world of film and its entire creative process that has held the strongest appeal. Realizing that the role of the producer allowed her to be involved in all aspects of the filmmaking process, she decided to come pursue a master’s degree in Edinburgh to explore this further. Having previously collaborated with Nicole, she had great confidence in her idea and creative vision from the start and is excited bring this story to life!


Lucia Cordero

Director of Cinematography

With a background in conceptual photography, Lucy gravitates toward using both photography and film to create imagery that embodies dreams and stories, particularly those centered around outcast characters. Being bilingual and fairly introverted, she thrives in any visual way of communication, which allows her to communicate without the constraints of spoken language. When Foxglove was presented to her, she immediately recognized the opportunity to contribute her unique perspective and she was also drawn to the elements of fantasy.  


Dorsa Sajedi


Dorsa's journey in film began with undergraduate studies and continued with a master’s degree in Film at Edinburgh Napier University, specializing in editing. She is passionate about editing, a tool that, when effectively used, establishes an emotional connection between the screen and the audience. She was drawn to Foxglove because it combines relatable teenage moments with fantasy elements, creating a unique and engaging narrative. She's excited to be editing this film and collaborating with the team to portray the relatable challenges of youth and the intricate dynamics of female friendships.


Cammy Hunter

Head of Sound

Cammy, originally from Scotland, is excited to be working on this project, fueled by his own memories of weekends spent in friends' living rooms during his adolescence. Those late nights, filled with laughter and mischief, left a mark on him and now he's eager to use the power of sound to amplify the highs and lows of those important moments of development and growth. He loves the overall aesthetic of the film and looks forward to capturing the magic and energy of that era with a fantastic team!


Our inspiration stems from early 2000s female-centric films like Aquamarine (2006), Enchanted (2007), and Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging (2008). The film's tone is lighthearted and whimsical, blending elements of magic and comedy to maintain a playful atmosphere. We aim to present the relatable and important themes that the girls experience in a fun and engaging manner. Our goal is to capture the essence of young female friendships, using naturalistic lighting and vibrant colours reminiscent of late summer nights. 



We plan to achieve this look by using the lush green countryside that Scotland offers in the summer. To achieve this, we must travel beyond Edinburgh city center. However, this requires financial support to cover various expenses. This includes travel expenses for both cast and crew, transportation of equipment, catering services, and provisions to ensure everyone remains warm and well-fed throughout the shoot. By securing these resources, we can foster an energized team, enabling them to deliver their best work and uphold the high standards they have consistently demonstrated in the past.

As students with limited resources, we recognize the challenge of managing the expenses associated with our project. That's why we need your help!


This chart provides a more detailed overview of how your donations will be used. Contingency/remaining funds will be used for covering festival fees for showcasing the film afterwards. To express our gratitude for your incredible support, we're also offering a variety of rewards for your donations. Every contribution, regardless of size, goes a long way in helping us. If you're unable to contribute financially, you can still support us by sharing this campaign or our social media with your friends and family.

Thank you!

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