Fin. - Short Film

by Stephen Penstone in Poole, Dorset, United Kingdom

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An alternative anthology film comprised out of documentary and fictional elements, portraying the human condition in the wake of the end.

by Stephen Penstone in Poole, Dorset, United Kingdom

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Any extra donations put towards our stretch goal will allow us to take the production of this film even further; with better locations, professional cast & additional camera/lighting equipment. We also have big plans for the post-production process, as we want to submit this film to festivals, host exhibitions & events around it - to explore the capabilities of the project even further. Any additional help would be greatly appreciated!


Fin. is a collection of moments – glimpses into people‘s lives, the 24-hours-before – as they prepare for the world ending. It will not focus on the end itself, but rather the absurdity and vulnerability that surrounds an individual with the knowledge of it happening.

The film does not intend to center on the emotional intensity of the moment, but the strange peace and stillness that would set in after the initial shock of the knowledge passes. The viewer will be given a voyeuristic-natured look into the unknowingly intimate last moments of various individuals‘ lives.

The before-mentioned documentarian approach of the film manifests as its foundation – basing the moments shown on screen from conversations & interviews with real people. We are also looking to involve filmmakers from around the globe by having them send in their own interpretations of the 24-hour before the end, making the project an universal, immersive experience.


The main inspiration for the project came from the events of the past year, which changed the way everything around us functions – a certain end of the world we thought we once knew. However, even though everyone felt the apocalyptic nature of what is currently happening, there is definite fatigue felt around the topic. The film will try to stray away from confining itself to the negative nature of it, and will attempt to offer a new perspective of an event that is usually considered dark.

The way the film seeks to portray that the thought of the end does not always have to be negative or catastrophical; in some moments, it should be presented in a positive light, as if an event that needs to eventually happen. We would want to portray multiple perspectives of how different individuals may react to it, or rather cope with the idea of it – we do not want to over glamorize it or overdramatize it.


Another inspiration for the film was the philosophy of absurdism, most heavily influenced by the philosopher Søren Kierkegaard and author Albert Camus. The end of the world, in the instance of the project, works both as a metaphor for the absurd and an escape from it, depending on the scenarios chosen to depict.

Making this film would allow for great exploration of the human condition from existentialist and absurdist perspectives, as well as experimenting with the filmic form & high levels of collaboration between the whole crew that a fiction film could not provide.

The film‘s main goal is to channel the individual and universal grief, and the absurdity we have been feeling through the past year, into a cathartic piece of finally accepting how fragile and absurd our existence is. 


Visually, because of the anthological nature of the film, Fin. can be compared to a puzzle. Every moment you will see on screen will be different in style - some might bring you close and personal to the subject, some might make you simply an observer; some might be vibrant, pulsing with life, some might be basking in stillness and mute tones.  Our talented camera team will be employing a variety of techniques, involving shooting both digitally and on 16mm film; along with the collaboration with our Production and Costume designers, will be creating a unique, distinct style for each moment depicted. All of those different moments - the puzzle pieces - together will form one cohesive picture, united by specific elements.


Inspired by the works of filmmakers such as Abbas Kiarostami, Roy Andersson, Hirokazu Koreeda, Edward Yang, the film will present itself more as a visual poem. Taking a page from the slow cinema moment, the more still & tranquil pacing will be leading the viewer through a meditative, intimate experience. 




Only with your support we will be able to bring this project to its fruition. Although the project is alternative in it's development, we have carefully planned out a budget that would satisfy all of our production needs - from cinematography equipment to catering on set. This film will be fully funded by donations, so we cannot do it without you! You can see where the donated funds will be utilized in the pie chart below:


Every contribution, no matter how big or small, will help us to bring Fin. from concept to reality. If you are not able to donate - don't worry, you can help us immensely by spreading the word about our film on social media - by sharing our Crowdfunder, following our Instagram account Facebook page!

Besides donating & spreading the word about Fin., we would also like to have your involvement in the film - because the core of this project is based on discussing the main topic of the film with different people, we want to hear your answer!


The link below will take you to a form with a few questions regarding your 24-hours-before the End. Every answer is precious in our research process, and allows for us to garner a wider understanding of the depth of the topic. We would very much value your involvement!




I'm Justė - the director of the project. Originally being from Lithuania, my relationship with filmmaking started more than a decade ago while making short films with my friends. I fell in love with the process of Film Production, from conceptualizing the idea, to editing the finished product. Joining Skalvija Film Academy - an establishment created for secondary school students who loved cinema and wanted to learn how to begin creating it - was a big step towards finalizing my choice that film is what I truly wanted to do in the future. This brought me all the way from Lithuania to the United Kingdom, more specifically - Arts University Bournemouth, where I arrived to broaden my horizons and step out of my comfort zone. Through the three years spent in University, I garnered a big interest in unconventional cinema, which lead to the beginnings of Fin

The idea of Fin. was born as a love letter to being human. It’s a journey of accepting the absurdity and vulnerability that surrounds our existence. My hope is that this film will resonate with everyone who watches it in a way that helps them confront the thoughts, feelings and fears that usually stay below the surface, untapped. Because, if the end of the world really happens, all that will be left to do, in the words of Camus, is to lay your heart open to the benign indifference of the universe.


I’m Stephen and I’m producing Fin. My intro filmmaking began with theatre. I loved everything from being on stage and performing to the behind the scenes and looking at how the whole operation was put together. This eventually evolved into a passion for film which led to my arrival at Arts University Bournemouth. Since studying here, I’ve naturally gravitated towards all things producing - especially working through pre-production. Having worked with Justė once before, I knew that she had something good when she first explained to me the concept of Fin.

I think finality is something that we all think about, even if it’s just subconsciously. This is what excited me about the project; using the backdrop of death to focus on how people celebrate life. Working on an alternative experimental film has its challenges, especially for a producer but the freedom and open-endedness of the project will lead to an exciting, finished project. I can’t wait to bring Justė’s vision to life with your support.


Hi! I’m Stacey and I am super excited to try something new and challenge myself in this familiar role of the 1st Assistant Director in an alternative film. I find the concept of last day alive very moving and inspiring as every day I used to live it like it's my last. Throughout the last couple of years this has been harder but this story along with this wonderful crew is sure to inspire me. I hope it will inspire you too.

My previous experiences in production department make me a competent and dependant leader. I produced Sunday Roast where I crowdfunded and lead the project throughout the whole year. This film has now been selected by AUB to be submitted to Royal Television Society award. As a first assistant director I worked on the many films including the short film, Fourth Monkey, where everyday was kept exactly on schedule and managed to always wrap up early, despite last minute drop outs. I am confident in my skills and cannot wait to be a part of my first ever alternative film.


Hi, I’m Jude – the Director of Photography for the film – coming from Coventry and Rugby before studying at Arts University of Bournemouth.

After graduating from recreational Lego stop-motion (as a kid), I joined a youth film club at Playbox Theatre, Warwick – which introduced me to the range of possibilities within the film industry. A prior interest in photography oriented me towards visual forms of filmic storytelling – in particular, cinematography.

Whilst it’s certainly fun to speculate and daydream about our own scenarios, collectively imagining the end of the world provides an interesting insight into values and societal structure. Hence, I’m excited to be collaborating with a passionate, creative and tight crew to facilitate the visuals of Fin. and bring to screen an exploration of the last 24 hours.  


I’m Kota, the production designer for this project. Originally from Japan, before walking the path of filmmaking I was a fine art student specialising in painting. As a child, I was always fascinated by how film can depict so many emotions and stories through collaborative effort of different artists, which eventually led me to this film course abandoning fine art. It took me a long time to adapt to the new world of filmmaking, but after giving it my all in this 2 years of film production course, I found a new development in myself as a filmmaker. Now each collaboration I do, each production I participate in, gives me new insight on who I am. And now, as I work on my final year project, I am surprised and amused to see myself involved in the most 'fine art' like filmmaking of this film production year. 

Fin.’s concept and process of creation is very much similar to what I was accustomed to before venturing into the world of filmmaking. This means I can use both the side of myself as a filmmaker and a fine artist to lead this project into fruition. Hopefully I can give my all to this and help it develop into something special. 


I’m Yi and I'm the gaffer of this project. Originally from China, I used to be a science student and spent everyday working on tests. However, I found a new way of living when I realised how absurd life that I lived was - this is when filmmaking came into my life. This feeling is also one of the reasons I wanted to work on this film, because I am pursuing the meaning of my life and treating every day like it's the last 24 hours. French novelist Romain Rolland once said: “There is only one heroism in the world: to see the world as it is, and to love it.” I will try my best to support the film in terms of visuals and help everyone to express their emotions by the mood of the scene. I am also interested to know about what life means to you, feel free to tell us something deep down in your heart, please! Let’s make history!


My name is Amy, editor of Fin. Coming from Berlin, my love for film production came about when my 13-year-old self and group of friends took it upon ourselves to recreate the epic tale of Romeo & Juliet, after being inspired watching Baz Luhrmann’s version of the timeless story. Alongside my closest friend, I took on all production roles from writing, to producing and planning, shooting, and of course editing (as well as starring as...Romeo). From then on I nurtured my love for this process by continuing to make more films with my friends, doing film courses, until my journey took me to the Arts University of Bournemouth. Here my love for the art of film has only grown, and this passion alongside my constant being on the brink of an existential crisis make for the perfect place for me as an editor on this beautiful and inspired project.


I’m Elijah and I am the sound designer for Fin. This film offers a wonderful opportunity to confront and explore what we would do knowing we only had 24 hours left. I’ve always loved exploring the poetry of life through sound and making soundscapes unique for each film. Back in my hometown, I didn’t know anyone who wanted to make films, so I would convince and force my friends to help out wherever they could. I am so grateful for their help as these films got me into the Arts University of Bournemouth. I am so thankful to be surrounded by and collaborate with people passionate about filmmaking, none more so than this brilliant crew who are bursting with creativity to tell this story and I’m so excited to help tell it.


Hi! I’m Megan, one of the costume designers for Fin. I’m a third year Costume and Performance Design Student. I’ve always had an interest in storytelling which began as me always writing too much in school creative writing projects and eventually evolved into a love of visual storytelling, specifically storytelling through dress. I began using my art lessons to design and make costumes, creating entire worlds behind these garments, stories and characters with entire lives. This then drew me to the world of film costume and the opportunity to bring characters to life not only through what they wear but how they wear it.

Fin. is a fascinating opportunity that I am so excited to be a part of. It’s much more reactionary as a project, we’re not just handed a list of characters to dress but we’re assisting in the construction of wider visual landscapes, of capturing a moment of true freedom and of capturing the human condition in the moments before the end. We have a strange, morbid, but brilliant question to answer as costumers: What do you wear to the apocalypse? I can't wait to get my teeth into that question and help bring this gorgeous film to life.


I’m Henry, one of the costume designers for Fin. Born in China, raised in Australia, educated in America.  Having never questioned my mother’s choices in my wardrobe (and future), and after wearing mostly uniforms throughout my childhood and teenage years, I was suddenly confronted with complete independence. Thus, a great coming-of-age story that would see my person (and my hair) grow in a fervently odd manner began right in my closet. All my past interests in academia, in art history, in drawing, in films, converged into one task - designing the perfect wardrobe for who I am. And now, many years later, the task has evolved to designing the perfect wardrobe for those who appear on the silver screen. Whole people, stories, and worlds encapsulated in 24 frames per second of flashing images, demonstrating to us who they are with actions, words, and most importantly for me, with what they would choose to decorate and mask their naked self. 

I’ve always been fascinated by the incredible world of storytelling and have always considered film to be one of the greatest storytelling mediums of the modern world. On the other hand, I’ve always been fascinated by truths and have always considered moments before death to be the most honest truths we’ll ever receive. Fin. is a great combination of both, a film questing to explore a final honesty in each depicted person, how they choose to face the world and how they choose to face themselves. With cloth as my brush and the human body as my canvas, I consider myself very fortunate to have been given the opportunity to paint people at their most genuine. 


Hi, my name is Emily and I am the make-up artist for Fin. I was originally drawn to make-up as a teenager as it was a great creative outlet for me. My journey with make-up has only developed as I am now in my 3rd year at AUB specialising in prosthetics. I enjoy working on films because it allows me to get creative using my products and skills to fit a brief. I was drawn to the concept of Fin. as I was intrigued to see how people would act if there really was only 24 hours left. The different ways that people would respond means that the possibilities for the film are endless. I am excited to be a part of this project!


In the book 1Q84, Haruki Murakami writes: 'Everyone, deep in their hearts, is waiting for the end of the world to come.' By making this film, we are not only waiting for the end of the world - we are waiting and preparing for all the small ends that we encounter in the everyday of our lives. Sometimes, it is difficult to accept and come into terms with those ends - developing Fin. has made us look into the unknown, the sides of ourselves that we haven't tackled, or were too scared to tackle. We hope that everyone watching this film will feel the same.


We are beyond excited to make Fin. a reality, and we want to thank you for your interest & support for this project!



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