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by Four wings Global Project in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

Four wings Global Project  CIC
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To support refugees and asylum seekers who live in London and struggle with social isolation and loneliness

by Four wings Global Project in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

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Who we are 

Four Wings Global Project CIC is a cultural and community centre which supports refugees and asylum seekers with integration into host communities.

I am a political activist and work with refugee communities. I have two experiences working in Sudan and Egypt. As a journalist travelling to refugee camps in these countries, we prepared a space for them in these camps to support their mental health and wellbeing.

Due to our work, both myself and my family were targeted by government and security services. We managed to escape and seek refuge in the UK and we wish to help others to start new, fresh and fulfilling lives away from the pain and persecution that we have experienced and so many others.

What we are trying to do

Opening a World Food Cafe to the public

We’ll operate on a daily basis and once a month serve food from a specific global region of a community member, and celebrate that community through a cultural event. 


(An example of a cultural cafe in Lebanon)

Through a mixture of voluntary work and employment where appropriate we can offer vulnerable people the chance to find the confidence, training and experience they need to develop their skills and improve the opportunities available to them.

Our first site will be in Lambeth, South London. The ambition is to open these cafes and cultural spaces all across London to unite the public and better integrate our communities.


(Example of a refugee food festival at a school in France)

Why this is so important


  • When the refugees and asylum seekers arrive in these host countries, people can be afraid of them. They don’t know anything about them or understand them
  • This can lead to cultural misunderstanding and the social isolation of vulnerable people
  • This project allows us to share cultural information about all the new refugees and asylum seekers who are now living amongst them
  • By trying to help local communities understand the culture and backgrounds of those arriving in the UK, we can better integrate them and ultimately improve their transition into life in the UK. 
  • Knowledge and skills will empower those arriving here to create positive and fulfilling lives for themselves, which in turn will maximise the contribution they can make to society here. 

How will we make this happen?

When we have a coffee shop and cultural space we can generate multiple sources of income from: 

  • Live music and events
  • Cultural exhibitions
  • Food & Drinks
  • Storytelling activities and workshops
  • Therapy services and health advice

Something to remember

Refugees need our care and support, they are often like in the case of my home country of Sudan, fleeing for their lives to escape war. People arrive in the UK and other host countries greatly traumatised by their experience which makes it even harder for them to integrate and find peace and stability in their new home.



This project offers rewards in return for your donation. Please select a reward below.

£15 or more

A ticket to our cultural event

A ticket to come to our cultural event, this will be full of music, food and family activities to celebrate the wonderful and diverse refugee communities in London.

£20 or more

A coffee mug

This is a branded mug, so that each time you take a sip of tea or coffee you'll be reminded of the great work we do and your kind support. + A ticket to our cultural event at which you can collect your reward

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This is a wonderful T-Shirt with our logo and branding, every time you wear it you'll be reminded of your contribution and we thank you for it! + A ticket to our cultural event at which you can collect your reward

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