Food Bank - Dewsbury South Community Support

by Jackie R in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Food Bank - Dewsbury South Community Support
We did it
On 28th July 2022 we successfully raised £4,971 with 56 supporters in 42 days

We run a small food bank covering any household in need in Dewsbury South. We rely totally on donations or grants to purchase food.

by Jackie R in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom

 New stretch target

The more funding we get the longer we will be able to continue providing food to local households in need.  

With the cost of living crisis now is not the time for this amazing group to fold.

At the moment we only have enough funding to keep going for one more month!

But there is real need to support families in our area with food, so we are urgently looking to boost our funds so we can keep going.  We have pockets of deprivation in the ward where there is real poverty.  We think as the cost of living crisis continues the demand for our food parcels will go up. 

We are a volunteer group so all money raised will go towards the provision of food for people in need in our area. 

We provide free food parcels to families in need, each contains enough food to support them for about 1 week.  Currently we are feeding around 45 people each week although the size of families can vary from 1 adult up to 2 adults and 8 children.

British people of white Causcasian & South Asian heritage live in our area, our volunteers reflect that mix and our food parcels provide for a western or halal diet  

In addition to the food parcels we make up ‘food gifts’.  Some people come to collect them and any remaining are distributed on streets where we perceive there to be more need. These are bags of food collected free from local supermarkets to prevent food waste. They most frequently contain fresh fruit and veg and bakery products including bread, around 50 food gifts are given away each week.

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