The National Forest Gardening Scheme

by Forest Gardening in Bath, England, United Kingdom

The National Forest Gardening Scheme
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To help communities become more climate resilient through Forest Gardening.

by Forest Gardening in Bath, England, United Kingdom

The aim of the National Forest Gardening Scheme is to help communities to become more climate resilient by encouraging the planting of self- sustaining ecosystems of trees, shrubs and edible plants. In a nutshell we’re inspiring people to give land back to nature (re-wilding) and in return to bring more well needed green life into our towns and cities, and to eat more sustainably.

The Forest Garden in a box concept is a simple concept that helps community groups, councils, business parks, schools, and individuals to do this really easily.  

You simply select what type of space you want to re-wild (e.g. Community Garden, City Park, School or Home garden) and we send you a starter kit with everything you need to get things flourishing.

It’s so simple to start –simply go online or into one of our participating nurseries or garden centres to order, input your requirements and have your boxes delivered straight to your door. 

Every box comes complete with an easy to use layout, planting and maintenance guide. 

Each box has been specially designed with their location and season in mind and because they are self-maintaining, minimal effort is required  –just sit back and let nature do it’s job. 

Forest Box Benefits:

•Minimal investment needed: Your group of self-sustaining plants that will regenerate year after year with minimal maintenance

•A one for one business model means that if you purchase one box as a consumer, it donates a box to a local community such as a school or old people's home  

•Edible community gardens will give people with lower disposable income access to free fruit and vegetables and healthy diets.

•Helps with Climate change: Eating seasonally and your own produce helps to reduce your carbon footprint. Equally the more land we give back to nature the more we are benefitting the climate as put simply vegetation helps to reduce carbon dioxide. 

•Mental Health  - Research has proved that exposure to trees and plants makes exponentially more happy, healthy and living longer.

•Builds community - Research show that greener spaces inspire better community living  

•The fast emergence of City Forests - Nature will take over even the most heavily built up areas given the chance! 

*We're fundraising a small amount of money to get the first prototype built to secure further funding*

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