Food For Thought

by Sacriston Youth Project in Sacriston, England, United Kingdom

Food For Thought

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To raise as much money as we can to minimise the financial impact and hardship caused to households affected by the Coronavirus.

by Sacriston Youth Project in Sacriston, England, United Kingdom

As the Covid-19 pandemic hits, we are under serious pressure to help the families in the Sacriston division who are worst affected.

We are working in partnership with Sacriston Enterprise Workshops, Plawsworth and Kimblesworth Task Force, Nettlesworth Community Centre, The Fulforth Centre, and local Parish Councils to ensure those who need help will receive it.

Many households are struggling financially and are unable to go shopping as usual due to self-isolation procedures.

Our vulnerable families are running out of food and some have been contacting us in tears worrying about how to feed their children.

It is unimaginable that our families should go without food at this difficult time.

Poverty, isolation and loneliness have been an ongoing concern in the Sacriston division for a number of years and have been intensified by the spread of the Coronavirus.  Through our partnership we can provide the support to our residents to help make their lives a little easier.

Sacriston Youth Project since it was established in 2016 has provided ongoing support to young people and their families through holiday clubs, youth club sessions and residential stays that have been free of charge or a token cost.  

Sacriston Youth Project supports the local community with regular litter picks and bulb planting days, as well as bringing young people, their families and the wider community together at annual events such as Good Friday Walk of Witness, Sacriston miners Lodge Gala day banner march, Remembrance Parade as well as other seasonal events.

The people we support will be some of the worst affected by Coronavirus - those who have lost their jobs or businesses and wait weeks for Universal Credit claims or Government grants to be processed, those with underlying medical conditions and those living in food poverty who suffer as others panic buy. 

We have been talking to our stakeholders as much as possible this month and they are experiencing huge demand for their services, with many already at capacity. 

Our fundraising activities to support the youth project are on hold while upkeep costs continue relentlessly.

We are asking for donations to build a fund to help the partnership led by Sacriston Enterprise Workshops to help those most at risk.

Here's what your money could buy:

  • £5 could buy a hot dinner for a person self-isolating or in financial difficulties
  • £10 could buy basic food items for our food bank (as people panic buy items, those who cannot afford to are left without access to essentials) 
  • £20 could buy fuel to help our volunteers deliver meals on wheels

Why us?

  • We are trusted in the community and have an outstanding reputation for helping families.
  • We are already connected to the residents and through our partnership have a good infrastructure to deliver the support across 6000 people
  • We are open, honest and transparent. When you donate to this fund, you will know for certain where the money is going 

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