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Our aim is to bring awareness to the lives of victims caught up in the human trafficking trade, as silence allows the problem to persist.

by Forgotten, New Tribe pictures in London, England, United Kingdom

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With any extra money that we raise, that will endeavour to support the marketing of our film and future projects for New Tribe Pictures.


Forgotten is a new crime drama presented by the National Youth Film Academy made in association with New Tribe Pictures. With a strong team of incredibly talented creatives, we can't wait to bring our vision to your screens.


London. 1976. When a young drug addict finds himself caught up in a human trafficking scandal involving the city’s elite politicians, he discovers a strong-willed female detective and a young victim of the trade are striving to expose the government’s secret trade of young girls to wealthy party donors.


With a story based on victims of the human trafficking trade, we are taking care and being sensitive when approaching the topic, building a story trust of reliable sources to advise on narrative content. We have seen over the last couple of years that standing up for justice can actually make a change in the system and so that is the basis of our narrative. 

We will also be working alongside charities to raise awareness of human trafficking, especially amongst young girls and the effects it can have for life. Not only will you be supporting the next generation of filmmakers and actors, but you will be supporting a very charitable cause.


Our approach to the film is to tell the story through three interconnected lives of the characters caught up in Human Trafficking. With smooth, well-composed cinematography and lighting that borrows techniques from Film Noir and a colour palette from the Crime Genre, the film’s visuals will add to the construction of the seedy 1970s crime industry in London. Putting an emphasis on the audience identification with the characters will help us bring the large audience the film’s subject matter deserves. The film’s Theme is that “It takes us to speak up and shed a light on certain circumstances in order to make a change. Silence only allows the problem to persist.”


To make our film become a reality, we are launching a crowdfunding page. Our target is to raise £5000. Everything raised will go directly into the production for camera, lighting, props and set dressing to help us bring to you London in the 1970s. Creating a film during the coronavirus pandemic is going to be tough and this will use a chunk of the budget. Therefore the more you can help us, the better our film will be and the safer we will be whilst creating it.





1621532897_charlie_2.jpgCharlie trained at Mountview Academy of theatre arts and graduated in 2020. Most of his work has been in theatre, doing a few shows at Plymouth theatre royal and writing and performing his own show in London. But over the last year Charlie has been involved in a few short films and featured in a film.

1621532822_alice_2.jpgAfter completing a Masters degree in Astrophysics, Alice has taken various acting courses at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and The National Youth Theatre. In the near future, Alice hopes to work on many film, TV and theatre productions as an actor and science communicator. Alongside this, Alice actively enjoys surfing, rock climbing, yoga and running. Alice is also a huge advocate for women in science, human and animal rights, and climate change and the environment. She hopes to integrate these skills and raise awareness around these subjects in her work.

1622239886_abi.jpgPerforming has always been Gabrielle’s passion, therefore, she achieved an HND in Musical Theatre and a BA (honours) in Performing Arts. Song-writing is also one of her interests and something she plans to improve. Being more exposed to singing and dancing, Abi wants to explore and is very interested in screen acting. The entertainment industry has always been something she wanted to pursue. Abi was born in the Philippines and moved to Scotland when she younger. Now, she is a part of a show team in Fuerteventura where she developed skills and experience as a performer.

1621555073_lauren_s_2.jpgLauren is an Actress based in Greater Manchester, she studied Acting at Sutton Coldfield College where she found her love for acting. After taking a gap year due to the covid 19 pandemic, Lauren will be studying BA (Hons) Acting at The Institute of Contemporary Theatre in September 2021. Lauren’s Acting experience includes many theatrical performances, as well as a couple short films in 2019 and 2020. She will filming a couple of short films over the summer with Red Box Productions and New Tribe Pictures.

1621555062_lauren_e_2.jpgLauren has a lot of varied interests from the arts to science, so before she started university Lauren took a year out to work with a sustainable development charity in Nicaragua. Once she returned she joined University to study BA Theatre and Drama. Whilst studying Lauren worked with different theatre companies as an actor across South Wales, such as Dirty Protest and the Other Room, where she became a YAF graduate in 2019. Lauren completed their radio presenting course and started her own TV company with friends from University called Vitamin Z.

1622192647_amelia.jpgAmelia is a young, bubbly actor from Berkshire with over 15 years of performance experience. Through her experience on stage, she has always been passionate about transporting the audience to another world by taking them on an emotional rollercoaster through musicals, dramas and Greek Theatre. When being given the opportunity at University during her performance degree to play a male villainous role. This has sparked her passion to take her acting ability to film and immerse herself in psychological thrillers and dramas, to explore the human mind further.

1621555185_indy_24.jpgIndy is a 20 year old, trans male. After leaving his small town in Spain, Indy came to study in England and discovered a love for acting, Indy has taken part in small plays and projects but dedicates his time to writing music and discovering more about all aspects of film. Indy is both a gifted & passionate individual, he has taken on different projects and opportunities for the near future. Working in the film industry as an actor for Indy means that he would be able to give others the voice they need as well as be the influence younger generations need in this day and age.

1621555094_ciara_2.jpgCiara studied at Middleweek Newton Academy for on-screen acting and featured in ‘Angel of Decay’ produced by October Films. Ciara currently works in content creation for the international region of one of the biggest tech firms in the world focusing on video production, and communications. The story of ‘Forgotten’ is one that is personal to Ciara, having spoken at The House of Commons in March 2019 on the effects of human trafficking on young boys and girls. Articulating the experience of the victims, and those who bring them to justice is so important.

1621555227_brad_2.jpgHaving studied at the Westminster Film School and went on to work for Sky Television, Brad is able to use his talents in Writing, Producing, Directing, and Music Composition to bring his unique style of Cinematic Thrilling Romanticism to the world. Along with producing nationwide advertising campaigns, Brad has won multiple awards and had his work showcased all over the world at many international film festivals and competitions, giving Brad James a worldwide reputation for having Romantic Narratives articulated through Awe-Inspiring Cinematography and Epic Musical Scores.

1621555256_beth_t_2.jpgBeth Formerly trained as an actor and has professional credits in Film and stage.  She has gained experience working as an AD on several productions, her most recent production went on to win various awards at film festivals. Beth has developed a well-rounded appreciation of the filmmaking process, having produced and directed her own work. Beth intends to bring her experience and knowledge both as an actor and filmmaker to enhance this creative process.

1621555273_conor_2.jpgConor has always had ties to the arts and storytelling. Starting out as an actor, Conor’s focus quickly moved onto writing for the stage and screen. Working as a Producer and Director, Conor has become known for his deep interest in the complexities of human behaviour and the macabre. Since graduating from university, Conor has optioned his feature-film as an unrepresented writer and is currently in talks to sell his second. Alongside his writing, Conor also works as a freelance producer to encourage young, new talent as they make their first steps into writing.

1621555296_anna_2.jpgAnna is a Director of Photography based in London and a founding member of Somewhere Films, a female-driven filmmaking collective. Her still and video work has been published in i-D, Nowness Asia and more, and integrates her experience in the fashion photography industry as well as her international documentary and fine art focus.

1621555361_dave_24.jpgHaving worked in a multitude of industries including customer services, hospitality and sales, Dave has now decided to follow his true passion - filmmaking. As a passionate and driven person, Dave has a wealth of film knowledge that he has recently put into practice, securing a position at a Manchester-based production company. Dave specialises in Art Direction and production design, with a hand in writing and directing that he hopes will propel him into the world of directing dark, humanistic pictures in the future.

1621555314_beth_m_2.jpgHaving studied at the John Wallis Academy for Beauty Therapy and Media she has become a Makeup Artist from the South East of the UK. From there she has now become a member of The National Youth Film Academy and is using this as an opportunity to expand on her skills as a makeup artist, as well as, being given some incredible opportunities to work on the industry already. As well as special occasion makeup such as parties, weddings etc Bethany specialises in the Special Effects department. Building prosthetics and creating realistic wounds are just a couple of the things she can do.

1621555565_ali_2.jpgAli Fawzi is a promising young filmmaker from London. After his photograph "A Silent Reflection" won at the Army Film and Photographic Competition 2019, Ali wanted to dive into the film industry, with future aspirations of becoming a director. Ali has been learning a wide range of different creative processes as a filmmaker, operating as a creative freelancer and producing content ranging from music videos to corporate advertisements. Ali is looking forward to working as part of a production company for the first time.

1621555382_ben_2.jpgBen Wili is a self-taught filmmaker from Surrey working as editor and sound designer on “Forgotten”. His tenacious, resilient and passionate approach to filmmaking has led him to explore the mind in new, abstract ways tending towards experimental film. His previous film “Timeless” challenges audiences with interesting editing techniques and broad, lush soundscapes. He studied as a musician, playing piano and composing throughout most of his life, but his musicality and keen ear for sound eventually led him to film.



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