Bring Firkin Beers to a Pub Near You!

by Didier Autard in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

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Firkin Brewery, brought to you by the team behind Lewisham's Fox & Firkin pub, is fundraising to bring Firkin Beer to a pub near you!

by Didier Autard in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

We're still collecting donations

On the 19th April 2024 we'd raised £1,370 with 2 supporters in 28 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

Firkin Brewery needs your help!

We're Firkin Brewery, a brand new brewing project brought to you by the team behind Lewisham's iconic Fox & Firkin Pub! We want to create fun, modern, and great quality beers that capture all the joy and merrymaking you'll find at the Fox & Firkin pub on any given weekend.

We started brewing in late 2023, and have spent the last 6 months refining our core range of beers, with the help of the Fox & Firkin community. Now, we're need to grow our operations and expand our distribution to other local pubs in order to make our brewery sustainable in the long run, and we need your help to do it!


(The Fox & Firkin beer garden in full swing)

The history of Firkin Brewery

The original Firkin Brewery was established in 1979 as a chain of brewpubs, of which the Fox & Firkin was one! Famous for their Dogbolter strong ale, the chain of brew pubs was ultimately sold off and by 2003, the Firkin Brewing brand has disappeared. 17 years later (give or take) the trademark for Firkin Breweries expired, and the team at Fox & Firkin decided it was time for Firkin Brewery to be reborn.

Our Brewery

The new firkin brewery now resides in the old Sainsbury's depository warehouse which is situated to the rear of the Fox & Firkin pub and has direct access from the Fox & Firkin beer garden. Our brewery boasts a brand new, British made, stainless steel PureWeld brewing kit (which we're very proud of).


                                                     (Our brew kit in situ)

Our Beers

Our core range includes 5 classic brews...


Firkin Lager: german style 4% with german hops

Hifi Lager: 5% stronger, deeper in colour with german hops

Ladywell Pale: english pale ale, english hops olicana and jester 4.2%

Big Top: A big juicy New England style IPA, using cascade and chinook hops, and coming in at 5.2% 

Turntable: Our lower ABV session Pale Ale, coming in at 3.2% again using english hops, olicana and jester

As Firkin Brewery expands, we'll be able to branch out into brewing seasonal & one off beers which we're already thinking about. Head Brewer Elliot is particularly keen to get experimenting with Sour & Fruited Beers, so expect lots of exciting things to come!


Why we need your help

Setting up a brewery doesn't come cheap, and we've put every penny we have into getting Firkin Brewery up and running. We're really proud to have got this far, but now we need your help to keep us going.

If we're going to make Firkin Brewery sustainable in the long run, we need to grow our sales significantly, and we plan to do this in two key ways:

• Firstly, by using the funds we raise to cover the costs of the infrastructure we need to distribute Firkin Beers to other Pubs!

• and secondly (if we hit our stretch target), by installing 3 giant serving tanks behind the Fox & Firkin bar, which will be piped directly in to the Firkin Brewery warehouse. Not only is this a more cost effective way for us to deliver beer to the pub, it will also mean that Fox & Firkin customers will get the freshest, best quality beer.

That's why we're reaching out to you, our community of beer lovers in South London & beyond, to ask for your help. Please chip in if you can, and let's get our great quality, independently brewed beer out into the world, and into a pint glass for your enjoyment!


We've got some great rewards on offer for those of you who chip in to support our campaign.

A £5 Pledge can see this lovely glass in your hand!1711127687_dy268_dy269-glass.png

1711127774_stanley-stella-freestyler-relaxed-heavy-t-shirt-sttu788.pngAdd an extra £5 and have your own T-shirt to match!

Just select your reward on the right-hand side of the page.

For Fox Sake... Help Firkin Brewery!



This project offered rewards

£5 or more

£5 Reward- Firkin Glass

By pledging £5 to the Firkin Brewery, you'll be rewarded with a branded Firkin Brewery glass. A perfect addition to any of the delicious Firkin Brewery beers!

£10 or more

£10 Reward- Glass and T-shirt

By pledging £10 to the Firkin Brewery, you'll be rewarded with a branded glass and Firkin Brewery T Shirt. A perfect present for all beer drinking fashionistas while supporting Lewisham's finest brewery- what's not to love?

£20 or more

£20 Reward- 5 Firkin Pints for £20

For pledging £20 you'll be rewarded with 5 Firkin Pints of your choice! Which will you choose? Firkin Lager, Hi-Fi Lager, Ladywell Pale, Turntable Beer or The Big Top IPA (Maybe all of the above?) ;)

£20 or more

£20 Reward- Table booking and 4 pints voucher

By pledging £20.00 you'll be rewarded with 4 vouchers for any Firkin Brewery pint and a free table booking at the Fox and Firkin with your choice of date! We'll see you in the beer garden!

£23 or more

£23 Reward-

By pledging £23, you'll be rewarded with a ticket to Hayseed Dixie on 19th May @ The Fox and Firkin on 19th May 2024! The four-piece band blends hard rock and bluegrass with electrified acoustic instruments, crafting a banjo odyssey like no other. Support Firkin Brewery and don't pay booking fees- I hope you've tuned your banjo!

£30 or more

£30 Reward- 2 Tickets to Norman Jay's Garden Party

By pledging £30.00 you'll be rewarded with 2 tickets to Norman Jay's Midsummer Garden Party @ Fox and Firkin on 29th June 2024! Currently last tier tickets are valued at £20.00 per head you'll be saving £10 on the most exciting garden dance party this summer- save money by supporting our brewery! Save a dance for us?

£40 or more

£40 Reward- 2 Tickets to Craig Charles 08.06.24

By pledging £40, you'll be rewarded with 2 tickets to the Craig Charles Summer Opening Party @ The Fox and Firkin on the 8th June 2024! Currently priced at £33 per ticket, this is the perfect reward for all Radio 6 lovers, music lovers and beer lovers- save money and support us!

£60 or more

£60 Reward- Bottomless Pints for 2

By pledging £60- we'll reward you with the best Firkin experience around, bottomless pints. For 2 hours, you and one other person will have unlimited access to Firkin pints at The Fox and Firkin on your choice of day* Drink up! *Subject to availability on date, regarding event day & time.

£80 or more

£80 Reward- 4 tickets to ANY Summer Party!*

*in house parties only. By pledging £80, you'll be rewarded with 4 tickets to any in house summer party at the Fox & Firkin! Choose 1 of the following shows: Craig Charles, SE Sounds, William Onyeabor Tribute, Purple Rain, Jerry Dammers x Deptford Dub Club, Julian Marley, Promise Land, Norman Jay, Black Uhuru, Dawn Penn, The Congos, Errol Linton + Alice Armstrong, PLUS MORE TO BE ANNOUNCED! Save money and support our brewery!

£100 or more

£100 Reward- Tour and Tasting Day

By pledging £100 to the Firkin Brewery, we'll reward you with a full Firkin Brewery Tour and Tasting Session- straight from the tank! Taking place over the summer, our head brewer will be opening the doors of the brewery to talk all things lager, IPA and hops. Make your day by seeing how the Firkin Beer is made!

£150 or more

£150 Reward- Summer Show SUPREME

By pledging £150 to The Firkin Brewery- we'd like to say thankyou by rewarding you with 4 tickets to ANY in house summer show of your choice @ The Fox and Firkin. (see above for all events) AS WELL AS: 2 Firkin Pint tokens per person & 1 Large 18" NY Style Pizza from Freewheelin' Pizza- that's a whole day out sorted! Save us a slice?

£200 or more

£200 Reward- Brewer for the day experience

By pledging £200 to the Firkin Brewery, we'll reward you with a full day in the brewery, lead by our head brewer Elliott. This experience like no other will see you make your very own Firkin pint by scratch. With lunch and drinks covered by us, are you ready to add hops? I'll have a Ladywell Pale please!

£400 or more

£400 Reward- Train Party and Bar Tab!

By pledging £400- we'll reward you with an exclusive Summer Train Carriage Party with a £100 bar tab for you and all your nearest and dearest. Think of it as a big Firkin thankyou for your kindness, what better way to celebrate than a party? All aboard! (Train bookings are usually priced at £500-£650 no bar tab included)

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