A Fiver for Our Under-5s

by A Fiver for Our Under-5s in Croydon, England, United Kingdom

A Fiver for Our Under-5s


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Babies and toddlers in our community really need us right now. Please give £5 to help young families get through their toughest times.

by A Fiver for Our Under-5s in Croydon, England, United Kingdom

If you’re a mum, dad or care-giver, you’ll know how hard lockdown's been for anyone raising little ones. Parenthood is challenging at the best of times, let alone in the midst of a pandemic.  

We're fundraising to help Home-Start Croydon make a real difference to vulnerable families in the wake of lockdown.

If there's been a time in the past 18 months when you've really struggled and someone has come to your rescue, we ask that you pass that act of kindness onto other families now and donate a fiver (or whatever you can give). Home-Start Croydon will make sure that it goes straight to supporting families and little ones most in need.

We're three mums who know first-hand just how tricky it can be - two of us have experienced our first year of motherhood in lockdown, and the other has had her hands full entertaining two under-5s at home. The last 18 months would have been unimaginable without the support of our family and friends, and enough income to cover food and a roof over our heads. 

We know we're very lucky, but we also know that many parents in our community haven't been so fortunate. Covid-19 has stretched them to the limit. Financial security and an extra pair of hands simply haven’t been available and, for some, the strain has been too much. 

So please, if you're able, we would be so grateful if you would give a fiver for our under fives! 

Who are Home-Start Croydon?

They are a voluntary organisation committed to promoting the welfare of families with at least one child under five years of age. Home-Start are there for parents when they need them the most.

But, with government budget cuts, many councils are struggling to keep their heads above water financially. Croydon Council has needed a bail-out just to continue running basic amenities. As a result, Home-Start Croydon's services are more in demand than ever, stretching resources incredibly thin.

We urgently need to raise funds, or the families that rely on Home-Start Croydon's support are at risk of being left behind.  

Where will donations go?

The money we raise will help Home-Start Croydon provide:

  • Home visits to families from volunteers who lend a much-needed helping hand (and a reassuring listening ear)
  • Stay and play sessions which provide a safe space to chat with other young mums and dads
  • Parent champions who make sure information on local services, free childcare entitlement and community groups reaches those who need it

We want to let struggling families know that they aren't alone.

They're part of our community and, in the absence of government funding, the rest of us have got their backs. 

Let's give a fiver for our under-fives!

Thank you so much,

Georgie, Tiffany and Emily x

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