Friends of Hastings Pier - Community Ownership bid

by James Chang in Hastings

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Unfortunately this project was not successful.

Friends of Hastings Pier need your support to keep Hastings Pier in community ownership. PLEASE SEE OUR LATEST PROJECT UPDATE.

by James Chang in Hastings


Friends of Hastings Pier (FoHP) is an open and inclusive group of people committed to keeping Hastings Pier for the community, and we've got just days to do it... with your help.

Hastings Pier Charity went into administration and this puts community ownership of Hastings Pier under threat. 

FoHP have come up with a business plan to keep the freehold of the Pier owned by the community, whilst transforming it into a profitable and sustainable business. Our plans include an exciting new entertainment programme for a 21st Century Pleasure Pier and designs of a new building by the Pier's award-winning architect 

We have put our plan to the Administrators as a possible new community ownership of the Pier, but we need to demonstrate we have available funds to sustain the Pier in the short term. 

Raising half a million pounds from individuals, organisations and businesses will keep us "in the game", otherwise the Pier will be sold into private ownership. 

What do FoHP stand for?

People get a say in what happens next.   This community rescued the Pier and has demonstrated a commitment through investing as shareholders, volunteering, visiting and otherwise supporting it. The community should be involved in deciding what happens next.

The community’s asset should not be sold off into private hands.   Whilst financial support might be needed again in the short term, we believe the Pier can be financially viable - indeed profitable - in the medium to long term. Selling it into private hands would be risky, irreversible, and result in the loss of community control of a valuable and strategic local asset.

A partnership approach to ownership and operation is the way forward.   Ownership of the Pier’s freehold should remain protected in perpetuity, fulfilling Heritage Lottery’s desire, whilst commercial operations above deck will cover annual payments for maintenance and insurance. 

Good results are underpinned by good governance.   Decision-making, financial transparency, communications and governance of the pier will improve, paving the way for a successful community partnership. 

The Pier should remain a space that everyone can enjoy and take pride in.   We know that some kind of shelter, building or development is necessary as part of an ambitious business plan for a 21st Century pier. We believe this can be done in a way that complements the wonderful space that won the RIBA Stirling Prize. 


  • Invest in a beautiful new building (below) designed by our RIBA Prize winning architects, true to the spirit of our Pier but dramatically increasing its financial sustainability.
  • Make ours a 21st Century pleasure pier with a year-round programme of events and entertainment to attract visitors and appeal to locals too. 
  • Change the way decisions about the Pier are made so they're more transparent and responsive to stakeholders. 



Invest as much as you possibly can and pledge it NOW!

(Please note, the amount you pledge will exit your bank account but if we don't hit the target it'll be refunded) 

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Find further details, creative content report, business plan, FAQs and videos at:

522818e0aac852cfc2481ead101c9eb7ccc0b54fWe've done it before and we'll do it again!



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